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Street Dogs

Street Dogs

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I have been a fan of Dropkick Murphys for a year now. But a few months ago a friend of mine who came back from Iraq told me I had to listen to this group called the Street Dogs. From what I heard first they were made famous for doing classic “Pro-GI” songs like Back To The World and Final Transmission. Then once I heard them, I knew I was going to like them. So here’s a review on their latest release. Small tibit for ya tit: Street Dogs was formed by Desert Storm Vet/Original Dropkick Murphy’s Lead singer Mike McColgan.

Originally titled “Rabble Rousing” this release eventually just became a self titled album. The intro to the album titled Formation will give you a small Irish-like taste (it’s a rock band from Boston..what did ya expect? Cool huh?). Then, it rushes with to the lead-single Rattle And Roll which gives you not only a typical short/fast punk style of a song, but will also give you a great feeling of the pipes on Mr. McColgan. Up The Union is a protest song for worker’s rights (they even call out Wal-Mart for their countless violations of human rights) which, in this country, is greatly needed. These boys will make the ghosts of Joe Strummer and Joey Ramone proud with the anthem Punk Rock And Roll which will re-remind everyone that before horrorcore/the wicked shit ever dominated the underground, it was the Punk scene.

The Shape Of Other Men sounds like a folk song for about…15 seconds. Then it gets hard, fast, and energetic in one shot. Nuff said. Yesterday is a flashback song about friends from your youth who either left and started their own lives or are no longer with us. I see this song being a future Graduation song. Too Much Information is another fast paced punk song that’ll start the biggest mosh pits. This song may fall into the “Paranormal” department. Bobby Powers is a celtic punk anthem for everyone to get up, crack a beer open, and do your own version of the Lord of the Dance. In Stereo asks you to crank up your stereo as loud as you can! Hang ‘Em High is another fast-paced punk song that has a message that I’ll let you figure out for yourself. Ghosts is a story of what happens when certain types of people fall victim to the streets and/or war. It’s another one of them “pour one for our homies yo” songs for us to play on the “final” playlist of life.

When you hear accordians, you generally hear lyrics of drunken stoopers, and an Irish-american just singing his heart out. That, my friend, is Harpo. The story of Harpo The Drunken Fool. Enjoy and dance it up! 10 Wood Rd is one of those songs that relates to quite a few other classic rock songs such as AC/DC’s “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock And Roll)”. The Street Dogs also thank the fans on 10 Wood Rd. What I love most about what Mike McColgan’s songwriting is alot of them will be about good cops (another tibit for the tit: most punk songs about cops are very bad songs about the cops) and he did it again on “Portland” which was dedicated to the Portland Police Dept in Portland, Maine. Yes folks they did another song that will most likely be heard in the jeeps and tanks overseas with the troops, and that song is Freedom. This is, yet again, another fast-paced punk song that will prolly cause a mosh pit. Oh Father is a great way to say goodbye/hello/thank you to the fathers who actually took the time to be real dads. There is even a small shout to the hard working families of the world thrown in for good measure. Oh shit we got a song for those down on their luck and lookin’ for a fight 24/7 with Fighter. I can’t stop listening to it man. It’s…It’s…It’s addicting! The album closes with another celtic punk song. This one being Poor, Poor Jimmy which is a flashback song about AM and FM Radio. You know, the radio frequencies before satellite, internet radio, and podcasting came around.

Now I know alot of y’all are asking why these guys sound more like DKM. Well there’s alot of simulates between the 2. They both came from the same area, they both do Oi/Celtic Punk rock, they’ve both released albums with Hellcat, and the singer of Street Dogs was the singer for DKM. So there’s that 6 degrees for that ass. 4 outta 5 mainly cuz it was a good album but for some reason I felt like it was missing something. What was it missing? The world may never know…


1. Formation
2. Rattle And Roll
3. Up The Union
4. Punk Rock And Roll
5. The Shape Of Other Men
6. Yesterday
7. Too Much Information
8. Bobby Powers
9. In Stereo
10. Hang ‘Em High
11. Ghosts
12. Harpo
13. 10 Wood Rd.
14. Portland
15. Freedom
16. Oh Father
17. Fighter
18. Poor, Poor Jimmy


Record Label:

  • Epitaph Records

Release Date:

  • 08/31/2010


  • -KM-


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