June 19, 2018
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Two of the best underground elites team up for an EP so powerfully devastating, the hands on the doomsday clock had to be moved up by a few minutes. This rock/rap hybrid effort between Crossworm and Intrinzik is a Dora Sphinx of a beast, meaning this EP’s sheer raw talent could very well demolish cities around the world when put on full blast. Not even Voltron could save any of the cities from this hip-hop mass destruction. UGHLY is nothing like Body Count or Hed P.E.; far from that! And that mostly comes down to Crossworm’s astonishing production. His magical Dirtcore touch created the quintessential atmosphere needed to bring Intrinzik’s words to life until the lyrics became forever embedded into listeners’ minds. Over the years, Intrinzik has evolved into a lyrical tyrant and inside “UGHLY”, the Arizona emcee has somehow topped all of his past rap-metal, fist-pumping works. It’s as if INT somehow managed to pick up a 268.35 foot dead pine tree, broke it over his right knee, threw it in an industrial sized wood chipper, grinded it down to a pulp, and made paper with it to simply write down his original face-bashing raps exclusively for UGHLY; that’s how strong of a writer the Underground Hustlin founder has become!

The E.P. starts off by drop-kicking fans heavily in the chest with the infectious track “Tera Firma”. This track will indeed cause the hip-hop fans to start moshing in the streets thanks to the jungle-like drum beats from Crossworm and Larry Elyea’s soaring guitar skills. But what makes “Tera Firma” so fascinating is Intrinzik’s vocal range. How the hell is he able to make such a compelling hook without his vocal cords bleeding?! It’s like he somehow channeled Faith No More‘s Mike Patton and just went ballistic on the mic. Oddly enough, the background production sounds like a revamped version of Super Nintendo’s Final Fantasy IV chiptune classic “The Veldt”, but the creation being more appropriate for a rock arena show packed with thousands of attendees, instead of the setting of a kid nerding out to some vintage 32-bit in the living room.

“Zombie Apocalypse” with Mr. Grey of MNE’s Gorilla Voltage and the sludge god Insane Loc, could serve as the anthem for the Million Mask March held all over the globe every fifth of November with it’s creative political likeness.  The face-melter rock extravaganza, “Vacate The Building” showcases that the underground still has bars that forever continue to stomp all over the mainstream because Intrinzik, Celph Titled, J Reno, Daniel Jordan all bring forth damn good raps to satisfy any listener’s thirst for unique hip-hop.

“Be Quiet Dear”
is short and straight to a point with its theme of hustling with other people’s ladies. The tasty riffing brought forth by Driver Williams (Eric Church) is what makes this track stand out on it’s own. His riffs with Intrinzik’s catchy hook just makes you want to get into a high-speed police chase on purpose. McNastee and Insane LOC shine inside this track too with their very own Too $hort inspired sex rhyme flavor.

“No Contest” showcases nothing but positive vibes over Crossworm’s bouncy production meshed with Jake Kiley of Strung Out’s amazing guitar skills! Upon first listening, fans will no doubt be craving for more Intrinzik and SNAP tracks! These two were destined to rock the mic together!

UGHLY closes out with “4th Dimension”. And “oh boy” are listeners going to want to clap along to this Crossworm beat all night long…it’s that unforgettable and original! Inside “4th Dimension,” Mr. Grey thoroughly destroys the hook for the better. He just has one of those voices you can’t help but sing along to thanks in due part with how he presents himself. With savage bars from Intrinzik, Insane Loc, and Snap, combined with more tasty riffs from Driver Williams and more of Crossworm’s production skills, this track will leave fans breathless, as if they were being strangled by non other than a gangster version of Ted Bundy. Perfect way to close out an E.P. for sure!

Above all, “UGHLY” is indubitably for those who are always looking for the kind of hip-hop that takes music fans on a musical journey to a whole new level. Intrinzik’s “UGHLY” takes the AZ underground king into new hip-hop territory and proves the rapper has many more years under his belt when it comes to originality. Listeners will indeed be drooling like two-hundred pound Rottweiler waiting to pounce on the next collaborative effort between Crossworm and Intrinzik. Hopefully INT and Mr. Worm put out a full length LP soon because they’re relationship showcased within UGHLY aint nothing to fuck with!

UGHLY Sampler

Please purchase UGHLY here for only $6.99: http://undergroundhustlin.bigcartel.com/product/intrinzik-ughly-pre-order-package-cd-only

Spotify link: https://play.spotify.com/album/0LGQlDR4a2mGlXtTD1oV3n

I-Tunes Purchase:https://play.spotify.com/album/0LGQlDR4a2mGlXtTD1oV3n

Favorite Tracks:

  1. 4th Dimenision, Vacate The Buliding, and Tera Firma


  • 21 Minutes 00 Seconds

Record Label:

  • Underground Hustlin





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