August 22, 2019
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August Underground

Sutter Kain

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Sutter Kain AKA DJ Bless has been a DJ for many years. This native of South Jamaica Queens has already mastered the art of production at 23 years old, and has produced for mainstream recording superstars such as Lil Kim. Even with his DJ and production duties, which leave his plate pretty full, he has found time to drop August Underground under the Sutter Kain moniker. He is determined to make Never So Deep Records a major force in the underground music scene.

What Sutter Kain dubs “Ghetto Metal”, most of us would refer to as horrorcore. A genre that for the most part is dead, and filled with kids who paint their faces, and try to say controversial things. When people are listening to you attempt to be violent and disgusting, and it only makes them laugh, they are not horrorcore. Sutter Kain however, is no laughing matter.

The first thing I want to talk about is the beats, which explain the whole “Ghetto Metal” concept. If you are looking for something to nod your head too, then don’t look here. If you are looking for something catchy, laidback, or melodic, you’re barking up the wrong tree. However, if you are looking for something you can bang your head too, something raw, aggressive, angry, and just plain ruthless, then this my friend, will satisfy your every need. Never being a fan of the whole rap/rock craze, I usually don’t like when rappers spit to rock beats, it always came off forced, and sounding out of place to me. Sutter Kain, however, manages to make it work, and make it into something all his own.

Right off the bat, you know this isn’t going to be pretty, as the title track “August Underground” rips you a new hole, then proceeds to violently rape it. “Hazballah” is an unrelenting diss track aimed at Necro, I don’t know what the beef is between the two, so if you do, please enlighten me. I do know that Necro is considered by many as the king of horrrocore, and well things could change real soon. “Cannibal Ferox” is also a sick, sadistic, artistic masterpiece, and we’re only four tracks in. The rest of the album doesn’t let down either, as it starts off strong, maintains through the middle, then finishes off even stronger. Donnie Darko also appears on a few tracks, and made me a fan, so keep your ears open for him. He shines on “Wasted Years”, my favorite track on the whole album.

The Bottom Line: Just look at the album cover, it’s pretty self-explanatory from that point. Sutter Kain breathes life into a horrorcore genre on life support, although he probably only did it, so he could kill it himself. This is easily one of the most brutal releases of the year, and definitely not for the weak.


01. The Pact
02. August Underground
03. Hazballah
04. Cannnibal Ferox
05. Blood Thirst
06. Mordum (feat. Donnie Darko)
07. 4 Cornered Room
08. Prisoner of War
09. Chaos (feat. Donnie Darko)
10. Wasted Years (feat. Donnie Darko)
11. Dead Poet Society
12. Sneak Preview To Beats Insprired By A Bitch
13. Requiem For A Dream
14. Winter Music (feat Donnie Darko)
15. Loser Pt 3


Record Label:

  • Never So Deep Records

Release Date:

  • 10/31/2006


  • SeL


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