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New World Orphans

Hed PE

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New World Orphans. The time is coming for a new revolution. Not a revolution against Iraq, not against Iran, or even against America…but rather a revolution against Thoze In Power…thoze of Dark Intent. You all need to wake up to whuts going around you…these guys are not fucking around with their message. This IS the Truth Movement. And I am glad to be a part of it.

We are the forgotten… the targets… the orphans of tha world… we are whut they want!

Welcome friends and family…

…to the New World Orphans.

1. New World Intro – “You had better wake up and understand…”
A unique intro that utilizes samples from the great documentary Zeitgeist. If you have not seen this film I highly suggest and urge you take tha time to watch it. Itz 100% free online @ www.zeitgeistmovie.com and DVD copies are only like 7 bucks which they encourage you copy and distribute. The intro also has an excerpt from a George Bush Sr. interview where he explicitly says, “We have the opportunity to forge…a New World Order.” This shit is REAL people. A perfect intro to get tha listener ready for whuts approaching.
“All they care about…is controlling the whole damn world!”
5 / 5

2. Live or Die Free – “Who are you to decide/Whether we live or we die!?”
Jump start into New World Orphans! Live or Die Free…a call to all of us to stand up and fight for your freedom. Fast and intense, this track will get you energized!
“You will be held responsible for your crimes against humanity…We don’t owe you shit!”
**This track was featured on the Truth E.P. that came free to those who pre-ordered NWO.**
4 / 5

3. Bloodfire – “We’re running out of time! When will we ever learn?”
History repeats itself indeed. A hard-hitting heavy track with sic drums and crashing cymbals. This track keeps tha fast pace of the opening track explaining to the listener that we are running out of time. WAKE UP!!
“Be a man/Fight for the right to exist!”
**This track was featured on the The D.I.Y. Guys and the Truth E.P. that came free to those who pre-ordered NWO.**
4 / 5

4. ORDO (AB CHAO) – “You betta think about it…we’re running out of time!!”
Another hard track whose verses are in the perspective from Thoze In Power. This track’s title is taken from the idea “Oreo Abs Chaos”, or, “Order Out Of Chaos”. There is a very interesting website I found about this topic many months ago, www.orwelltoday.com/stagedevents.shtml. This track is one of my top five favorites on this rec. It was featured on The D.I.Y. Guys, but has a new added element: some dope melodica flavor!
“You know you make it so easy/I show you the enemy/You fall in line.”
**This track was also featured on the The D.I.Y. Guys and the Truth E.P. that came free to those who pre-ordered NWO.**
5 / 5

5. Stay Ready (w/ Dirtball) – “On point with it/spit it/and get it out to the ears of the public.”
Funky rhythms and sic guitar riffs make this track pop and continue the listener on itz travel through New World Orphans. This track stands on itz own! Fast raps from Subnoize’s own Dirtball keep this track on itz rough edge. Eazily one of my top five off this rec.
“Esoteric Agenda..9-11 Lies..September Clues..”
5 / 5

6. Family – “No you don’t wanna fuck with me/I represent the FAMILY.”
A fast punk track informing Hed pe fans how important we are to them with one simple word: FAMILY. Jared shows his love for us on this track and his connection to us. He continues to inform his listeners of lies we are told and that hes got our backs.
“Born 2 Ride – Down 4 Life”
4 / 5

7. Stepping Stone – “Fuck you and everyone you compare me to.”
A lovely song about a bitch who aint worth tha time that has a slow, mellow feel. The hook on this track is quite catchy and emphatic. The digital drums and melodica give this track a more hip hop/rap feel and the guitars remind us this is still a HED pe song. Jared lends a fast tempo rap on this track and the outro is off tha hook.
“Fuck the police/Fuck the rich/Fuck that pussy emo shit.”
5 / 5

8. Renegade – “See me?/I’m still standing/I might be bleeding/But I’m still breathing.”
A renegade muther fucker! I was bumping this song 24-7 when they released it on their MySpace page (www.myspace.com/hedpe) a couple months back. The hook is powerful and hits the listener very hard. It has a great short solo and the video they created for it is one of my favorite HED pe videos to date. THIS TRACK perfectly shows whut HED pe is all about and is another of my top five.
“Freedom at last…Freedom at last!”
**This track was featured on the Truth E.P. that came free to those who pre-ordered NWO.**
5 / 5

9. Everything All The Time – “I love to watch you hurt for me/your pain is perfect for me.”
This intro has a solemn catholic church sample that totally flips into a psycho-obsessive song about keeping a woman in his room. This song contains a young girl who is trapped, but doesn’t seem to mind. This song is definitely on some Juggalo shit! The hook is very dope and tha entire song opens up some very visual elements of tha mind and made me feel like a psycho totally in control of a fictional young woman. Very intense! Another top five for me.
“You should be more careful/Walking all alone/Now you’re in my world.”
5 / 5

