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G-Mo Skee releases “Final Boss II” Music Video; Pre-orders for “8 Bit Filth” EP Now on TwiztidShop

Just minutes ago, G-Mo Skee released a brand new music video called “Final Boss II” from his upcoming 8 Bit Filth EP which is due out on March 30th!

Before we get into the pre-order options, check out the “Final Boss II” music video below:

Now with the 8 Bit Filth EP dropping in just over a month, you know that has a few different pre-order bundles up for you!  Here are your options:

Click to view ALL Pre-order options

If you like what you hear in the music video above, make sure you jump on that pre-order flavor!

Photos From Juggalo Weekend Las Vegas Released

Photos are starting to be released from Juggalo Weekend in Las Vegas. Photographer Doug Mahugh has released a small gallery from the weekend’s events.

They are published under the JOLA. What exactly is JOLA? Well, it’s the Juggalos Only Licensing Agreement! Which as Doug explains it means Juggalos can do whatever the fuck they want with these photos.

Here are a few photos:

You can check out all of the photos by clicking the link below.

Juggalo Weekend Las Vegas

Haunted High-Ons: The Darkness Rises Coming In 2019 *Updated*


The Darkness Rises is going to be a multi-part story-arc that picks-up where the Haunted High-Ons one-shot left off. This news was revealed by Dirk Manning. You can read his full social media post at the bottom of this article.

Original Post:

The next issue of Twiztid’s comic book series, Haunted High-Ons is currently being planned now.

The next book will be entitled, The Darkness Rises! They are aiming to release it at Astronomicon in 2019.

You can see the social media post featuring a graphic about the book below.

From Astronomicon:

The announcement happened during the #HauntedHighOns panel! We are aiming for #Astronomicon 2019 as the official release date! @dirkmanning @officialtwiztid @maripescosta @iniko_beats @sourcepointpress

Via Dirk Manning:


Hey all!

As announced at Astronomicon, Marianna Pescosta and Alessandro de Fornasari are joining me and Twiztid for more HAUNTED HIGH-ONS from Source Point Press for a new story-arc titled “The Darkness RIses”… and here’s the first official promo art from it!

And yes, you read that right… it’s going to be a full, multi-issue story arc this time around that picks-up where the HAUNTED HIGH-ONS one-shot left-off!

To that end, keep in mind that you have about two more weeks to pre-order your copy of the first issue of HAUNTED HIGH-ONS from your local comic shop, where HAUNTED HIGH-ONS is one of the three comics in the first round of solicitations for nationwide distribution through PREVIEWSworld on Page 417 (alongside SALVAGERS by Bob Salley and DEAD DUCK AND ZOMBIE CHICK by Jay Fosgitt). Even if you’ve already managed to score a copy of all three books, it would make a HUGE difference if you asked your local comic shop to pre-order a copy (or perhaps even a few copies) before the deadline cut-off.

After all, if they don’t carry the book, no one else will be able to buy it from them and check it out, right?

Thanks again for all your support, everyone… and enjoy figuring out what you can from this preview art of the new HAUNTED HIGH-ONS story-arc. There’s a darkness coming…


Fearless Fred Fury Merch Now Available at

For those of you clamoring for more Fearless Fred Fury flavor, stocked up on a few different items!

They’ve added 2 T-shirts ($25 each), and 2 silkscreened hoodies ($45 each) for you to rep!

Click the pic below to view ALL items:

Click to visit!

There was a TON of FFF merch available at Juggalo Weekend, so look for it to start appearing in the very near future!

JINZO to be on “The Stage” Talent Show on Netflix!

We’ve got some pretty fresh news to share to the Juggalo world!  Atlanta based rapper Jinzo will be on an upcoming American Idol style talent show called The Stage!  It will appear on Netflix, though there aren’t any release dates set just yet.

Killer Mike and T-Pain are involved, and Jinzo made it through the audition and just finished recording!

Once some air dates are set, we’ll let you know!

Find out more about Jinzo at!  Check out his music via the Jinzo Youtube Page!

Tech N9ne on His New Album & How He Compares Lyrically to Kendrick Lamar

Shirley Ju from Okayplayer recently had the chance to interview Tech N9ne.

In this interview Tech and Shirley discuss Planet, advice for up and coming artists, current state of hip-hop, best encounter with fans, and much more.

You can read the full interview below.

From OkayPlayer:

Leading up to the release of his new album, Planet, Tech N9ne sat down with Okayplayer and kicked some knowledge

For more than 20 years, Tech N9ne has been one of the most reliable rappers in hip-hop. He’s put out more than a dozen projects over that span of time. The Kansas City native is showing no signs of slowing down.

