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Lo Key

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Originally starting in metal and then realizing that it wasn’t his slice of caramel-coated-chocolate-Sunday-cake. Lo Key then realized Horrorcore is the form he wanted his music to take, and off into that dark path he went. With the band Temple Rain he and his partners in crime, Sleepy & Apparition, created and released “The Awakening” album in seven months for free on the Internet and as handouts. The group established media attention when all Temple Rain merchandise was banned in three Pennsylvania Schools for their promotion of suicide. Within a few days of the media incident they started to notice hundreds of people were downloading the CD each day off of their site. One EP later the band broke apart during the creation of their next full album.

After the breakup, Lo Key has done production on Madd Maxxx’s “In The Absence of Sanity.” He also released a free twenty-three-track CD entitled, “Repressed Memories,” which had every song he and his crew made four years prior and not released yet. He did not stop the stream of completely free music there; he gave away two more five-track EPs, “Follow Me” and “The House.” This is something completely strange in the industry of today, where record companies and artists fight for every dollar they can extract from us. If you look at the history of his CDs, you will notice that the majority of his work has been given away. Most people might find that crazy, but if you look at a lot of underground artists, you will notice a similar trend. An example is Claas: “Celebrity Death” (GO GET IT NOW).

Now after all the freebies and whatnots, Lo Key thought it was time to actually receive payment for his efforts. Thus, he released his solo album “So-Lo” of which this review is essentially about. Do not WHATSOEVER think that this CD hasn’t enough content for your hard earned $13.99. I myself cannot stand to buy a CD with only nine songs, so you will be happy to know that there are twenty-five different tracks. This CD is eight minutes from being completely filled till it’s bursting at the seams.

This intro really establishes the CD’s “FUCK YOU” type of vibe. But then, at the start of the first song, “Script Flippin,” the vibe is transformed into “FUCK YOU, THIS IS A PARTY.” From the flow of his raps to the beats of his music, the first seven songs are what you would expect to keep a party or club bumpin’ all night. He destroys his way through the first seven songs before allowing you to recover and screw your neck back in place. Tracks nine through eleven allow you time to cool off and they bring that wicked style that all Horrorcore fans are sure to love. After that’s over, be wary because it’s right back into that hardcore party grind with the next few tracks. Again you will notice there is another three-song break for you to take in all the lyrical and instrumental flavors that have just realigned your species. If you are not fond of remixes, then you will be thrilled to know that the last five songs are not typical remixes. Every one of the remixes is as good or better than the original. Did I say “BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL?” Yes I did. Songs like “We Roll” and “Smokebox” are remixed so well that they are actually BETTER than the ORIGINAL! This CD had my head noddin’ and my body rockin’ at the beginning when they were played and by the time I arrived to the end, the remixes “stabbed me in the abdomen.” The outro is great and will have you entertained for its full thirteen minutes and fifty seconds especially with the hidden song “My Dick”.

The Bottom Line: The awesome beats, great flow, and extreme amount of content make this CD worth the thirteen dollars and ninety-nine cents that you slaved away to earn for your pleasure. It also serves as a great party CD is you don’t feel like being the DJ and switching up CDs all the time for the parties listening pleasure. You can put it in and play it straight through.


01. Intro
02. Script Flippin
03. Grimey
04. Live From The 215
05. The Smokebox
06. We Roll ft. Menacide
07. Voodoo Bitch ft. Fiona & Des
08. We Don’t Give A Fuck
09. Lost Control ft. Relapze
10. The Light
11. Irate
12. 2 The End
13. Heard It B4 (Tha Wikid One ft. Goldspun)
14. Fuckem
15. Pay Me ft. Conflikt
16. Put It In Your Mouth
17. My Generation
18. 1 Truth
19. My Own Prison
20. The Light (Vman Productions Remix)
21. Irate (Grym Remix)
22. We Roll ft. Menacide (Grym Remix)
23. Fuckem (Relapze Remix)
24. The Smokebox (DOE Remix)
25. Outro


Record Label:

  • 7th Seal Entertainment

Release Date:

  • 05/15/2006


  • Wonsonlue


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