November 30, 2021
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Jackass 3D

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I’m like totally surprised nobody’s reviewed any of these films for FLH yet. I really am (and I would’ve thought Scottie would’ve 2 knowing he’s a big Jackass fan). But 3rd time’s a charm for these guys to make their FLH review debut.

Note from Scottie: Uhhh…since when do I do reviews?

Taking stupid to a 3rd Dimension. That’s what the boys of Jackass have done this time with Jackass 3D. 4 different things took place for this film. 1: Steve O was 100% Sober. 2: They shot using some of the same cameras used in some of those classier 3D Films like Avatar and Drive Angry. 3: Old School pranks like on the TV show made a comeback. and 4: The color was like walking into an old school 1990’s Hype Williams rap music video. It was so cool.


There’s some stunts on here that was just unthinkable. Buffalo Roller Rink just looked painful as hell. Knoxville in roller skates and doing those lame ass disco hustles…. Then a herd of buffalo’s just come ramming and destroying Knoxville was just… I was on the floor. That however got topped by the sickest bit in the movie titled “super mighty glue”… I’ll just give you bits and pieces of this. Bam’s palms covered with super glue, Bam’s father Phil and Preston Lacy shirtless… Fill in the rest of the blanks.

The Dudesons make a guest appearance when the boys stop to Finland to dress Knoxville as Santa and make him climb a tree with one of the Dudesons…Only to have the one with a missing thumb cut the tree down. Another favorite stunt on this is one I thought would never….EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER (had to channel my inner Chris Jericho there lol) make it to the main movie. I think it’s just called “water sports” and it’s Bam Margera strapping one of the tiny 3D camera’s to his dick and pissing on everybody for fun. I was on the floor straight up. Another one is the “Bee Hive Tetherball”. I’ll put this in simple terms for you guys. Beehive hanging on a Tetherball rope filled with African Killer Bees and Dave England and Steve O must battle it out to be the bee hive tetherball champion!


“The HeliCockter” is just wrong as wrong could be. Chris Pontius has a peice of string tied to his penis and on the other end of that string is a remote controlled helicopter. It was weird, painful to watch, and funny! The best phrase is Johnny: “There goes my aviation career” followed by Chris: “Well there goes my…. Love Life!”. I couldn’t stop laughing!

I’m not gonna go into further details about this, but you should watch it! Whether it’s the version I’m reviewing right now, the 2 disc 3D edition or the Blu Ray version. If you’ve never seen Jackass or if you heard about it and went “those guys are queers for shoving stuff up their asses!” then buy this movie. By time your finished, you’re gonna be hooked on a whole new world of… Stupid but Funny programming. Just don’t try any of the stunts at home…EVER!


Release Date:

  • 03/08/2011


  • Jeff Tremaine


  • Paramount Pictures/MTV Films


  • Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Bam Margera


  • -KM-


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