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Drug Spun Funk


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Scottie put forward a bunch of albums to review and I told him I’ll take whatever he recommends. He gave me the option of Skribbal or another act. Because I wasn’t familiar with either act I basically just flipped a coin. It came up Skribbal so here we are.
I liked the idea of reviewing an album of an artist I’m not familiar with because that means I’m forced to be 100% unbiased.

Well, after listening to the album I must say I’m very glad I chose this one. Skribbal really seems to know what he’s doing with his talent.

It’s very lyrically driven. It’s a hard album but seems to come with a mixture of many underground elements. You’ve got your sex song, your murder songs, your drug song (the album is titled Drug Spun Funk) your straight up wicked shit songs and even a world domination song. It has something for every fan of underground rap. Although I have to say I wasn’t feeling the first couple songs and thought this was going to be a dud it got pretty damn good pretty damn fast and restored my faith in it.

If I were to pop this CD in at a party full of horrorcore kids, I have a feeling there would be no complaints.


1. Resurrection (Intro)
2. The Gift
3. Sick World
4. Cursed
5. Whole New Level feat. The Jokerr
6. Drug Spun Funk
7. Gorgeous Insanity
8. Fiends Of The World feat. Kenisha Greene
9. All My Dayz
10. Essobees feat. Copywrite & Big Fats
11. On The Run feat. Big Fats
12. Janis
13. Never Gonna Stop
14. To Die For feat. Joel Conner
15. Planetary Dominance

01 Resurrection (Intro)
The album opens up with a clip from the Evil Dead movie which almost seems unfair considering Evil Dead is my favorite movie franchise of all time. Extra points right off the bat.
The track then goes in to Skribbal showing off his flows and hyping us up for what is to come for the rest of the album. I’m loving the melodic choir on the beat. Skribbal definitely has a unique rap style on this track. The intro ends with a sound clip from the film Step Brothers. I’m not sure if it was intended to be funny or scary but I found it pretty damn funny. I’m not sure if the sound clips were necessary on this intro but they did add that extra “something” to the resurrection.
Score: 2/5

02 The Gift
Skribbal has a very unique (almost abstract) style of machine gun style rapping on this song. He spits his flow on the verses and then asks the question “Is this a gift or a sickness?” on the chorus. Very dark lyrics. I’m impressed with the speed in which he’s able to deliver them, although I feel like I’m unsure about the style though. The beat on this song is descent but nothing too special.
Score: 2.5/5

03 Sick World
Another dark track. No fast rapping on this one but I think I’m feeling this track more than the first two. The beat is kind of creepy. It makes me feel uncomfortable but in a good way. As for the lyrical content, the title says it all.
Score: 2.5/5

04 Cursed
You’d figure this song would be about an evil curse or something. Nope. Skribbal keeps getting with some women that might be considered not so “good looking” if you know what I mean. The reason for the “Cursed” title is because he’s wondering if he’s out of his mind for getting with these women, or if it’s a curse.
This song is, in a way, a bit different than some sex songs we’ve heard. All the elements are there, Skribbal just brings it to a different level. This song is not for the squeemish.
I have to admit, between the beat, the flow and the lyrics themself, this song feels top notch.
Score: 4/5

05 Whole New Level (feat. The Jokerr)
Skribbal is taking this shit to a different level with this one. This song has a very dope beat. It’s paced much faster and seems more uplifting than the previous beats. The Jokerr makes an appearance on this song although he doesn’t actually spit a verse. His vocals on the chorus elevate the song just that much more.
Skribbal definitely shows that he has lyrical skills here.
Score: 4/5

06 Drug Spun Funk
The title track. I’m not really into the whole “I’m a proud stoner” tracks but this one has less of a mellow feel to it, like most tracks with this content, and more of a gritty feel, which I’m digging. The song basically talks about being in an intoxicated state but for the most part, is another track of Skribbal flexing that lyrical muscle. It’s a descent beat. I can see myself bumping this song in my car while driving home from work late at night. Weird, right?
Score: 3/5

07 Gorgeous Insanity
A straight up track of wicked shit! The beat seems like something we’ve heard a million times before. Basically it sounds like they sampled music from The Exorcist or other horror films from around that time. You know, the creepy piano music? That’s ok though because the beat works perfectly with thye lyrical content of this song.
No chorus on this one. Just straight bars.
Skribbal isn’t much of a story teller but he’s very good at getting those dark, uncomfortable emotions acrossed. Up to this point, if I was going to recommend a track from this album to fans of horrorcore, this would be it. Definitely gorgeously insane.
Score: 3.5/5

