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Jackass 3.5

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Because too much was never enough for these unsung heroes of stupid stunts gone horribly wrong. The Jackass Crew once again shot 2 movies when making Jackass 3D so we got Jackass 3.5 to give us yet some more stupidity with lots of laughs and another reason why we’re always told never to try this at home. For those who saw the 84% that was on over the last few months and for those who ended up watching it on MTV. Here’s the 100% full feature on the deck to be reviewed… Juggalo Style bitch!

From the introduction of the movie (the boys running in Paris, France) to the finale (The world’s greatest nutshots!) This fucking movie had me laughing out of my seat onto the floor and towards the wall unable to move from laughing. The first stunt we see out the box is an alligator snapping turtle biting Steve-O on one of his asscheeks. Oh god that just looked painful and funny. The best line in the whole film is said right away “There’s a reason I turned that idea down for so many years”. I’m very very surprised that they aired the fight between Bam Margara and “Danger” Ehren Mcgheney. That’s something I’d really try to keep out of a movie. Another funny little bit is everything Bam made Brandon Novak do just for good footage. From sitting on a toilet that’s strapped to a skateboard going down a ramp while shitting, Let’s see. The Beltsander Rollerskates was pretty painful. The dildo bazooka hitting him on the ass with dildos. There was a few other ass-violating scenes on this DVD (kinda like on Jackass 2.5). Let’s see. Rocket ass was pretty funny. Both versions. Bam knows how to take it for the team and give some good footage. And the Enema Longjump. Weirdest and sickest thing I’ve seen these guys do yet and they’ve done some weird and disturbing things already The barrel surfing stunt was another funny one… Okay the end was really funny lol. Wee man, a yoga ball, and a pissed off shitting bull don’t mix but that was the funniest thing I ever saw.

Just the insanity they pulled with that Phantom Camera was pretty amazing. Stunts with that is just funnier. I found Preston Lacy’s fat rolls moving more funny for some reason. Than again Chris Pontius’s helicopter/penis trick was pretty funny also. My personal favorite stunts are the “bareback parachute drop” just because Dave England was doing that all with a hangover (you gotta fuck up badly drunk to be the first guy doing stunts the next morning), The blowback just because it looked painful but funny. Knoxville getting hurt is great footage just because he looks like he enjoys it, Blow darts… Will The Farter’s fart’s are fucking powerful ain’t they? I don’t remember the name of the stunt but I know they referenced ICP’s Miracle’s for it and I think copied the famous “Faygo Showers” for it. But they do the coke and mento’s thing that the mythbusters made more famous and just threw em around at eachother (will have more detail in a few moments) and I’m glad that made the cover of the movie, And the prank they all finally pulled on Knoxville. My god that was just 2 damn funny. Replacing sunscreen with umm… I’m gonna call it Horseysauce for now lol. And seeing Johnny put that shit on his face. I wanted to throw up but I didn’t. I found it funny. The coolest bits are the Electrified Limbo stick which in my personal opinion should have made the actual movie. And one of the many Pontius dress his penis up bits… Mainly the one where the mousey had catnip on it and it looked like he was getting turned on. Just seeing the look on his face would’ve made a silent monk bust out laughing. The wood Pecker was 2 painful. I had to look with one eye.

All in all Jackass 3.5 is another one to add to the collection. It’s got everything, Action, Suspense, Comedy, Drama, and Sex Appeal for those who are confused about their own sexuality lol. I do personally wonder if they’re ever going to do another one. My brother claims they’ll be 2 more than that’s it. I have no clue. I’d like to see at least one more but You never know with these guys.

Before I give the review I will give out spoilers on the Special Features. You got over a half hour of deleted scenes and stunts. There’s no “making of” featurette. It’s been replaced with 2 MTV Special’s. One being one that was exclusive to MTV Europe. Jackass 3D European Tour which showed the guys in premieres in Ireland, England, France, and Spain. And “Jackass: The Beginning” which is pretty much the story of the Orgin’s of Jackass from Big Brother Magazine and Home Videos, The CKY movies, through the TV Series, all the way to the Movies with interviews from Pontius, Bam, Knoxville, Spike Jonze, Jeff Tremaine, Ryan Dunn, Wee Man, and the rest of the gang. And over 20 minutes of Outtakes including about 3-5 minutes of the “Jackass style Faygo Shower” in Phantom Camera slow-mo. This Was the coolest thing I ever saw in along time. Just the droplets of soda scattering all over in slow motion. If that would’ve made the movie. Imagine how awesome that would have been. Wouldn’t have been so sweet to see in 3D? Fuck a rating this time. This is beyond FUCKING Hilarity.

Release Date:

  • 06/14/2011


  • Dickhouse Productions


  • Jeff Tremaine


  • Paramount Pictures/MTV Films


  • Jackass Stars


  • 5 Minutes 2 Seconds




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