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Forgotten Freshness: Volume 5

Insane Clown Posse

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Production: Mike E. Clark, ICP, Digital, Kuma, Joe Strange, Shaggy 2 Dope, Jack White

Guests: Twiztid, The Rude Boy, Sugar Slam, Jack White, Project Pat

Track listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Right Now
  3. Duke Of The Wicked
  4. Jacob’s Word
  5. Mind Of Howard Stern
  6. Raise From The Ground!
  7. The Great Show (Original Version)
  8. Rare Milenko Phone Skit
  9. The Kreayshawn Song
  10. Goblin
  11. Fuck My Dad (Richard Bruce)
  12. Get Geeked Featuring Twiztid
  13. Someone’s Gonna Die
  14. I’m An Alien Featuring Project Pat
  15. The 1st Gathering
  16. I Can’t Wait
  17. Mancow Made Us
  18. Mountain Girl
  19. It’s Going Down
  20. Party In The Woods


Wow. It seems like yesterday this kid I had just met at a camp-party in 2001 played me Jacob’s Word claiming it as the 2000 Hallowicked Single that I was saying “This motherfucker needs to make it on an ICP CD”. A few months later. Forgotten Freshness 3 came out and the song didn’t make it! I was shattered. Than when the announcement of FF4 hits public, my hopes came back up. That album dropped and it wasn’t on it… Again I was sad. This song is so awesome that I can’t believe it was only on a CD that you can’t even buy anymore. Then FF5 is announced. My hopes were not up this time. I came to the conclusion that this song would NEVER EVER be on a CD. Well it’s October 29th, and I picked it up for $9.99 at my local Meijer stores (the only dept store that STILL sells “Normal” CD’s within a 30 mile radius).  I couldn’t be happier that such a fresh and funny song finally found its way onto a CD that’ll stay in print!  So now, here’s my review on the rest of ICP’s 5th installment of the great series of odd, rare, and rejected Juggalo anthems that have been spewing since 1995, Forgotten Freshness!

The intro is an old concert intro that ICP used from late 1994 into mid 1995 starting with “The Ringmaster Show”. Featuring of course The famous Ringleader.

Next up is “Right Now” which is a reject from Mighty Death Pop. I don’t know why they didn’t think it was good enough for the main album or the Extra Pop Emporium CD. It almost sounds a lot like a sequel to “What U Thinkin’ About” from Violent J’s Wizard of the Hood EP.

The next track up is “Duke of the wicked” from DJ Clay’s “Let Em Bleed Vol. 3” mixtape, now I’m not gonna talk much about the tracks you’ve already heard on previous releases but I will say this:  the beat almost sounds jacked from a few other rappers so in my opinion. I would’ve used a different beat instead of one that pretty much every goddamn rapper has used.

“Jacob’s Word” is next which makes me very fucking happy.  What else is there to say?

“The Mind of Howard Stern” is next. They finally give us the full-on song which is I actually am digging this classic ditty from 1997 (That’s the J-voice from 96/97). I didn’t even know Jamie Madrox (under his persona we now know as Big Grim Tim) was the narrator and Monoxide portrayed Howard Stern (It is true that the VERY first big-time radio station Stern DJ’d at happened to have been in the Detroit area.). I liked it.

The next song “Raise from the Ground!” is, according to them, the original version of what became Everybody Rize. This is not a surprise to hear yet another song ICP did but  did not like the outcome.  Instead, they remade the song with different lyrics and liked it better. Pretty self-explanatory.

“The Great Show” (original) is a song I always liked. I like both versions. This is originally the 4th single from the 12 issue Pendulum comic series. It makes me wonder about something though. If I recall correctly, back in 2002 when Chaos Comics put out the Graphic Novel of The Pendulum with a CD containing all the singles (minus the 3 Rydas tracks), the CD/Novel edition was removed and replaced with just just the graphic novel because the WWE slapped a cease & desist order on ICP and Chaos Comics claiming ownership of “The Great Show” no matter what version it was.  So my question is this: How much money did they pay WWE to use it? Fuck it, moving on!

The unused Milenko phone skit made me laugh my fucking ass off, ‘Nuff Said!

“The Kreayshawn Song”…. I don’t really know how to describe. The sample is obviously an old 1950’s rock song. They claim it’s a joke but it almost sounds like Violent J wants to add Kreayshawn to his list of many different girls he’s slept with that’s in show business. The big note on this is that Sugar Slam makes her first appearance on a Psychopathic track officially as Mrs. Michelle Bruce so there’s a hidden-yet-fresh milestone.

The next song was originally on DJ Clay’s “A World Upside Down” mixtape. The song’s called “Goblin” and it’s a track I’m diggin’ because it has that old school ICP feel to it.

Following Goblin’s extremeness is a song that not only can I relate to as a child of a single parent, but in my actual personal opinion is the REALEST shit Violent J ever wrote! This is the future classic “FUCK MY DAD (Richard Bruce)” track! This is straight from the heart and you can tell from J’s vocals. The anger, hatred, sadness, and straight out honesty he threw into the entire song. What I like best about the end of this version is u get Violent JJ’s beatbox skills which is kind of an exclamation point on J’s rant-rap towards his bastard father (and shows that J’s NOTHING like his dad and is there for his kids).