08 Fiends Of The World (feat. Kenisha Greene)
I’m not gonna lie to you, ninjas. When this song first started I thought there was a shampoo commercial playing in the background that I had to skip. It just starts out so different than the rest of the songs so far on the album. Beautiful piano tones with an angelic female voice provided by Kenisha Greene.
Once the rap starts, it felt more reminiscent of a more popular rap style than what we usually find in the underground. Kinda got that mainstream feel to it which is definitely not a bad thing. The lyrical content seems to deal with any struggles Skribbal has went through in the past or currently and the lessons he’s learned from his childhood.
I’m a fan of bass but I’m thinking they could have turned it down a bit on this one.
Score: 3/5

09 All My Dayz
This track contains another impressive rap flow from Skribbal. It’s a bit sporadic but it’s super-entertaining. The beat seems kinda simple but similar to other beats on the album. It has that mellow aspect to it while simultaneously feeling hard too. I feel like there’s no real meaning behind the lyrics to this one. Another track of Skribbal spitting wicked shit.
I gotta bring up that the chorus is dope on this one. It’s repeative but hard and it works perfect for the track. It kinda has a dark Cypress Hill feel to it.
Score: 3/5

10 Essobees (feat. Copywrite & Big Fats)
Once again, this album takes quite a turn. This song definitely sounds like nothing else I’ve heard so far on the album. Copywrite & Big Fats seem to have mad skills. Especially this Big Fats, ninja. His hook on the chorus along with the piano and guitar riff on the beat make this song. Big Fats has a rap flow I’m totally in to. Skribbal didn’t seem to come any harder on this track than previous tracks but his flow and lyrics were completely on point.
Score: 4/5

11 On The Run (feat. Big Fats)
Skribbal sounds like he had a lot of fun with this track. Big Fats is featured once again but only contributes to the chorus. It makes for a dope chorus but I’m thinkin I liked the hook on “Essobees” better. This beat is dope. It sounds simple, but I feel like there’s a lot going on here. It sounds like music that would play during a chase scene in an action film, which makes sense considering the lyrical content of the track.
Score: 3/5

12 Janis
I don’t know why, but the high-pitched voice singing in the background of this song makes it for me. Skribbal’s lyrics would not be as meaningful without it, believe it or not.
We’ve already had a sex song. No need for another one so now we got a love song. I’m going to asume the woman he’s speaking about is named “Janis.”
At some points it sounds like a love ballad for her, at other times, it sounds like he’s pleading for her to stay. Definitely a lot of different emotions going on here. Skribbal does a very good job at describing his relationship and what most relationships have to go through every now and again. Although this is not my favorite track on the album, it was definitely a nice change of pace.
Score: 3/5

13 Never Gonna Stop
“All hail Lucifer!” This track sounds like it could have been the opening track for the album. It comes hard and the samples used on the beat definitely wanna make you bob your head. Lyrically, Skribbal comes hard on this one. Yet another track with no real meaning to it except to create a dope track. Oh. I guess there is a message to this one. Skribbal comes hard and ain’t never gonna stop.
Score: 2.5/5

14 To Die For (feat. Joel Conner)
This track is some hard shit. Joel Connor brings some hard vocals on this one and it works very well with Skribbal’s verses. They compliment each other very well.
This is that “stand the fuck up and get hype” song. The chorus is perfect.
Skribbal can easily shine on a track all on his own but for some reason I’m loving these guest spots he has on this album. All these ninja’s seem to come hard and make the tracks even more unique than they already are.
Score: 3.5/5

15 Planetary Dominance
The whole time listening to this album and I’m just now realizing that Skribbal is an alien.
This track is definitely the most entertaining on the album. I’m used to more mellow songs closing out an album but this song is very up beat and fast paced. Basically, the title says it all. It even comes complete with a sound clip from the film Mars Attacks. “We come in peace.”
Skribble was chillin’ out, writing in the stars, when he came to earth to take shit over. That’s the concept of the song.
The world domination idea has been done before but it hasn’t been over done yet and I really like Skribbal’s take on it. This is the perfect way to close out the album.
Score: 5/5

Overall Rating:
3 out of 5

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Planetary Dominance


  • 56 Minutes 00 Seconds

Record Label:

  • The Label Records

Release Date:

  • 10/21/2016





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