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**UPDATED** Scrub Care Unit T-shirt Fundraiser! [The SCU Needs Your Help!]

Updated 6/18/18: There are only TWO DAYS LEFT to order your shirts!  Check the details below!

Original Post: I know that every year, we have a lot of first-time Gatherers who finally decide to make the trek to spend a week with the Juggalo family!  Some come with all of the amenities they’d ever need, and then some. Others may come with only the clothes on their backs. Even if you think you are prepared for the Gathering, sometimes shit happens, and you may need a hand from your fellow Juggalos.

This is where the Scrub Care Unit comes in.  For years now, this 100% non-profit organization has come to the Gathering (among other Juggalo events), and provided food, water, shade, toiletries, clothing, and countless other necessities for Juggalos to make it through 5+ days of summer heat.

These things aren’t free, and the SCU relies solely on donations from Juggalos and Juggalettes like yourselves to prepare for an event as big as this.  So, in order to raise funds, they have come up with two new t-shirt designs!  There is a $25 variety, and a $50 limited edition one…each come in your choice of 5 colors!  The kicker is that you’ve only got until June 20th to get your orders in.  Check the details below, or if you are already sold on the idea, order your shirt(s) here:

From Scrub Care Unit @ Facebook:

Juggalo Family – It’s time for the 2018 Gathering and SCU needs your help!


Family, it’s once again time for us to all Gathering and once-again SCU will be there to help our Juggalo family in various ways! From food to water to medical assistance to NEEDED personal hygiene products, SCU is always looking for ways to help our family, not only at the Gathering but throughout the year with fundraising events, our ongoing support of Detriot’s Action Commonwealth (helping Detroit’s homeless), “Feed 10 Families for Thanksgiving” and “10 Kids/10 Bikes” at Christmas (just to name a few ways SCU is out there trying to help the family at large and also bring attention to the love that Juggalo’s have!

For several years we have had a couple hundred of fellow Juggalos ask “How can we help?”; or “We want to take part in SCU!”; or just “Ya’ll should sell tshirts!”. Well, this year SCU needs help and we are running two very special t-shirts, both of which have been designed by our fellow Juggalos. Each shirt has been designed with YOU in mind and both will be long-term mementos of this year’s Gathering!

The first t-shirt is being sold for $50.00 dollars. I know, that is a little steep, but let me tell you about the t-shirt. First, there will ONLY be 60 of these t-shirts made – period. Second, the design, which goes along with this years “Whoopstock” theme is actually a design re-mix from the original Woodstock flyer “An Aquarian Expedition: 3 Days of Peace and Music”, but in a distinct Juggalo feel. Third, this t-shirt was designed by Slasher Dave (Vinny The ICP Kid’s cousin and awesome artist himself). This design is probably going to be the most sought after shirt at the Gathering and it can be yours! With only 60 of these to be made, when your fellow Juggalo Family sees you wearing it they’ll know YOU are not only wearing a totally dope-ass, custom designed and limited t-shirt, but YOU are a true SCU support and a part of the movement to help take care of our family! SCU is not only the camp that helps family during each Gathering, but throughout the year also! Comes in five awesome color choices!

The second t-shirt being sold will be going for $25.00 dollars and it’s design clearly identifies you as a “Juggalo Hero” and SCU supporter. Just like the “Whoopstock” t-shirt, when your fellow Juggalo family sees you in this awesome t-shirt they’ll know that YOU are a Juggalo with a heart – one that is proud to help the Juggalo family! These t-shirts were designed by fellow Juggalo and epic-gatherer Donnie Theis (better known as “Smokes” of the PGT camp at the Gathering). This t-shirt design captures not only the pride of being a Juggalo, but the love demonstrated within our family. There is no limit on sales on this design and it is our hope to see hundreds of you, my family, wearing these shirts not only at the Gathering, but around the world at-large! Comes in five awesome color choices!

IMPORTANT NOTE: These t-shirts are being sold between now and end of June. T-shirts will be produced and shipped first week of July in time for you to have at the Gathering and wear with Juggalo Pride!!

Please know that all proceeds – 100% of profits, from this t-shirt sale (and any fundraising SCU does) goes to helping the Juggalo family! ZERO of the profits go to paying any management or any other crazy expense. We (John and I) handle all the management of SCU for nothing but the love we have for our Juggalo Family and that is how will always be!!

