October 18, 2017
56 Guests and Online

New Year’s Evil VIP Packages available at OfficialTwiztid.com!

Here’s the deal ninjas!  Nevermind all of the stuff that’s been brought to the forefront in the past 24 hours…there’s still a Twiztid Show going down in just a  matter of weeks!  It’s “New Year’s Evil 5”, and it’s taking place in Cleveland, OH at Peabody’s!  Not only are tickets available for the show right here, but you can also now officially get VIP Packages from the all new Twiztid webstore at OfficialTwiztid.com!  That’s the only product available there at the moment, but I’m sure there are more to come!  Here’s a link to get your tickets for the show:

Click the pic to purchase NYE Tickets!

And again, any VIP Packages you need to purchase, you’ll have to get from OfficialTwiztid.com!  Don’t miss out on this show!!




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  1. wonka69


    Comment posted on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 05:41 pm GMT -5 at 5:41 pm

    it’s a great time 2 be a twiztid/serial killa/ juggalo ! 12/12/12 ! i know alot of freshness on the way with Twiztid !

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