October 19, 2017
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The Official Juggalo Gathering weather post!

Update (8/5/12): The news about the Gathering weather is getting better and better!  Look at this shit!  The highest in the forecast is on Wednesday afternoon, and the majority of the days are in the mid 80s!  It looks like it’s gonna be perfect weather with very little chance of rain!  See you there in a couple of days ninjas!  (See the forecast below!)

Update (8/3/12): The full forecast for all 5 days at the Gathering of the Juggalos is officially up at Weather.com!  It looks like low 90s for highs, and mostly low 70s for lows!  Hopefully it’ll be pretty comfortable, and we’ll have less rain chances when the Gathering actually gets here!  See you ninjas in a few days!

Update (8/1/12): We’ve got lower temps for the first few days of the Gathering!  Low 90s are in the forecast, and it’s looking like 0% chance of rain.  Dope!

Update (7/30/12): The mercury seems to be rising a bit on the forecast.  It’s showing the first official day of the Gathering to be up to 95°.  In other words, it’s gonna be a hot mofo Juggalos! We’ll keep you posted!

It’s close enough to time for the Gathering of the Juggalos that we need to start talking about what the weather is going to be like!  Just consider me your Juggalo version of Al Roker!  So the closest day we have to the Gathering is Sunday, August 5th.  The weather pretty much isn’t changing AT ALL though…mid 90s throughout the entire week.  So Juggalos…Juggalettes…it’s gonna be pretty fuckin’ hot!  We’ll make sure to keep this more updated as the Gathering gets closer!  For now, take a look at the forecast:

Click the pic for Cave-In-Rock weather!




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