April 23, 2018
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Family News

MNE Creates Juggalo Family Playlist on Spotify

Just about everybody uses Spotify, and I know that Juggalos are always open to some new flavor.  Majik Ninja Entertainment hit me up today to

Wiked Wood’s Grave-Bait is a new Father!

We got the word from our homies at Wiked Wood that Grave-Bait and his girl are new parents! They welcomed their first child, Katrinka, to

The Rip James Hip Hop Comedy Show Airs TONIGHT @ 5 PM CST

Our homie Bob Adams of the Scrub Care Unit reached out to me about something that he will be a part of starting Tonight at

Scottie D Interviewed by the Jake Chrisman Podcast

A few weeks back, a ninja named Jake Chrisman reached out to see if I wanted to be a part of his podcast.  It’s a

More Reviews for Juggalo-inspired “FAMILY” Movie

As some of you may know, the movie FAMILY, which has some extremely strong Juggalo influences (just look at that fresh ass movie poster!), premiered

Vote for Juggalo-owned Business in the 2018 Armadillo Awards!

Our homies from Austin, TX are candidates in a couple of categories for the 2018 Armadillo Awards!  Anyone who has been to an underground show

Deadline.com Interviews Laura Steinel about FAMILY Movie

Over at Deadline.com, they sat with the cast and director of FAMILY, which as I’m sure you know by now has a LOT of Juggalo

Help Wanted Finding Erik Ruiz: Juggalo Missing since 2011

We got hit up by a Juggalo named Jay Strange who reached out over a friend who has been missing since 2011.  On January 13th,

Kevin Gill interviewed by the With Spandex Podcast

Our homie Kevin Gill was just interviewed on the With Spandex Podcast for over an hour!  Episode 29 has KG speaking on a variety of

Devin Seviyn Seeking Juggalo Contributors for HorrorTube Platform

We got hit up by a ninja named Devin Seviyn who is a contributor to an up and coming online horror network called HorrorTube.  They

Dustin Lindsey Service and Benefit

Starting this article, I won’t lie, is hard. Admitting someone is gone and accepting it is even harder. When I woke up on Friday February

Scrub Care Unit teams up with Detroit Action Commonwealth to fight Homelessness in Detroit

Our good homies from the Scrub Care Unit aren’t JUST around at the Gathering.  They are a charitable organization that helps ninjas on hard times

Scrub Care Unit updates us on Hurricane Harvey Benefit

Juggalos and Juggalettes…a few months ago, we posted a few updates about Hurricane Harvey and attempting to raise money for them.  The one that got

Uproxx Profiles “Dim Carnival” Juggalo Podcast

A ninja named Sqeek dropped us an email because Uproxx posted an article a couple of weeks back about a podcast called “Dim Carnival.”  The

Kevin Gill Interviews Lyte of Psychopathic Records

The homie Kevin Gill has been on his grind as always, but especially as of late!  Not only does he school the Juggalo Show every