Thank you in advance for your help and support!!

T-shirts microstore can be found here:

SCU Charities Apparel 2018
Online ordering for SCU Charities Apparel 2018 ends on Wednesday June 20th, 2018 (11:59pm EDT)

Any direct donations to SCU can be made via PayPal (

SCU owner, member, & Proud of the Juggalo Family!

Details for JCW’s Battle Of The Sexes Released for GOTJ19!

Earlier today, we got word about some new flavor happening with the JCW at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos!  We’re talking about the Battle of the Sexes matches which take place on Wednesday night at the Big Top Stage!

This is a super stacked lineup, but instead of telling you about it, I’ll let the post from ICP’s Facebook do the talking!  Check it out below!

From ICP’s Facebook:

For 19 Glorious Gatherings, the tough as fuck wrestlers of JCW have spilled blood and given it all they had in the ring!!

This year we are doing something that we’ve never done before: giving the toughest women and men the opportunity to do battle against each other!!

Making their JCW debut are the stars of Joey Janela’s Spring Break series, The Bad Boy Joey Janela, and the Bad Girl Penelope Ford !! As well as Impact Wrestling’s own Kierra Hogan!! Not to mention the equally beautiful and dangerous Natalia Markova from Russia!

Plus its the JCW returns of Jeff “Lil Bundy” Cannonball, Desi Derata, Aja Perera, The Nerd, Brian Idol, Gary Galaxy and TEREX!!

JCW original The Hood Ninja Hyzaya will be in action, as will the Iron Demon Shane Mercer, The Amazing Maria and More!!

There will be a main event intergender death match!!!!

It all goes down at 1am Wednesday Night at The Gathering Of The Juggalos!! #Whoopstock. Stay tuned for announcements for Oddball Wrestling and Bloodymania 12


Timeline for Gathering of the Juggalos Released

Juggalos and Juggalettes who are headed to the 19th annual Gathering of the Juggalos you can start planning your personal timeline of events, shows, contests and other things that you plan to attend while at Whoopstock!

Psychopathic Records have released the official timeline for the 19th annual Gathering of the Juggalos. 

Once a hi-res version is posted on the official Gathering website, we will update this post. Until then here is the timeline as posted on social media.


FAM-I-LY Movie Viewing at the Gathering of the Juggalos!

Juggalos and Juggalettes…this is one of the announcements that I’ve been waiting for!  Remember last year when I put a call out for Juggalos to meet me in Georgia to put together a makeshift Gathering for a movie that was being shot?  Remember last year at the Gathering when that same movie company came and shot some footage for one of the scenes in that same movie?  Well that movie is called FAMILY, and those who attend the Gathering of the Juggalos get their chance to be one of the first to see it!

I know that I will be in attendance because I can’t wait to see how my family reacts to it!   We’ll know when it premieres when the timeline drops tomorrow, but for now, check out the official announcement!

From ICP’s Facebook:

Whoopstock bombs continue to drop! Ninjas and ninjettes we are SO hype about this. Roll out the red carpet, because we about to host a DOPE movie premiere! For the first time ever, GOTJ proudly presents the Juggalo World Premiere of the full-length comedy feature film FAMILY, with Insane Clown Posse, superfine superstar actress Taylor Schilling, cast members from Orange Is the New Black, and cameos from MAD Juggalo homies! HOLY SHIT! ICP is starring in a new movie, and it’s droppin at GOTJ! Our homie and super ninjette Laura Steinel wrote and directed this hilarious, as yet UNRELEASED film reppin for the Fam and of course the Juggalettes! The best part is? We’ll be some of the VERY FIRST to witness this rare gem on the silver screen as Laura and the cast bring it home to our FAM-I-LY!!!! #ButterMyPopcorn #FamilyMovieNight #Whoopstock

This Gathering is looking to be one of the best yet!  If you don’t have your tickets yet, make sure you grab them soon at!

MARS performing at XO Music Festival in Antioch, CA

Our homie Mars hit us up about a festival happening in Antioch, California called XO Music Festival.  It’s taking place from July 13th-15th, and will feature over 100 artists on 7 different stages!

