March 18, 2018
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Juggalos Helping Houston: Hatchetman Hurricane Relief Profile

With the tragedy and devastation that have struck Houston and surrounding areas over the past week, I’ve learned something.  When people are in need, Juggalos Reach Out!

A ninja named Raven hit us up last night because they are starting a drive of their own.  Currently, they have:

  • 10 person crew
  • Blankets
  • clothes
  • baby blankets

There is half of a trailer loaded up and prepared to head down to create a camp where volunteers will come in as they are able to.

Raven is calling this effort Hatchetman Hurricane Relief, and there’s already a Facebook group with over 150 Juggalos in it now.  You can join the group yourself here:

If you’d like to volunteer to help, donate to the cause, or find out exactly what’s needed, then join that FB group and post in there, or contact Raven at!




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