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Tech N9ne: The Psychumentary

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Yet again, unlocking the vault known as Strange Music, Aaron D. Yates, Tech N9ne has brought us this: Psychumentary. This addition to your TechNician library is money well spent if you like the guy enough to want to see more into his world. It’s not jammed full of excitement or action packed sequences, but it is an in depth look at one of the rap game’s hardest working MC’s. The best way to describe it is “A day in the life of Tech N9ne.”It starts off with promotion material for all of the upcoming releases slated to be hitting the streets within the next year; Big Krizz Kaliko: Vitiligo(may 6th), Prozak: Tales from the Sick(June 3), and of course Tech N9ne: Killer(July 1). Opening the camera crew arrives at the abode in which Tech N9ne resides in Blue Springs, MO. He wakes to soon realize he has some work ahead of him at the end of the night and quickly calls up his go-to guy and close friend Big Krizz Kaliko. We then get the pleasure of going on a small tour of the house as Tech slowly goes through what seems to be his morning routine to get ready for the day.

The whole time he’s connecting with the camera, with the audience explaining what’s been up lately in his life, as well as what has happened in past years. After getting ready and we’re ready to leave we get to see what it is that Tech N9ne whips around, an 08 Mercedes. The thing that’s funny and a necessity to mention is that the dude doesn’t even have his license. Once we get going into this journey of chores and reminiscing we make a stop at the barbershop in which Aaron got his infamous red-spiked hair chopped off.

Showcasing his talents by running clips from performances and different times in the studio this DVD catches so many different emotions that you only hear him touch on in songs; his love for his kids, his wife, what the clown means to him, his message to the black man and what he wants them to realize, among many others. Later as time goes on Tech, Travis, and others involved tell us in vivid detail about what happened the night that the 15-passenger van flipped out of control.

The day is near it’s end and Tech must do what it was he remembered he had to do in the morning with Krizz and that’s to go to a show with Kottonmouth and rock the crowd with City 2 City! All in all from the people who surround him in his career and in his personal life this DVD tells the tale and shows you what it is like to be Tech N9ne for one day. The bonus features are definitely some funny shit for you to check out as well and I suggest you go get it if you haven’t pre-ordered it.



Release Date:

  • 04/08/2008


  • Strange Music Inc.


  • Soren Baker & Steven Reissner


  • Kottonmouth Kings, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Prozak, Skatterman & Snug Brim


  • Whipstick


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