Tech N9ne earned the first platinum plaque of his career last year, for his 2006 single “Caribou Lou.” And now he’s getting ready to release his 12th album, Planet, on March 3. The album’s lead single is the hypnotic “Tech N9ne (Don’t Nobody Want None),” which samples the 1983 electric classic “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul).”

Tech N9ne has many accomplishments. But he’s also an artist who prides himself on delivering music that contains substantial content for his listeners. We recently sat down with Tech N9ne and spoke about his new album, how he compares lyrically to Kendrick Lamar, and the last words his mother ever said to him.

Check out the interview below.

OKP:  What do you look for in an artist? And what advice do you have for an up-and-coming artist who’s looking to get signed?

TN: I look for them to have skill in rhyme, and I look for them to be able to do it live as well. Because without live, you have nothing. Live is forever. The advice I would give to up-and-coming artists is to write what you know, and people [will] forever feel you. Don’t write what you don’t know because you will be exposed. Everything has to be 100 percent you and not nobody else.

OKP: What does Black History Month mean to you this time around?

TN: I feel like Black History Month is… too less. It’s the shortest month. [laughs]

OKP: What is your take on the current state of hip-hop and where do you see yourself fitting in?

TN: I think it’s wonderful. It’s forever changing. It’s forever growing. And I’m gonna be in it no matter where it goes. As you can see, I’m still here on the incline. Not one style that comes out is gonna stump me. Or gonna bury me. Because I am hip-hop. I am music. I am rhythm and rhyme.

OKP: You recently dropped a video for “Don’t Want Nobody Want None.” Are you looking to dive into the Hip Hop/EDM crossover?

TN: Yeah, I’ve been adding to EDM for some years now. This one is a dedication from back in 1983. I’m a beat boy, breakdancer, pop locker — so it’s only right for me to pay homage to the ones that came before us. The ones that made us want to do music. So, why not?

OKP: What can fans expect from your Planet album that they haven’t seen before?

TN: They can expect the “don’t-give-a-damn” attitude…Imma do whatever the hell I want. And I don’t care who or what they think. And by that attitude, I think it will hit everybody. And I think that they will love it. 

OKP: There’s a track on the project called “Levitation.” This actually reminds me of Kendrick’s record “untitled 07.”

TN: Kendrick had one called “levitate, levitate, levitate.” Yes. We have a song together called “Fragile” that went gold. [My song is] nothing like that “Levitate” song. This is “Levitation.” This is… the energy I feel from the crowd. It lifts me up. The energy and the love lifts me up. That type of David Blaine levitation.

OKP: How do you compare yourself lyrically to Kendrick?

TN: Different, but on that level. We wouldn’t be able to work together if I wasn’t on that level. To be able to hang with a lyricist of his stature, of his skill. I got a song with Eminem. I got a song with Joyner Lucas. Logic. I’m on that level. I don’t care how big they get, I’m right there with them. And I love them all. They’re all my brothers.

OKP: Your record “We Won’t Go Quietly” is inspired by your mother’s last words to you: “Liberty and justice for all.”

Those were the last words she said to me before she passed: “Liberty and justice for all, liberty and justice for all, liberty and justice for all.” Just over and over. And I smiled real big. Like, you’re dying from Lupus and that’s all you want? That’s a tall order. I don’t know if there will ever be liberty and justice for all. I think the rest of that will be “Liberty and justice for all the rich and not the poor.” I don’t think that’s right. I think it should be liberty and justice for all like my mom wanted.

OKP: What would you be doing if you weren’t rapping?

TN: I would be a psychiatrist…I turned out to be my fans’ psychiatrist.

OKP: What’s the best encounter you’ve had a with a fan?

TN: When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said he loves my music, and he put me on the new WWE game soundtrack. And when Elton John said he was in Canada looking for Tech N9ne records. Two dope moments with fans.

OKP: Who’s the most played artist on your phone?

TN: The most played artist on my phone is myself. I listen to my music over and over so I can learn it, so I can rap it to my audience. Other than me… I play Travis Scott in the car. I play Travis Scott in my room, at night, during the weed sessions with me and my lady.

Peaceful Youth Unit Neutralizing Earth: Tech N9ne Details Planet Concept & Approach

Strange Music has published an interview they conducted with Tech N9ne.

In this interview Tech N9ne discusses the concept of his upcoming album, Planet.

Planet is set to be released on March 2nd. You can read the interview below.

From Strange Music:

You wouldn’t travel to a foreign country without a guidebook or–at the very least–a Yelp search, and you damn sure wouldn’t leave the galaxy without a little prior knowledge!