Some notable headliners are Bone Thugs N Harmony, Ludacris, Rev Run, T.I., Mistah FAB, Vanilla Ice, and so many more!  Right there in the mix though will be the one and only Bay Area wicked shit spitter: MARS!

Tickets for this festival start at $75 for a day pass, or $180 for a 3 day pass!  Check out the lineup flyer here:

Click to enlarge!

You can find out all the info you need to know, and purchase your tickets at!

G-Mo Skee’s “Chaly and The Filth Factory” Now Available For Pre-Order; New Music Video Released

Who’s ready to enter Chaly’s Filth Factory?

The new 17 track album from Majik Ninja Entertainment‘s G-Mo Skee is now available for pre-order in five options.  The album, which is entitled, Chaly & The Filth Factory is set to be released on July 13th, 2018. 

Below you can read the press release, find the links for the 5 pre-order options, peep the tracklist, and check out the visuals for “Filth Factory.”

Press Release:

The Filthmaster himself is back with his sophomore album on MNE in form of Chaly & The Filth Factory!!! Thats right G-Mo Skee grants all those with the lucky moldy ticket on a one way trip through the Filth Factory!!! Ride on the Rusty SteamPot with Filty Wonka and the midget army and see if you can survive what this album has in store. Another sure to be cult classic from the mind of G-Mo motherfucking Skee!!! Album pre orders available now, check out the brand new video and prepare for Friday the 13th, 2018!!!
Pre-Order Options:


1. The Moldy Ticket
2. Ocarina of Crime
3. Filth Factory
4. Filthy Wonka
5. Ninja Money
6. Mad Hatter
7. Ghost Town ft. Crowda
8. Front Seat
9. Midget Army (skit)
10. Laughing At You ft. Vinny Paz & The Jokerr
11. Grouch
12. Going It On feat. Inf Gang
13. Wavedash ft. Kevin Maclane
14. Don’t Wait
15. I’m Underground
16. Filthy Imagination
17. Outro
New Music Video:

Hopsin / Undercover Prodigy Items On Sale! Most 50% Off!

For those Juggalos who are also Hopsin fans, this weekend you have a good chance to stock up on both Hopsin and Undercover Prodigy merch!  Through Sunday night, most of the inventory at is 50% Off!  We’re talking pullover hoodies for $23.00, Sweat pants for $19.00, Shirts for $14.00, Snapback hats for $15.00, and more!

You can check out all of the items and prices by heading over to!  Get your shoppin’ on!

Click to browse the Undercover Prodigy Shop!

17 New Acts Announced for the Gathering of the Juggalos!

Juggalos and Juggalettes!  We have some extremely exciting news for those of you who are Gathering-bound!  Cluster bombs were just dropped on us regarding artists who will be performing this year!  How many acts were just revealed?  1?  2?  10???  Not even close!  We got 17 New Acts announced today!

We are just over a month away from setting out for Legend Valley, so the news is coming fast and furious!  It was also revealed that we will get a Timeline of events this weekend!  For now, check the official post and artist revelations!

From Insane Clown Posse’s Facebook:.

In honor of fuckin Friday, we just gonna drop 17 NEW artists for Whoopstock, on top of an already EPIC array of musical madness! Presenting the official Whoopstock flyer, with FULL musical lineup! With seventeen new acts: King ISO! Zug Izland! Muthafuckin Clownvis Presley! DJ Paul’s Solo Set! Myzery! LSP! A.X.E.! Motown Rage! MC Lars! Dirty Machine! The Dirtball! Kissing Candice! Menace 2 Sobriety! Mike Busey & The Busey Beauties! Dandy Punk! Native World! Wolfpac! The timeline is dropping this weekend, with mad more flavor and surprises still to come! This lineup is UNREAL ninjas! The Gathering of the Juggalos is on, 19 years strong!#Whoopstock

Holy shit!  Whoopstock keeps getting better and better!  Keep your eyes peeled for the timeline at some point in the next 48 hours!  If you don’t have tickets yet, you can grab them at!

Click to enlarge!

Butcher Babies Announced for Whoopstock!

This year’s GOTJ lineup keeps getting fresher and fresher as the bombs continue to drop!

