September 26, 2017
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Wrekonize (of ¡MAYDAY!) – “The War Within” tracklist and pre-order available!

The War Within – the newest LP from Wrekonize drops June 25th on Strange Music. It’s already available to pre-order at Strange Music Store for $18,98 and it comes with an autographed copy of The War Within, a limited edition The War Within t-shirt (XL only), a Strange Music sticker and a bonus mp3 track! Check out the tracklist and a music video for “Anxiety Attacks” below:

1. Intro (Dr. Chosis)
2. We Got Soul
3. Paper Trails (feat. Bernz)
4. Typical
5. Freak (feat. Tech N9ne)
6. Can’t Be Alone
7. Floating Away
8. Adrenaline (feat. Crooked I)
9. Haunted (feat. Bernz)
10. Anxiety Attacks
11. Galil
12. Modern Man
13. Neon Skies
14. Church Road (feat. Posdnuos)
15. Easy Money (feat. Bun B)
16. Better Things
17. Rise (feat. Liz Suwandi)




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    Faygoluvers Comments

  1. Jumpsteady82


    Comment posted on Saturday, May 18th, 2013 09:21 pm GMT -5 at 9:21 pm

    Why would you want to get raped by the Strange Music store? $18.98 for newer cd’s. Then add on a few bucks for shipping. I just bought Rittz’s cd for $9.99 at Best Buy. Im not buying this, but for those of you who will, dont buy it from Strange Music store. You can get it cheaper on Amazon also.

  2. NobodyFresh


    Comment posted on Sunday, May 19th, 2013 03:57 am GMT -5 at 3:57 am

    yeah, but without autograph and t-shirt

  3. Jumpsteady82


    Comment posted on Sunday, May 19th, 2013 06:25 pm GMT -5 at 6:25 pm

    Other artists albums are the same price and you dont get shit with it. Autographs dont mean much these days. Years ago, it was cool to get them, now its alot easier to get autographs and it doesnt mean as much now.

  4. Novocaine, The Blue Collar King


    Comment posted on Monday, May 20th, 2013 05:51 pm GMT -5 at 5:51 pm

    if you dont like it, dont buy it.
    i buy all my strange music from them directly. because fuck a middle man. i like the artist so im happy to support them with 19 dollars of pocket change.
    if $20 is too hard, your doing it wrong.
    just go download your music, and complain less.

  5. Novocaine, The Blue Collar King


    Comment posted on Monday, May 20th, 2013 05:52 pm GMT -5 at 5:52 pm

    and in other news, i hope this is better then the 2 tracks already released. wrekonize’s solo stuff tends to get a bit weird.

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