So, to get you all prepped and ready to touchdown on Tech N9ne’s Planet (March 2nd!), we sat down with Tech to talk about the concept and inspiration behind Planet, some important vernacular, and what we might expect from the brand new album.

Tell us a little about the concept behind building your own Planet

I never told anybody, but I was crushed by The Storm. The Storm was my new beginning, I had to base it off my first record The Calm Before The Storm and it didn’t go like I wanted it to.

I mean I did a lot of wonderful features, but people didn’t respond like I wanted them to. The way I was doing stuff… nobody understood. Don’t get me wrong, we sold copies, but what I expected, we didn’t get that.

So with the hurt from The Storm, and the hurt from his planet, all the shootings, and killings…that really made me say,“You know what? I’m about to get the fuck off this planet, man.”

When I left, I didn’t just leave, I didn’t want to tell anybody that you’re talking to Tech’s clone right now. I left four years ago mentally.

Travis and I talked about how when that four years are up, probably gonna be hard to find Tech N9ne music. So, enjoy this planet and the next few years after.

I don’t know where the old Tech is…somewhere on Planet PYUNE and whatever music came out of this is somewhere else four years ago is when I left this world mentally.

Planet PYUNE is the official name of the Planet? You’ve been mentioning PYUNE. What does it mean?

Peaceful Youth Unit Neutralizing Earth.

What earth needs is a lot of neutralizing. Everybody is against each there and some people are higher than others, but we should all be in that common space It should be love and it’s not. So were the peaceful youth neutralizing earth. Trying to. I don’t want to neutralize them, like hurt nobody; I just want to insert love.

Bringing it back to the original topic, you said you “left” and were hurt by The Storm. How did that affect the creative process of Planet?

On this album, I told Seven to take me somewhere away from here. I tried beats I wouldn’t normally think of.

New sounds drum kits, synths topics, everything.

Any examples? Like specific tracks?

Like I ain’t never didn’t a hook like “Drink Up” ever. I always wanted to do a sleepy hook like that.

There’s some shit I’ve never talked about, some shit I probably shouldn’t have talked about, like “Tappin’ In.” I had to walk a fine line on “Tappin’ In” because some of the people are still alive and still respected by me so we had to change the hook couple of times

And what came out is my best work. The whole staff agrees, and it made me feel so good, because when you go off on your own tangent people can say “that’s weird, nobody gonna understand,” but not in this case.

LARS Release Debut Album “Last American Rock Stars”

L.A.R.S. has released their debut album, Last American Rock Stars.

The album is available digitally and physical copies at Twiztid Shop and in select stores.

Check out this article from XXL below.


From XXL:


When it comes to American rock stars, LARS say they’re the last ones left. The duo of Bizarre and King Gordy, also known as LARS (Last American Rock Stars), drop their self-titled debut album today (Feb. 16) and the project lives up to its rock star title.

The 13-track album features guest appearances from Fury, Twiztid, Boobie Trap, G-Mo Skee, Triz and Twista and includes the previously released track “Lit.” In January, LARS released a video for the single and promised more visuals for their album would be on the way.

Gordy previously spoke about coming together with Bizarre and told XXL about their plans to add some fun to hip-hop. “Me and Bizzy came together because we are the last of a dying breed,” Gordy said. “Nobody is having fun anymore. It’s all about stunting and having money. Well, we don’t give a fuck about that. We ain’t rappers… We are the Last American Rock Stars!”

In related news, Bizarre recently found himself in the middle of a feud with Joe Budden. The D12 member said he took offense to Budden’s negative review of Eminem’s Revival and called him out on social media.

Check out the tracklist and listen to the Last American Rock Stars below.

LARS’ Last American Rock Stars Album Tracklist

1. “Intro”
2. “Stomp”
3. “Just Got Out the County” Feat. Fury
4. “Cocaine in Miami”
5. “LARS Spangled Banner”
6. “Lit”
7. “California”
8. “Rock n Roll” Feat. Twiztid
9. “Suicide”
10. “Ganja Man” Feat. Boobie Trap
11. “No Lights”
12. “Start a War” Feat. G-Mo Skee, Triz and Twista
13. “I Believe I Can Fly”

Juggalo Weekend 2018 Timeline Revealed

Usually, someone has to sneak backstage and take a picture of a sign on a wall for you to know what the timeline for a show looks like.  For this event though, Psychopathic Records did us a solid and provided it for us!

If you want to know exactly when shit is goin’ down for the Juggalo Weekend festivities this weekend, you can see the times on the flyers below!