The modern-juggalo classic “Get Geeked” (featuring Twiztid) from the American Psycho Tour EP is next. It’s a very great track. People actually looked at me like I was trippin’ because I happened to have been the only juggalo on planet earth that not only had Get Geeked on their computer, but also J-Geils Band’s “Freeze Frame”.

The next track is “Someone’s Gonna Die”. Originally, it was unofficially released on that “Rare & Unheard” compilation that everybody was downloading for free back in 2006 when someone threw it up online. The liner notes say it was done in 2000 for Bizzar/Bizaar.

The next song ICP said they might get sued using and I’m thinking they might be right. The beat has “Taylor Gang” written all over it. The song “I’m An Alien” (featuring Project Pat). The song’s obviously about poppin’ Xanex bars. It’s the typical style of tracks Wiz Khalifa and the rest of Taylor Gang like to rap about. I’m not much of a fan of the style Juicy J switched to after joining this label and to be honest, I’m not really feeling his brother Project Pat doing the same style. ICP killed their verses and Pat gave us a good verse too. But as I said, I’m not feeling this new style of flow that Pat and Juice are doing now.

The commercial for the 1st Gathering of the Juggalos follows. You can tell this was an early version of this commercial because 2 weeks after this commercial was made public, The ROC’s then-group HaLFBrEEd, Esham, Natas, KGP, and Prozak’s group Bedlam was added to the show lineup.

“I Can’t Wait” is another song that was made for Mighty Death Pop. It has almost a “Transplants” style feel to it until you hear the 2nd part of the chorus. It does make an impact even with the the many sound effects. It could start a mosh pit if done properly live.

“Mancow Made Us” comes next. I heard only a short-version of this years ago. It sounded like shit and rushed. This sounds remastered, remixed, and it doesn’t sound rushed anymore. I’m glad a lot of these classic oddities and rarities have found their way to this disc.

So last year Jack White and ICP did a 3-inch called “Leck Mich Im Arsch” for Jack White’s label Third Man Records. The B-Side was “Mountain Girl”. I like the lyrics. It’s almost like a sequel to the 20 year old classic “Redneck hoe” and its sequel “Red neck hoe ’99”. ICP doing almost a country-like song is not really something I can honestly feel. But I gritted my teeth and in due time I grew to like it.

The final 2 tracks, “It’s Going Down” and “Party in the Woods”) are from the LONG out of print GOTJ 2005 EP that juggalos got when they ordered their passes to the 2005 Gathering of the Juggalos. So we come to a close to another great rarities album with some true freshness from the era known as “The Calm before The Tempest”.

The official color for this edition happens to be a Dark Purple (if there’s anyone who has a copy that’s not purple let us know ASAP). It’s a lovely color. And the photo gallery is a what’s what of photos from all sorts of era’s of ICP’s career including J and Shaggy without the makeup.

All in all, Forgotten Freshness Volume Five has some great outtakes/rejects from MDP, lost and rare shit from the 90’s, and some “WhatTheFuck!?!?” tracks a couple of times.  Then there’s those songs from out of print compilations and singles that you have been begging to see on CD. My only real gripe is that there aren’t a couple Hallowicked singles on this compilation. That’s normally a staple for a Forgotten Freshness release. It’s okay, I’ll live. It just makes my rating of this a little stale but Oh F’N Well. For the modern day Juggalos, this is a perfect chance for ya to get schooled on some history.  To the old school Juggalos like myself, Scottie “the baddest texan on the planet!” D, Big Motherfukin’ Ian, and the rest of us who have been down since the 90’s, it’s fresh to sit back and enjoy some true classics.

In closing. I only got one thing I need to say…. To the old school!

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Jacob's Word
  2. Raise From The Ground!
  3. Someone's Gotta Die
  4. Get Geeked


  • 61 Minutes 18 Seconds

Record Label:

  • Psychopathic Records

Release Date:

  • 10/29/2013





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  1. The Warlock

    The Warlock

    Comment posted on Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 03:40 pm GMT -5 at 3:40 pm

    pat & juice have a new style?? them dudes sound EXACTLY the same as they did 15 years ago haha zero growth.. to me at least.. maybe the subject matter has changed but their overall rapping style is unaltered..

  2. Mikalkup

    Comment posted on Monday, November 11th, 2013 11:43 pm GMT -5 at 11:43 pm

    Good review, I mostly agree with ya its a solid addition. I read the notes too but no way ” someones gonna die” is Bizzar era…Even they said they wernt sure. Being down since “97” I think it sounds more from around that time. Some people are complaining about “Jacobs Word” being widely available online but I love it on here too! Mountain girl was on a 7″ inch man not a 3″ inch. Haha typo im sure though

  3. itsbreezyyo


    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 04:17 am GMT -5 at 4:17 am

    I enjoyed reading that.

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