10. Mortgage Crisis Intro – A sampled interview giving a brief explanation of the mortgage crisis in America. It leads into the next track about the same topic.
3 / 5

11. Middle Class Blues – “It’s a war on the Middle Class!”
This track is tough and tells those in power to stop fucking with me. Itz not a very descriptive track, but itz still rather “Fuck Em All” so to speak. The mortgage crisis in America is so fucked up right now. If you’re thinking of buying a house, as hard as it may be giving the lack of credit and crumbling banks, make sure to get a locked interest rate so that you don’t become part of this fucking mess! Real talk.
“Why you gotta be like that?/Stop fucking with me!”
**This track was featured on the The D.I.Y. Guys but was titled “War On The Middle Class”.**
3 / 5

12. Flesh and Blood – “We got nothing but time/Cuz the spirit never dies.”
Not to be confused with their Blackout track “Flesh and Bone” (one of my all time favorites), this track has an eighties California surfer punk rock feel to it. It reminds us that we are much more than flesh and blood, that we are spiritual beings and that we should unite to save each other.
“My renegade philosophy frees souls and minds.”
4 / 5

13. Niburu Intro – Another sampled interviews to introduce tha next topic: Planet X, (Niburu).
3 / 5

14. Planet X – “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? The sky is falling!”
Another funky California surfer guitar riff that tells the listener that Niburu (aka Planet X) is on itz way. For those of you unaware of whut Niburu is, it is said to be a planet that will cross through our solar system and will return the race of people that created us. There is some very interesting thoughts and view points on this and I encourage you all to do some research an make tha choice for yourself. Unfortunately, this track’s lyrics were not included in the liner notes.
“There’s something funny up in the sky.”
5 / 5

15. Higher Ground (w/ KMK) – “You can sleepwalk through life/Or you can open your eyes.”
Funky synth sounds throughout, Higher Ground is all about evolution of mind through marijuana and sex. After Jared’s verse rips through your ears, Johnny Richter enters in with his verse of taking a woman to a higher plane followed by Daddy X jumping in and twisting his voice as only he can do. This is definitely on some KMK shit.
“I/Dip/flip/and trip through the matrix.”
4 / 5

16. A Soldier’s Intro – A soldiers concerns of the 9-11 lies and the War On Iraq and how it is done.
“All we’re trying to do is make it home alive.”
5 / 5

17. Tow The Line – “The years went on and nothing changed/The lie was dieing and the TV played.”
Tow the Line…Truth isn’t always on time! Haha. A little Toto humor for you. I was totally expecting a sample or riff but no dice. The message of this song is simply “Bring Our Soldiers Home”. This track is very catchy and very punk with a reelly dope solo. This track speaks to me personally for I have a cousin in tha military an thankfully her second tour in Iraq has just finished and she is safe. Not home, but safe. If anyone has family or friends in tha military, you’ll love this song.
“Solja Solja/Lay your guns down/You can come home/Your job is done now.”
5 / 5

18. Self Aware – “This love/This hate/Can’t go on/Can’t wait.”
A very slow track about the opening of your mind into self awareness. This track is powerful and hits home to those who will listen. It starts mellow, but has an interesting change with a great outro flow. We are revisited by Jared’s soft vocals once again. Itz been quite some time since Jared got on this level and Im glad cuz itz been far too long. For those of you who haven’t been listening to HED pe for very long, you gotta know Jared has a reelly sic voice with great dynamic range. Homie can hit some notes! The Meadow is still one of my favorite songs ever from HED pe even tho Jared prolly hates it these days, haha.
“Never ask/Never know/Who you are/Who’s in control.”
5 / 5

19. Lost History Intro – A story of a space war.
“Because all things are allowed/Many lessons are learned.”
3 / 5

20. This Love – “No matter what you do/Stay true/Remember that this love will always be there for you.”
YES!! This is Jared’s call to all of us, all of YOU, that we are all together in this…that we are all FAMILY. He gets on some 2 Pac-sounding ish on this one yo. This is a reelly unifying song. I thought this track would not see any vocals when I first heard it [on The D.I.Y. Guys]. This mix is much better and includes some ill acoustic guitars and Jared’s doubles are crisp.
“The Truth Movement thanks you/The planet thanks you/The universe thanks you.”
**An instrumental clip of this track was featured on the The D.I.Y. Guys.**
7 / 5 (hahaha)

Bonus Tracks

21. Work On This – “Let me get up in you/I’ll give you something to cry about.”
This track is on some ill rap shit. It even has tha bitch spittin a new fuck-version of “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” and later spits “Uh!/I need some HED! Daddy, Uh!/I need some HED!” (from “Game Over” off Insomnia). And a Freaky Ass Tech N9ne jumps in on this an does it as only he can, spittin some straight FIRE on this piece. A very fuck-worthy song, as that bitch sounds hot!
“Suck Tecca Nina/Fuck Tecca Nina/Bitch I thought you knew/That I was crazy bout va-gina.”
4 / 5

