October 16, 2017
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Friday the 13th’s Kane Hodder discusses a police incident prompted by his support of ICP

Our old homie Hodge from one of the OG Juggalo sites Milenko500, and currently with Myzery.com sent in a story about a book by Kane Hodder of Friday the 13th fame called “Unmasked”.  He included an excerpt about a story involving Kane’s support of ICP, and how it was a catalyst to him being thrown in jail.  Hodge wrote up an intro for it that I find more interesting than the book excerpts themselves, so I’ll let him take over from here:

For anyone who even remotely follows the horror film genre, you’re already familiar with the work of Kane Hodder.  Besides being celebrated as the most quintessential actor to have ever played the role of JASON VOORHEES (not to mention the only actor to ever assume the role on multiple occasions), he’s also the man behind the bloodshed in the popular “Hatchet” movie franchise, as well as the main actor/supporting actor/and Stunt Coordinator extraordinaire in well over 100 Hollywood films.  If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting him on the Horror Convention circuit, than you’ve probably- 1. Been choked, 2. Shaken hands, 3. Were laughed at, 4. And laughed along with him (please don’t attempt to break that cycle, or expect #1 to replace the rest).  Despite the energy and apparent fitness discipline that you would expect from any 30 year old Hollywood stunt man/movie monster, he’s actually been murdering the world for about twice as long as that.

I first met Kane the week after “JASON X” hit theatres at an ill fated horror convention in Baltimore called CreepCon.  He was seated next to some star wars jobber.  Kane actually went outta his way to approach me about my TWIZTID Serial Killaz shirt.  You know, the old tee with Jason and Michael Myers on the front.  As his eyes lit up I was already attempting to explain why both J and M.M. were featured on this odd shirt.  He was quick to finish my explanation of who TWIZTID was, and eager to chat Psychopathic tidbits with me.  In fact, the Star Wars bum must’ve pissed him off because Kane ended up “persuading” him to take a hike and insisted that I kick it with him for the rest of the afternoon, just chatting it up about music and movies and stuff.  In all actuality, Kane was so down to earth that he seemed a bit outta place compared to the majority of the other guests there.

Through the last decade I’ve kept in touch with Kane (you can still hunt down the old interviews from Milenko500.com) and get to visit with him about handful of times each year.  And with each friendly encounter, one constant always remains, he’s gotta be just about the most genuine celebrities you could hope to meet.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to meet a person who’s met him that was able to get way without having to divulge a lil bit of their life with him.  I know it sounds kinda soft, but he truly goes outta his way to make a connection with anybody who wants to meet him.  Although he’s gotten me in trouble a time or two with his sense of humor (in the presence of ex’s who didn’t quite know how to register his sarcasm), he’s always been one cool mofo when it comes to his fanbase.

Well, now that I’ve painted the picture of what kind of person he is behind the mask, I wanna fill everybody (especially horror fans) in on his autobiography titled-  Unmasked:  The True life story of the most prolific cinematic killer.  The book is an extremely interesting read through and through.  Of course it covers his movie contributions in awesome detail, but it’s actually his degree of honesty when talking about some horrific personal situations he’s endured through his far from a “cake walk” journey in life.  Some of the topics he opens up about include- being bullied to a bloody pulp as a small child, both the lie and humiliating truth about the origin of his near fatal burn stunt, having to learn to cope with crippling depression (after being declared a deformed monstrosity), the 6 months of torture and injustice he sustained at the hands of an ego maniac doctor/butcher, pleasant and unpleasant encounters with Hollywood A-Listers, stealing a stunt school education, learning to suppress the rage following traumatic events, his support of ICP (to include working on their music video), and even a few embarrassing accounts of being an asshole at times.

When it comes to horror themed memoirs, I’d like to think that I’m well versed regarding most of what’s on the shelves.  This book manages to tie (actor Doug Bradley released and exceptional memoir/horror historical read many years back) as my favorite horror autobiography to date.  It’s sheer and brutal honesty is the stuff that most anyone in his position would shy away from exposing.  Now before I continue to turn this news intro into a novel itself, I’d like to leave you all with an interesting excerpt that illustrates yet another homie being discriminated on by the Police…because of his support of The Most Hated Band in the World!  Enjoy!

Now, check out the book’s excerpts about his run-in with the law while wearing an ICP jersey:




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  1. lynxtheclown


    Comment posted on Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 01:07 pm GMT -5 at 1:07 pm

    LOL all Juggalos should go apply to be law enforcement lol I need some FBI CIA DEA DHS LOCAL STATE FEDERAL friends lol

  2. rudemark1


    Comment posted on Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 09:11 pm GMT -5 at 9:11 pm

    So does he mean he shot a video for icp as behind the camera or wuz he in the video, cuz the only vid i think ever made for ajb is another love song unless its some promo vids wit him in them witch i thing i remember something like that …. He sure aint n love song though!

  3. Cabal


    Comment posted on Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 11:50 pm GMT -5 at 11:50 pm

    Fuck yea, Kane is the shit!

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