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1953-2013 (The Private Stock Years)

House of the Rising Gun

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House of the Rising Gun is the latest edition to the Spider Bite Records roster and joins the ranks alongside notable rap artists, such as Madecipha, UFO and Xplizt. While the other artist here fit firmly in the underground rap genre, House of the Rising Gun is an industrial metal band based out of Florida.

It certainly is a bold move for a label like Spider Bite Records to branch out in this way, but it pays off well. House of the Rising Gun offers a different sound for the label, but I can guarantee this is a band that the Spider Bite Records and metal fans are going to enjoy.

I must give fair warning that when these guys were first described to me; I was told they had an industrial, almost “Tool” like sound. After hearing the album I can’t say I disagree, but they certainly stand well on their own.

While “The Private Stock Years,” is the debut EP from House of The Rising Gun, it features a cohesiveness and polish that can only come from years of practice and refinement. The opening track, “The Axeman Can,” is a perfect example of this. A hard-hitting and somewhat melodic guitar riff opens things up and Jon Midi’s vocals bring a dark undertone to the entire track itself. 4/5

“Control Variable,” starts off with a nice slow and deep bass line and some nice heart pounding drums that come together to radiate an almost ominous feeling. Eventually the track brings in some slight moments of guitar feedback and even some electronic sounds as well, which only furthers the foreboding mood. If you wait for it there is a surprising turn off events at about the 2-minute mark, as the song seems to kick into full gear. Literally, blasting the aggression at full force as the track hurtling towards its’ short end. While the track features very few lyrics, it is the music here that is so well put together and creates an amazing atmosphere. 3.5/5

The previous track may have be slow and atmospheric, “Variable Control,” kicks off with a great opening riff that quickly leads in to a slow melodic style again. The vocals are haunting and float along the track seamlessly. Listening to this song it’s impressive to hear the band go from balls out gritty metal to a progressive sound in an instant. It’s a unique style that once again shines on this track. Once again they manage to slow things, before coming full force to cap this one off. 4/5

“Inhabited,” is a very complex track and clocks in at around the 8-minute mark, but trust me this one is worth every second. I know I’ve said it already, but it is severely impressive how well they are able to inject such feeling into each track. While previous tracks have had their rage filled moments, so to speak, this song keeps a heavy weight on your shoulders and offers an unprecedented experience. The guitar work, especially towards the end of this track is simply guttural, dirty and beautiful. 4.5/5

After what has come so far on this EP, it’s surprising that “For Sale by Owner (LEM),” starts off with a more upbeat sound. This quickly transitions to an aggressive riff and pulse pounding drums and provides a wonderful backdrop for the lyrical delivery. This track has its’ moment of familiarity (not that’s a bad thing either), but there seems to be plenty more of a metal infused sound running throughout. The track may be one of the shortest on the record, but it does a great job of show casing the range of the band. 3.5/5

The final track on this debut EP, “Grievances,” has a nice groove influenced vibe and pairs well with the low level and haunting vocals. Things pick up at times with a heavier sound, but it never feels jolting or out of place. Everything seems together perfectly on this track. Once again, it features some wonderful guitar work that stands out amongst the rest. In fact just past the 5 or 6-minute mark, we are treated to a great solo that most bands seem to be missing these days. It’s a great surprise and keeps things fresh, even this deep into the song. 4.5/5


Florida’s own House of the Rising Gun has offered an impressive debut and for any fans of the industrial/metal sounds, this is a must buy. While the EP logs only 6 tracks, you are definitely getting your money’s worth. At only $4 for a digital copy, this one is literally a no brainer. The tracks aren’t short and thrown together, but lengthy and complex. It’s clear how much work went into this debut and it gets me excited to see what’s coming from their first full-length release.

As someone who grew up on this type of music and still loves it to this day, I was amazingly impressed at how well this album came together. Musically and vocally the whole record drapes a heavy atmospheric feeling on the listener. I for one miss music like this and I’m glad to see someone out there is doing it right. So, do yourself a favor and grab this album now from the links below. Hell, you can even listen to it on their band camp page before taking that massive (can you sense the sarcasm) $4 plunge of a purchase. Also, be sure to check out the Spider Bite Records page and hit them up to see if you can snag yourself a hard copy. 4/5

House of the Rising Gun, I’m looking at you… how’s the new album coming and when can we expect some more great music?


1) Grievences

2) Inhabited

3) Control Variable

Record Label:

  • Spider Bite Records

Release Date:

  • 08/01/2016





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