Ohhhhh shit! This is something that I personally have been waiting for for a minute now!

Metal queens The Butcher Babies have been added to the Whoopstock lineup! Peep the flavor straight from ICP’s socials:

Start a muthafuckin pit! Murderous metal wicked vixens of the world stand up, and get ready to welcome the infamous BUTCHER BABIES to the Juggalo Family! Making their GOTJ debut, the Queens of Metal are bringing it live and in effect as only they can! But don’t let their striking beauty fool you–dazzling but deadly metal mayhem awaits as the blood rains down from the sky as you enter their Butcher shop of horrors! Get ready for the ride of your life as the first ladies of hardcore take the wheel and lead you on a death ride! Hop in! You don’t have anything to be afraid of, do you? Muhahahaha! #Whoopstock

Who’s ready to enter the butcher shop muddafackoos?!

DAAANG. Let me recap for a second… So now that makes it: ICP’s Hell’s Pit along with a full ICP set, The Full Psychopathic Records roster, Killjoy Club, Tech N9ne, Esham, Yelawolf, Hopsin, Immortal Technique, CKY, RA the Rugged Man, Attila, Seed of 6ix, Kingspade, JellyRoll, Mac Lethal, the Butcher Babies, and mad throwback Whoopstock tribute swag on top of that?

What the fuck. This lineup is insane. Cop yo tickets today at!

The countdown to Whoopstock continues!

¡Mayday!’s “South Of 5th” Now Available for Pre-order

The homies from ¡Mayday! have been hard at work on their next studio album titled South Of 5th.  If you weren’t aware, this is their final album in their contract with Strange Music, so I’m sure they put their all into it!

The South of 5th album is officially available for pre-order nearly 3 months early!  The Strange Music pre-order package comes with an autographed copy of the album, a t-shirt, a Strange Music sticker, and an unreleased MP3!  check the details below.


If it’s happening in Miami, do you know where it’s going down?

South of 5th, that’s where! With a reggae tinged vibe, the fellas in ¡Mayday! are once again immersing you in the sonic landscape of their city. ¡Mayday! is set to unleash their new album, South of 5th– available everywhere September 7th. South of 5th brings the local party to the worldwide stage with sounds that are unmistakably ¡Mayday!. With the double-edged interplay of lyricism from Bernz and Wrek, along with a new twist on the stellar production ¡Mayday! always brings to the table, South of 5th adds to the versatile legacy of ¡Mayday! with standout tracks like“Next To Go”,“Lifetimes”,“Run Up”and“Time Is Up”.

Don’t miss your chance to preorder your copy today at – you’ll receive an autographed copy of South of 5th, a limited edition South of 5th t-shirt (XL only), a Strange Music sticker and a bonus unreleased mp3 download track!

Click here or head over to and place your preorder forSouth of 5thtoday!

Get your Strange Music pre-order edition here:

Drive By Performing at the Attack Of The Ninjas Pre-Party!

As you may already know….Attack of the Ninjas is happening in Kokomo, IN and has morphed into a 2 day event!  Not only will you see performances from every Majik Ninja Entertainment artist on the label, but those of you who are there a night early have a chance to catch the official Attack Of The Ninjas Pre-Party!  Who’s headlining that show?  None other than Anybody Killa and Blaze Ya Dead Homie as Drive By!

The pre-party will only cost you $10.00, and you can see the details below!


Attack Of The Ninjas Pre Party Ticket featuring Drive By

As if Attack of the Ninjas being a 2 day event was not enough Blaze Ya Dead Homie and ABK will be doing a DRIVE BY on Kokomo the night before for an amazing ATTACK OF THE NINJAS PRE PARTY!!! Featuring a DRIVE BY SET as well as performances from Native World, REDD and more this is a great way to kick off an amazing weekend full of devastation sure to leave Kokomo in rubble. There will also be some gaming hosted by 4juggalosbyjuggalos going on with some dope tournaments and prizes. This is shaping up to be a kick ass PARTY!!! Come out, have a drink, smoke something, game, enjoy some of the biggest names in the Underground and just fuckin kick it with the Fam!!! See you ninjas there!!!

Smoked Out Summer BBQ announces Full Lineup!

