December 6, 2021
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A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

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I know what ya’ll are thinking. A fucking christmas film? In February? Well…. Yeah but it’s also the 3rd installment of the very funny, interesting, and sometimes make ya think “what the fuck?” adventures of Harold & Kumar. From White Castle to Git-mo Bay these boys have done alot and well. smoked alot. What The Fuck could they do with Christmas?

Let’s start the whole plot off right away. Harold is a very successful businessman on Wallstreet and is also married to Maria (Yep. The girl next door from the 1st movie and the one Harold went all the way to Amsterdam in the 2nd one to proclaim his love for!). And he pulled a Clark W. Griswald (Scottie and Ian might be the only 2 people that will know who the hell he is besides myself!) and completely decked his house both inside and out to impress his very pro-christmas/full of joy father in law Mr. Perez who happens to be played by Danny Trejo (That big scary motherfucker who normally kills people in his films and also played Machete? If that ain’t sold you yet. I don’t know what will!). I won’t go into details there. Kumar on the other hand was thrown out of med school for failing a piss test. Still lives in the same apt he and Harold once shared. Vanessa visits Kumar and tells him that she’s pregnant with his child… Aww shit reality starts to set in for our friend Kumar.

Enough spoiler alerts. So later on A package to Harold is sent to Kumars. Kumar heads to Harold’s before a party and they reunite. The tree Mr. Perez grew in his bathroom for 8 years burns down over a joint, They end up at a party where  Kumar’s new friend is about to pop the cherry of a verrrrrrry hot bitch who happens to be the daughter of a very violent Russian mob boss I ain’t going into details here cuz that’s a big plot spoiler there. They end up tripping on something in eggnog and become claymated for a moment. Than after a few more plot stuff they end up on a broadway stage for a christmas musical starrring none other than… Neil Fuckin’ Patrick Fuckin’ Harris!.. How he’s alive I don’t know oh wait I do know because I waited thru the credits of the last film to know so There! Won’t go into details but neils scene has the best line in the damn movie “Yeah I’m gay, Gay for that pussy!” Neil helps the boys out. Kumar meets a new friend in a robotic Waffle bot. So later on after another plot twist I’m refusing to spoil ya’ll with Harold shooting the REAL SANTA CLAUS out of the sky! Holy crap! After awhile Kumar learns a lesson and decides to change for the sake of his unborn child. And Harold grows a pair of balls and earns his father in law’s respect!

This movie has some great effects I only rented the DVD and skipped out on the features so next review I’ll get into detail. But they kept the effects of the 3D into the DVD version that is enhanced with the help of a certain plant lol. It is pretty dope. The final scene in the movie is Harold and Kumar sharing a joint on the porch of Harold’s nice white suburban home. There is a baby in this movie that gets hooked on quite a few things I’m not gonna say because I don’t want angry soccer moms banging on Scottie’s door in 3 in the morning cuz than he’d come all the way from Texas to Michigan to beat my ass All in all. This movie is worth renting or buying. If you liked the other two. You’ll love this one. That’s a guarantee. And that’s how I spent my Juggalo Day!

Release Date:

  • 02/07/2012


  • New Line Cinema


  • Todd Strauss-Schulson


  • Warner Brothers Pictures


  • Kal Penn, John Cho, Patton Oswalt


  • 89 Minutes





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