February 24, 2018
63 Guests and 5 Members Online

Fresh Tracks

Nykateen – “Everybody Else”

Guthrie – “Whack Rappers” (ft. Kung Fu Vampire, SKVM, Blanco Vans)

Koshir – “On Smash” (ft. Kxng Crooked, Mistah Fab, C. Ray)

Draphus – “My Own Worst Enemy” (ft. Mad V)

Konekted Mindz – “Just Don’t Know”

Florian Gray – “Night Ride” (ft. Sean Rey & Nur)

PoorBoyLuke – “Practice”

ESHAM – “Drunk Driving” (ft. Violent J)

Team Bad Decision – “GO”

DreamStalkerz – “No Games”

Krosis – “Mind Society”

One Man Kru – “Diaries Of The Whack Emcees” (ft. Bizarre of D12)

SHUNNED – “Stab You”

KNG DZL – “Wrath” (ft. Twisted Insane, King ISO, Billy Cartel)

Anybody Killa – “Kill Santa Man”