May 26, 2018
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BrokeNCYDE Release Cover Art, Tracklist & Release Date for “0 To Brokencyde” Album; Drop New Music Video

BrokeNCYDE have released a plethora of information regarding their upcoming album 0 To Brokencyde.

0 To Brokencyde, which features fourteen tracks is set to be released on June 22nd via Cleopatra Records.

Earlier today, Mikl-Shea and Seven released a music video for the third single from the album. You can watch that below.

The tracklist and cover art was also made available via the various pre-order locations. I’ve posted a few links to pre-order the album below.


Pre-order link:


1. 0 to Brokencyde
2. Psycho$
3. Marijuano$
4. Salsa
5. D@ Good Feat. Lil Aaron
6. Gtfoomf!
7. Certified Playaz
8. Kush Krazy
9. Traptncyde
10. No Bodies Safe
11. Bout It
12. Ass & Titties
13. Mueve
14. Wild Girl




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