A ninja named Tom Foley hit me up with details about an event called the Smoked Out Summer BBQ that’s happening in Oakland, CA on July 21st!  Yes, it’s the last day of the Gathering…but if you Cali ninjas aren’t able to make it to Ohio, you can see a bunch of great performances…some from artists that will also be at GOTJ!

The full lineup has been announced, and you can check that out below:

  • Immortal Technique
  • Necro
  • Ded Prez
  • The Grouch and Eligh
  • ???
  • Murs
  • RA The Rugged Man
  • Twisted Insane
  • 1 Ton
  • A-F-R-O
  • Tyt
  • Rudy Ortiz
  • Kabir Singh
  • Chris Riggins
  • Terrell “Big T” Butler
  • Emily Catalano
  • Davood Naimyar
  • Anthony K
  • Saul Trujillo
  • Jennifer Alves

Tickets are $60 by themselves, and $100 for a ticket, t-shirt, poster, and BBQ! You can get them at!

Click to enlarge!

Tech N9ne Returns to the Gathering of the Juggalos!

If you Gathered last year, you probably noticed a staple to our Family festival missing.  Psychopathic heard your requests, and has invited Tech N9ne to make his triumphant return!  You know that’s gonna be an INSANE way to close out one of the nights on main stage!  Tech and his Strange Music crew bring a spectacle to the stage in which most others pale in comparison!

Check out the official announcement below!

From Insane Clown Posse’s Facebook:

Juggalos and Juggalettes are you ready for Whoopstock? The Gathering of the Juggalos 2018 proudly presents to you…TECH N9NE!!!! Headlining the Big Top stage, KC MO’s Worldwide Chopper will be in the house to hold it down for Whoopstock with the Juggalo Family. He is the King, the Clown, the Killer, and the #1 Independent Rapper in the World! Strange Music is in the building. Get ready for the one and only Tecca Nina, who rocks the party like nobody, baby! Juggalos throw it up and show love to TECH N999999NNNNEEE! Who’s ready??? #Whoopstock

I know this is gonna put some of you over the top about going, so make sure you get your tickets NOW at!

Ouija’s “GutterWater” Hits the Billboard Charts!

Ouija’s debut Psychopathic Records release, GutterWater, has officially hit the Billboard and iTunes charts!  Even though numbers were scattered due to iTunes release dates being different than the physical copies, he still managed to make a strong showing! It landed at:

  • #15 Top Hip-Hop/Rap on iTunes
  • #145 Top Albums on iTunes
  • #13 Heatseekers on Billboard
  • #39 Independent on Billboard

To celebrate the album’s success, Ouija and Chucky Chuck have teamed up for another shirt design!  Check what he posted last night:

GUTTERWATER is on the Billboard charts! with only a fraction of reported sales! #39 Rap Charts & #13 Heat Seekers! Juggalos standing ten toes tall, knee deep in#GUTTERWATER!!! So I’m releasing this Otherside Edition shirt that reveals more about the coming elements & what they unleash when worn in the mirror!!! These will sell out! Brought to you by da homieChucky Chuck… this is some Fuccin RARE!!!!

You can get that shirt in sizes S-5X here:

Click to purchase this rare T-shirt!

Snag those up with the quickness!

Congrats to Ouija and Psychopathic Records on this new successful album!

The “Fuck Cancer” Benefit Show for Steven Hickey – June 29th in Allen Park, MI

Our homies from Troubled Mindz hit us up with some info on a show they will be a part of on Friday, June 29th.  It’s called the Fuck Cancer Benefit Show III, and it’s happening at Simons After Dark in Allen Park, MI.

All proceeds from the show will go to a Juggalo named Steven Hickey who recently lost his mother to cancer, only about a year after losing his father to it.

All artists involved have donated their time and performances to help support him.

There will be raffles including items from MNE, Sticker Stash Customz, and more!

Cost of entry is a $10.00 Donation at the door.  But feel free to donate more!  All info about the show can be seen on the flyer below:

Click the pic to enlarge!

Much props to all of the artists, promoters, and anyone else who helped put this show together!  Our condolences go out to Steven Hickey and his family.  Hope you all can make it out!

If you want to RSVP via Facebook, do it here:

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