Day 1 Festivities:

Day 2 Festivities:

Doors for both days open at 5 PM and JCW wrestling starts at 6 PM!  Performances start up at 6:30 PM!

Faygoluvers is officially in Vegas! We will see you ninjas tonight!!

JCW Details for Juggalo Weekend!

Over the next TWO DAYS, there will be PLENTY of JCW action for those of you making it to Las Vegas for Juggalo Weekend!  We’re talking 10 total matches featuring the likes of Chuey Martinez, Mosh Pit Mike, a Las Vegas Ladies Street Fight, Dirty Ron McDonald, “Gorgeous” Gary Galaxy, Mosh Pit Mike, and a grip of others!

We’ve gathered all of the promo flyers and uploaded them to a single post for you so you know exactly what to expect!  Make sure you show up EARLY each day because Doors are at 5 PM and the Show Starts at 6 PM!

Check all of the matches out below.

Night 1: Heckles JCW Matches

Night 2: Macabre JCW Matches

If you’ve still been holding out on buying your tickets, you can get them RIGHT NOW to make sure you’re part of the action by clicking here:

Shit is looking serious:


Faygoluvers Interviews TWIZTID from ASTRONOMICON 2018!

The first annual Astronomicon has come and gone, and Faygoluvers was fortunate enough to have some time with Jamie Madrox and Monoxide!  During this short press circuit, Twiztid was in Astronomicon mode, so our interviewer Chad Carsten only really got to cover that subject. It was a lot of fun though, and they speak on

  • What you were missing out on if you didn’t come to Astronomicon
  • MNE’s relationship with Source Point Press / Dirk Manning
  • Haunted High-Ons and the process of creating it
  • Requesting Haunted High-Ons in your local Mom and Pop comic stores
  • Two Favorite Guests at Astronomicon

Look for more on next year’s Astronomicon coming VERY soon!

Violent J’s Daughter Creates Fundraiser T-Shirt Debuting at Juggalo Weekend

Going to Juggalo Weekend in just a couple of days?  Then make sure you pack an extra $20 spot because we’ve got some flavor to tell you about!  Violent J‘s daughter Ruby hit the Duke with a drawing of the Wicked Clowns chillin’ with a bunch of animals, and they decided to put the design on a t-shirt!  Not only will it make its merch table debut at Juggalo Weekend, but ALL PROCEEDS will go to the Humane Society!  Check the official post, straight from the fingertips of Violent J himself:

From ICP’s Facebook:


Click to enlarge!

“Juggalos! I never been prouder to be a Juggalo! We’ve been so consumed with FFF, it’s a true OBSESSION. The will to “FITEBACK!” engulfs us! Don’t accept staleness in your life, ninjas. We can do something about everything lame out there. FITEBACK! My daughter Ruby is only 11, yet flush with mad ideas & crazy will to FITEBACK! against animals cruelty and pet homelessness by announcing that she’s raising money for the Humane Society! Ruby always flips my wig like Spongebob does Krabby Patties, but this idea won my wig a gold medal in gymnastics. Like me, she knows the power of Juggalo Love well. So for three nights straight, she poured her soul into a drawing of ICP chillin with every kind of pet thinkable! Now Psychopathic Merch is meticulously printing her freshly perfected artwork onto a special T-Shirt, with all the proceeds going straight into my pocket…but then straight into the HUMANE SOCIETY’s fund to combat animal cruelty. Straight from the mind of Ruby, the back of this Karmaful shirt says “Thanks to the Juggalo rockin’ this awesome shirt, the Humane Society got paid!” In short (yeah right), Juggalos, Ninjas, & Ninjettes, Scrubs & Scrubettes, Thugs from Tibet, and studs with terrets…If you’re out there with some Clown Love in your heart and you just so happen to have a couple lil’ somethin’s weighin your wallet down…Plus you notice yourself feelin a lil’ froggy thinkin’ about rockin one of them “Ruby of Bruce” designer brand dudes at, say, Juggalo Weekend? DCG Con? Perhaps at one of them Slammy Slamfest dates? AND you know you’ve always had a soft spot for them furry, four-legged fellas…It just seems to me like you can’t do nuttin but WIN BIG, just by givin’ my lil’ Ruby girl that kind little beam of shine, in appreciation for her immaculate art skills as she raises money to give a hungry dog a bone and maybe even a cat a phat home! Send us a clown love dap with a $20 spot for this charity event and WE’LL FLOAT YOU RIGHT BACK WITH A LOVE PAP! Wrapped in sack, packed with a phat T-SHIRT STAT!!! Debuting at Juggalo Weekend!” –Violent J, Duke of the Wicked

Dead Entertainment spotlights new HOK track, history of House Of Krazees

If you ordered the HOK Audio Single Box, then you already know that you got a sneak preview of the track “Death 4any1 Who…” immediately after your purchase.  The rest of you were treated to the single via Youtube and Facebook yesterday.  From all accounts that I have seen, the single and it’s old school vibe were met with extreme enthusiasm, and left fans old and new clamoring for more!

