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Well, ABK is back to Psychopathic Records and as we all know its been a bit of a mixed welcoming from everyone, but I believe this album showed everyone what ABK did with his time off of psychopathic. From start to finish you get a real nice feel of everything ABK wanted from this album, from the little laughs throughout the CD representing the more Native Side/ psycho killa side, to the CD’s artwork , to the songs themselves touching subjects that people can understand. Well lets kick this off…

1. The Vision – One of my favorite intros, the beginning laughs completely threw me off guard, then it went into the beat itself which is pretty nice, then the lines “I’m so muddy, your so muddy, we’re so muddy, let’s get muddy” is really catchy, then we get into backgrounds of ABK’s other albums and his thoughts on other mainstream artist. Short, sweet, and to the point.
5 / 5

2. Far From Reality – Not a bad song, the verses are well written, but “WE AINT GOIN’ AWAY” gets a tad bit annoying when its repeated, but I got used to it and got over it due to the more upbeat tones of the verses, plus it gets you hyped up by the 3rd verse, another short and decent song. I personally liked the very ending with the Native American calls and shit, then the “Bitch *tomahawk hit* Your It” good shit.
4 / 5

3. Muddy Muddy – Well, I’m sure the review for this song could have been written long before the CD came out a while back, still one of my favorite songs off the album, there’re many references towards Native American, which is nice. This song has a good line within the background of the chorus ” Another face on the totem pole” best one liners for the chorus for me.
5 / 5

4. Grind 2 The Flow – Really old school feel from this song, which wasn’t something I was expecting to hear from this CD, but it’s a positive. Once again, the verses are well written, and they show that ABK really has his shit together, but then again, he had a lot of time to prepare for these songs. One thing I really enjoyed was the lead into the next song fit well, the placing for the songs actually match perfectly instead of the Dark Lotus CD which could have had songs in different places to give a better effect, but this is a Mudface CD, not Opaque Brotherhood, so moving on. I just dont think this song is as good as the ones before it, not saying it’s a bad song.
3 / 5

5. My Neighborhood – Not sure how to put this one, Boondox killed his verse on this one, as did ABK, but the Chorus needs work. Its not the lisp but just the way it sounds, the line “My neighborhood aint what its all cracked up to be” kinda sounds like something else, its one of those things that bugs me if I notice it. But the idea of describing no matte where you are, you still like the place you grew up. Back on the subject of Boondox, really catchy verse, ” Cuz them cornbread booties got em hypnotized, spending college tuition just to get in them thighs.”
4 / 5

6. Mommy’s Doin’ Drugs – This song is one of the personal songs that range from what seems to be a lot of emotion from ABK about his relationship with his own mother and his wife. Almost a saddening song due to the fact that this shit actually happens and it’s a crazy thought about how reality can affect some people. The verses are good, as is the Chorus, which makes me think of “2 whom this may concern” . Another one of my more likable songs on the CD.
5 / 5

7. What U Want From Me? – Not sure why, but reminds me of a song you’d hear on like….a need for speed game. ABK tells us his thoughts on what happens when he’s on edge to not giving a damn. Blaze, gives kind of a disappointing aspect to the song, its just a lil bit in the hook, rather than a whole verse to himself. Not really a top song on the album, but I can see this being someone else’s favorite due to the semi-hard hitting audio and beats, just not a decent one for me.
2 / 5

8. Rain Dance – This song is a decent song, but I think for what its called for ABK it should have been better. A few good elements would be the whole Native thing that are throughout the song, there’s the line “while other sing a song to try to make it go away” then there’s the nursery rhyme which is really a nice touch to make it a good song. The negative that lets me down is the chorus is repetitive and kind of annoying after awhile.
3 / 5

9. Attitude – Another one of the nice verses and not so nice chorus’, the chorus wold have been better if it wasn’t so damn childish sounding and more like the hard hitting sounds of the verses, if it was consistant then it would have easily been one of the better songs, so keeping this short.
3 / 5

10. Thoughts Of Suicide – One of the better songs, to me. Starting off with a skit between ABK and Blaze and ABK is trying to help Blaze get over some shit, leading him to not kill himself. Following this ABK hits on all the topics that most people use as reasons for suicides, from relationships, to getting involved with the wrong people. Then ABK questions if people that commit suicide go to heaven or hell and that whole matter. The song is really nice because of the huge amounts of details that are covered in the small amounts of time.

