February 19, 2018
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Scrub Care Unit updates us on Hurricane Harvey Benefit

Juggalos and Juggalettes…a few months ago, we posted a few updates about Hurricane Harvey and attempting to raise money for them.  The one that got

Uproxx Profiles “Dim Carnival” Juggalo Podcast

A ninja named Sqeek dropped us an email because Uproxx posted an article a couple of weeks back about a podcast called “Dim Carnival.”  The

Kevin Gill Interviews Lyte of Psychopathic Records

The homie Kevin Gill has been on his grind as always, but especially as of late!  Not only does he school the Juggalo Show every

Juggalos Referenced in Uproxx Suicide Squad 2 Article

If you clicked this link because you’re expecting some epic reference to Juggalos in something super important, boy are you gonna be pissed off at

Juggalos Wanted for “THE STAGE” Talent Show in Atlanta!

Update (1/25/18 @ 7:17 AM CST): We got an update from our homie Brian Kitchens with some info about the in-person casting call on January

Jannus Live Sued after Faygo Injury at last year’s Juggalo Weekend

As always, Faygoluvers likes to keep you up to date on all things Juggalo related.  Today, an interesting article was shot to us via email. 

Download the 2018 Sexy Juggalettes Calendar for FREE [brought to by Faygoluvers & Get Hashly Photography]

The homies Hashly and Hanka have been working on a 2018 calendar for the better part of a year!  It is now complete, and as

Family in need this holiday season after tragic loss

It’s with a heavy heart that I must tell you we have lost another great person from this life. On the morning of Tuesday, December

A Memorial for Evan “Duhmonic” Incelli

Our homies Æquitas and AdotWAKE hit us up with some info about a close personal homie of his who passed away last month.  He reached out a

Cruisin’ The Barrio 1 Year Anniversary Show TONIGHT @ 10 PM EST

In just a few short hours from when I’m typing this, you need to tune in to CRBRadio.com and help The Rude Boy, DJ Carlito,

The Untold Truths About Juggalos according to Ranker.com

Over at Ranker.com, they have put together another list about Juggalos, as they seem to really be fascinated with us.  This time, the article tells

Kevin Gill Show Episode 140: Maffew Gregg (with Guest Appearances from Violent J and Sugar Slam)

In the latest episode of The Kevin Gill Show, KG has on Botchmania creator Maffew Gregg! This interview was conducted during the Insane Clown Posse’s

The Rude Boy Returns to Wrestling for ALCATRAZ Benefit Show!

Our homie The Rude Boy just made a HUGE announcement that I’m sure most of us never thought would happen.  If you’ll remember, Rude Boy

VICE Speaks to UK Juggalos

The homies at VICE.com wrote an interesting article after speaking to Juggalos who made it out to the Sheffield stop of ICP’s Spray The UK

New “Z Nation” Episode Features Stereotypical Juggalo Family Group

AV Club has posted an article in their TV Reviews section titled “Crappy juggalo stereotypes are one of the worst things to ever happen to Z