The homies at wrote an article about the track, and gave a bio in honor of the House Of Krazees 25th anniversary!  You can hear the track, and view the full article below:


Dead Beats: “Death for Anyone Who…” by House of Krazees

Detroit horrorcore pioneers reunite for a brand new single.

Nearly twenty years have passed since the Detroit-based horrorcore/hip-hop trio House of Krazees hung-up their microphones and pumpkin-faced hockey masks for good, and embarked on separate journeys that would not only change their lives, but also launch their careers out of the local scene and into more mainstream territory.

Mr. Bones and Hektic, better known now as former Insane Clown Posse-protégés, Jamie Madrox (aka Jamie Spaniolo) and Monoxide (aka Paul Methric), went on to form Twiztid after joining Psychopathic Records in 1997. They remained with the label until 2012, releasing nine studio albums and countless side projects before moving on to lay the groundwork for their own company, MNE (Majik Ninja Entertainment), which is now home to thirteen recording artists.

The R.O.C. (aka Bryan Jones) would carry on the Krazees legacy for a couple years after the original line-up disbanded, recruiting local emcee Skrapz to fill the vacancy. The duo would release one final album as HOK before retiring the name and re-branding themselves as HalfBreed. In the years that followed, Jones would continue to thrive on the independent scene, involving himself in numerous projects and solo efforts. He would go on to work with Psychopathic Records via their short-lived sub-label, Hatchet House, eventually reuniting with his childhood friends and ex-HOK members, Madrox and Monoxide, when he joined the MNE artist ranks.

In 2013, the pioneering trio, who fellow Detroit-native and self-proclaimed Rap God Eminem once opened up for, celebrated their industry independence by returning to their HOK-roots with the song “Monstrosity,” which appeared on Twiztid’s A New Nightmare EP and was followed by a HOK compilation album titled Casket Cutz. Both of these were met with rabid demands from fans for a reunion album. Despite this, the “house” remained relatively quiet over the next five years.

That was, of course, until the silence came to a crashing halt at 3:00am on February 12th 2018 when the official Twiztid Facebook page posted the following update:

The devil’s hour is a time of night associated with supernatural events. The hour between 3 and 4 a.m. is considered a period of peak for supernatural activity, due to the absence of prayers in the canonical hours during this period.

Every 25 years, they return…

Attached to this bit of spiritual superstition was the surprise release of House of Krazees’ first music video and latest single, “DEATH 4ANY1 WHO…” The track, which clocks out around three and a half minutes and serves as a soundtrack-of-sorts to compliment a series of surrealistic imagery taken from the films Begotten and Nosferatu, is a true return to form for a group that has traveled a long road over the last twenty years and has mastered their craft (and then some) since. Not only do they somehow manage to recapture that past glory of the earliest House of Krazees recordings, but they update it with their refined flow, lyricism, and production, all the while ensuring that the song sounds like a true HOK classic and not simply a Twiztid song that features The R.O.C. As an added bonus, they went old school with it and sampled a horror clip or two to help compliment the wickedly hard-hitting beat. There’s just something so satisfying about Tim Curry’s Pennywise on a brand new HOK song!

Rumors of the group’s return have been floating around since early January when MNE unveiled an image advertising a re-mastered House of Krazees vinyl collection celebrating the group’s 25th Anniversary. Unsatisfied with the tease, fans began to push for more information and Monoxide finally addressed the subject on an episode of his Facebook Live show, Brunch and Bake, which shed a bit more light on what we can expect from the trio:

What we’re doing, Travis Westbrook (the individual who asked), is that we’re gonna record a song as HOK.  We’ll put it up, and if people give a fuck, then maybe we’ll do the record.  But if don’t nobody give a fuck, then there you go, you’ve got a new song. That happens tomorrow. We start that tomorrow.  Demand will dictate everything for Majik Ninja Entertainment from here on out.  Demand dictates everything.

With the video having over sixty-thousand views across a variety of platforms in just the first 24 hours, I have no doubt in my mind that the three will once again don the hockey masks for another season of the pumpkin, so to speak.

I think over 1,000 of those 60,000+ views may be from me alone.  If the album that they’re working on is ANYTHING like this single, then sign me the fuck up!

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