October 16, 2017
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San Antonio Juggalo Saves Another’s Life at The Great Milenko Tour

Juggalos, it’s with great honor and respect that I get to share a story with you that I heard about over the weekend.  I was

Juggalo Gang Lawsuit Update [Audio from Oct 11th Hearing]

I just finished listening to 30+ minutes of audio from the October 11th hearing about the FBI Gang List.   I’m not 100% sure if this

Kung Fu Vampire Impromptu Interview about close friend Ralphie May

As you’ve probably already heard, we lost a comedy legend earlier today. Ralphie May has passed away at the age of 45. Underground hip-hop artist

Ralphie May Passes Away at 45

Juggalos, I know he may not be considered a part of this scene, but I thought this was worth mentioning on Faygoluvers.  Comedian Ralphie May,

Reason Podcast: The Juggalos are the Forgotten Men and Women of America

This ninja named Cheeto shot us an email shortly after the Juggalo March, and honestly, we may have posted about it already in the March

Benefit Show featuring DJ Clay for Juggalo named Bradley Smith

Check this out.  A Juggalo named Bradley Smith out of Elkhart, Indiana just suffered a horrific tragedy, and his friends and Juggalo family are coming together to

Nick Principe has been Removed from Rock and Shock [Thanks to Juggalos!]

If you didn’t already read our previous post about the despicable comments that Nick Principe made about Juggalos, you should probably do so by clicking

[*UPDATED*] Actor Nick Principe Wishes Tragedy like Las Vegas would have happened to Juggalos

Update [10/4/17 @ 4:01 PM CST]: It’s now official.  After talking MAD AMOUNTS of shit to Juggalos after we posted this, and saying that he

Joel Radio (aka Upchuck) covers the March of the Juggalos with Kevin Gill

Our homie Joel Fragomeni aka Upchuck The Clown has a podcast that just crossed the threshold of 200 episodes!  Congrats on that feat homie! On

Juggalos Speak to the World about Juggalos

A website called TheFader.com has some post-March coverage where they asked 17 Juggalos what they want the world to know about us.  It’s complete with

Sign a Petition to Denounce the Classification of Juggalos as a Criminal Gang

Juggalos, we did it!  We had a 100% successful march, and the pride that I felt and am still feeling today as a Juggalo has

Massive Amount of Media Coverage For The March on Washington

As you have seen over the past couple weeks the media has been publishing a bunch of articles about the Juggalo March on Washington. I

Juggalette Missing from Long Island since last Sunday

A Juggalette named Brittany Gannon aka Guttah Rydah has been missing from Long Island City, NY since last Sunday at around 2:30am. Her mother and I’m sure

Rude Boy Can’t March due to Emergency Eye Surgery

Juggalos, I have some horrible news to report to you tonight.  JCW legend, and OG Juggalo The Rude Boy has to bow out of the

Philly-Area Juggalos Speak to PhillyVoice.com about The Juggalo March

PhillyVoice.com just posted a dope article featuring several Juggalos from the Philly, Delaware, New Jersey tristate area! The Juggalos themselves discuss their reasons for the

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