11. I’m Just Me – This song reminds me of What u Want From Me, only better. The changes in tones and the effects of the voices are great ways of keeping someones attention. From the soft spoken parts to the yelling are superb. The Chorus is repetitive but not in a bad way, it is personal and you can hear how much heart is in the song. And that puts it on a different level from What U Want From Me.
3.5 / 5

12. Let Them Outside – I like the tone of the beat, but one thing that disturbs me at the beginning is “I know that they want to” in that high pitch, kinda unnecessary. But the subject matter of the song is really something people should pay attention to, I interpret it as people not going out, and staying inside bottled up and causing havoc, leading them into trouble with their parents and others, but also to the people that are at ABK’s concert and they are the stupid fucking juggalos that go out and give us a bad name among people and they look towards blaming ABK and shit instead of themselves.
4 / 5

13. Trail Of Tears – HOLY FUCK, the song I actually bought the CD for, haha, but seriously this is one of my favorite songs. The built of of the beat reminds me of “Come Out to Play” and it get more and more intense, with talks of ABKs view on making it through life, using words to make a living and people trying to comprehend what he does, and ABK is going to keep looking forward. Its also about the choices people make in order to live their own life. After that, we get the verse sung by Tina Mastrianni, who has a really good voice for this song. ABK lives up to his talent in this song, even more than a year after it came out as a single back in the day, its still my favorite song on the CD period. Many different elements in his voice and tones that work great together, and he is super intense about all of it.
5 / 5

14. You Ain’t No Killa – Other than the funny double negative in the title name, there’s nothing wrong with this song. This is professionals doing what they do best. Lets face it, ICP’s lyrics for the most part now a days have been slipping, but for some reason I think their best things lately have been guest on other songs, this is no exception, J’s lines in this song are some of the best I’ve heard from him since Tempest. Shaggy’s verses left hope in me for him, honestly I thought his lyrics have been slacking but this song alone is probably one of my favorites since FTFO or possibly Hell’s Pit. Overall a great work from everyone on this track, the little mix in skit is funny then the skit leading into the next song is even better but I’ll get to that next song.
4 / 5

15. Same Thing 2 – The skit is what made this song for me, ABK is a funny person and its good to see him with his comedy back. But, to the song itself, it’s a good effort into making us realize that we are all the same in ways. But that’s all it is, I’m pretty sure this is just a goof track on the CD which is a pretty nice comic relief built in. The ending skit is pretty funny itself “You owe me money….pay me!” and another occurrence of the creepy laugh.
3 / 5

16. Racist – From the moment I saw this title as a track on the CD I knew this was going to be one of those real songs that ABK would deliver for. Well, it was just a weird song, because people are just used to hearing either white or black people talk about how they are treated by other peoples, and then ABK talks about Red Skin discrimination. One thing that stands out to me is the verse that talks about the police messing with him because of the Sticker. It shows that everyone has discriminations regardless of anything. The only annoying thing about it would be that the chorus is loud and annoying.
3 / 5

17. Keep It Real – This song being an ending song, its expected that its one of the softer, but still intense and hard hitting ones, and this song is a good example of that. ABK talks about his experiences though meeting new people, dealing with others and how his life’s been. In a since, he makes this song make sense by actually keeping it real. This reminds me of one of the songs in Monoxides, Chain smoker album, which I enjoyed as much, although I thought this song could have been better and didn’t make the best end track for a CD, I still think it gives a good meaning to how ABK feels, and what he’s gone through in his life. This song also features the end of all the crazy laughter though out the CD.
4 / 5

Summary: I’ve always been a fan of ABK, his lyrics are always something that would get me and some friends into arguments about how many ways people can take the meanings. His lisp never has bothered me, and for the Juggalos out there that let that affect how they feel about him as an artist, that’s just dumb because isn’t one portion of being a Juggalo accepting yourself for what you are, and everyone has their problems, and hates when people talk shit about them, so why make it harder for someone else to get their shine on. Personally, I was happy to hear ABK was coming back on the record label, I always thought he made a good addition to the groups, when he was in Lotus he shined big, the remake of DL’s TFTLP was better than the original, and Black Rain is still my favorite CD from them.

I’d rank this CD as one of ABK’s best works, even better than Dirty History and Hatchet Warrior, and EASILY above Road Fools. So that’s my 2 cents and a dime…..MCL TO ALL Y’ALL THAT MADE IT THROUGH READING ALL THIS!



Record Label:

  • Psychopathic Records

Release Date:

  • 11/25/2008


  • InsaneOne


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