22. Babylon Fall – “And the powers that be/Can suck a big fat dick!”
This track jumps off on some reggae funk! Itz about bringin tha muther fuckers in power down. To unite an watch them fall. Tha horns on this track give it a real bump factor and the overall feeling on this track is very uplifting, rounding out my top five.
“Ya yayaya ya ya ya.”
5 / 5

Demo Tracks From All 3 Discs

23. Buckey Lasek – “Cash paychecks/My safe sex/Still triple X.”
This song begins with a sample of a Barack Obama speech. Itz a slower track but itz still on some “Fuck Em All” shit. Itz short, short track and has an outro that utuilizes more Obama speech.
“Tell me/How you gonna fight tha fuckin war from a golf course?”
3 / 5

24. Don’t Fuck With Us – “Now you’re here with a cracked up hed.”
It seems to me that perhaps DJ Product is tha one spittin vocals on this fast punk rock track. This is pretty much as punk as it getz people, RECOGNIZE.
“That was just a warning/Are you still here?”
3 / 5

25. Girlfriend – “Never clap chrome/I hit with both fists/Both feet/30 sixteenth/and a 40-inch reach.”
A slower track during itz verse, it picks up during itz chorus. Guitars are ill and percussion is rough. Itz rather self explanatory, itz about you and your girlfriend, you and your bitch. This track contains a modified hook of 2 Pac’s “Me and My Girlfriend”. Itz a dope track for you to bang to.
“I’m not the type a nigga/Take you out on a date/Get one thing straight/I got pussy in all fiddy states.”
4 / 5

26. Born2Ride – “I do whatever it takes/To get by!”
A fast tempo song featuring Subnoize’s own White Trash Renegade, BIG B!! Catchy rhythms and percussion keep this track bumpin.
“Ride like a soldier/Ready for combat/Like its your last mission/and you’re never coming back!”
“Solja Solja/Lay your guns down/You can come home/Your job is done now.”
4 / 5

27. Cities On The Moon – “Sucha a waste of the 21st century.”
Another sample of a Barack Obama speech and an up-tempo bass line start this track about tha future that we envisioned that isn’t. Water-powered cars and life on tha moon…things that didn’t ever see tha light of day that many of us grew up on through television and movies. A good chunk of this song is Obama’s speech which seems to fit properly here.
“Whatever happened to cities on the moon?”
5 / 5

28. Hey Now – “And Ima rock tha party/Keep tha part punk rock!”
An upbeat song with organs and funky rhythms that is just on a level all itz own yo. It may sound different, but it is definitely HED pe. The “Hey!—Ho!” part of tha track is coo an tha horns kick in later that make this a straight party track!
“Be good to me/come on chill tonight…Step back this dog will bite!”
3 / 5

29. 4SmokazOnly – “While you were playing with your toys/We were blazin on doobies.”
This is a Potluck track that features Jared spittin a hot vocal. As with most Potluck tracks, this track is very much guided towards smoking bud! So light one up people!
“Throw that fire in the air!”
4 / 5

Summary: Ive been listening to HED pe for almost ten years. Ive seen them go from mainstream status, to underground. From opening act to headlining fame. Ive been there through ALL tha group lineup changes, through all their ups and downs. I was there when they were getting heavy radio play, I was there when they went through all their own Jive bullshit. Im one of the few that still bump Church of Realities! No matter whut, this band has always spoke to me an Ive yet to relinquish their musik from my hedphones. Real talk.

HED pe has ALWAYS been on some other shit and this record is no exception. HED has gotten me through some of my hardest moments, notably some female bullshit with Blackout. Itz probably Jared’s least favorite record, but it still bumps good messages yo. After that record, I felt reelly close with Jared and his experiences, like we were on similar wavelengths. (Even tho in retrospect, Im most certain he wasn’t talkin about female crap.) New World Orphans not only solidified my unity with them, but it should definitely give tha same experience to many others. And a side note, the pyramid with Reptilian eye was created by guitarist Jaxson.

This record speaks to HUMANITY, not just tha fans. But fans that have stuck around, fans that have found them in recent years should realize these guys are family now. WE are family now. HED pe is fireal, their musik is fireal, and their message is fireal. If theres ever something Jared writes that you don’t understand or are unfamiliar with it, look it up! Library, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube.. I guarantee you your eyes and mind will open and expand to a whole new world that has always been right there in front of you. Tha signs are all around us and New World Orphans points you in tha right directions. GO GET THIS RECORD and WAKE THA FUCK UP!!!

Peace and Truth,



Record Label:

  • Suburban Noize Records

Release Date:

  • 09/13/2009




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