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Myzery – 4/17/12

HODGE: It’s been a long time friend. I’ve got a lot of things to cover with you this time around. You ready to do this?

MYZERY: without a doubt

HODGE: It seems that over the last 10 years or so, ICP and the whole Juggalo movement has become less of a best kept secret and more of a contagion by the mainstream media. It seems like on a weekly basis the media outlets such as- late night talk shows, internet podcasts, and popular radio discussions dish out their uneducated biases on Psychopathic Artists and their devoted fanbase. What was once deemed as a mysterious theatrical experience filled with mischief, self depreciating humor, and the poetic justice of bad karma dished out by such downtrodden creations of their environment…has now been labeled as simply drug addict music for trailer trash and illiterate delinquents. This unfair nametag seems to have even resonated within the music genre that inspired ICP’s very origins, RAP. Remember, the Rap group Inner City Posse was ICP, before the Dark Carnival ever set up tent. However, it appears that most hip hop artists (with the exception of few rappers like MURS and Swollen Members) and radio stations within the music industry refuse to acknowledge ICP as anything more than a joke or bad chapter in the history of rap. Since departing with the hatchet so many years ago, do you find that your past resume has hurt you professionally through the years? How do your peers or others in the industry respond when they learn that you once ran with the hatchet? How do your opinions compare to that of the mainstream media regarding the poor caliber of Psychopathic Records fan base? Do you feel a shame or pride to admit that you were once on the same label as the most hated band/fans in the world?

MYZERY: Hurt me. hell no! A lot of people criticized, dissed, and questioned me about it, but as a man and an individual, I can handle that. I personally think juggalos (psychopathic fans) are the best fans to have because of their loyalty. Let’s talk Ja Rule for example. He was at the top of his game, then 50 Cent comes out and disses him. Then all Ja Rule’s fans are 50’s fans now. They used the same style, but Ja Rule’s gone now. This never happens to a psychopathic artist cause of the loyalty of the juggalos. I remember when I did the gathering and it was just psychopathic artist and ex artists. Now I feel everybody’s on the band wagon. Most of them aint got no love; they just see paper, which is to be expected I guess. I feel no shame at all for my hatchet origins. Psychopathic took an interest in me and paid me well. They showed me the world. They handed me their fan base. I just didn’t take advantage. I mean I had no business ever being in a pro wrestling ring, but I was. I was even in a movie cuz of those guys. None of these memories woulda ever happened if ICP didn’t give a kid a chance to live. I was a young knuckle head, and I regret some poor choices now. As for being hated, I’m known for that. I welcome it. That’s why I always felt that I fit right in with psychopathic, cuz just like them I can’t stand commercial and mainstream music. I think we always shared the same view on haterz, like on some “roll my fingers down, leave the middle’s up” type shit.

HODGE: I feel that I have to address this disturbing type of reoccurring news, especially with an artist who was signed to the label from its earliest stages. It seems that every so often a sick person or a group of demented individuals will decide to commit crime in an unprovoked fashion, and proclaim that it was an act driven by the music that they worship. Often times ICP or other apprentices of their underground rap style or variations of their rap style are to blame. Do you feel that the claims of the perpetrators themselves can warrant such drastic consequences as a nationwide gang label upon any and all fans of their music? If a crime is committed involving violence, drug use, sexual assault, gang warfare, or even murder, and is credited to an artist due to his/her lyrical content serving as a blueprint, can/should that artist feel any responsibility/guilt regarding the act?

MYZERY: Well this world is based on negativity. You usually hear more bad news than good news in the paper, evening news, etc. money/sex/ drugs/violence sells. You have NWA with “fuck the police”. You have ICE T with “cop killer”. EMINEM with all his drugs and pills. To me they’re just telling their life and expressing themselves. Stating a point the best way they can. They are not to be blame, just as actors aren’t to blame when they portray a villain. Everybody should be accountable for their own actions. You usually only hear the bad stuff. You don’t ever hear the good stuff they do though and it’s a shame. If you are reading this and you ever even fuck wit the idea of acting out some type of sick stuff you might hear a rapper spit, “turn the shit off then”, it wasn’t made for you anyways. But yeah, I wonder how guys like ICP can be labeled like cult leaders by the news, but are the only rappers I can think of that does shit like- Christmas toy drives, CD giveaways for any fans that bring can goods to a show (food drive), or pass out free turkeys to the hungry folks on thanks giving. I even heard that Twiztid did some shows before for free to raise money for a little girl fighting cancer. But yeah, I guess the media didn’t find these efforts news worthy enough.

HODGE: “DEMON ANGEL” is name of your upcoming album, and as a longtime collector of all of your back catalog, I can already hype the rough draft copy of your upcoming album, as the best material you’ve ever created IMO. Standout tracks like “She’s my girl”, “it’s your time”, “not gonna let you go”, “like this” and “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” are destined to make this album an instant favorite amongst listeners. What are your thoughts about the album? Favorite tracks? Most importantly, when and how can fans get their hands on it?

MYZERY: this is the most fun I’ve had putting together an album. This is the first time that whatever I wanted I could get, I didn’t have to steal beats, I didn’t have to sample, and got surrounded by a few good industry people. I had the opportunity to have some big features on this album but I chose not to, not for this first one at least. The quality of the sound itself its totally different from whatever I put out in the past with the exception of para la isla. that was the only one done official. as for my favorite song let’s see- dead inside, like this, this my passion, gimme that, on & on. This album will be released in 2012 on poormanzent.com.

HODGE: I’ve heard rumors that you’ve even recruited the talents of a former Producer used by DMX. Any truth to this rumor?

MYZERY: yeah we got down with Dame Greese for a couple of tracks, one of them being “gimme that”. It’s one of my favorites.

HODGE: Over the last decade we’ve heard you spit over beats by producers like NO JOKE and 21, but arguably the most high profile producer you’ve worked with to date, has to be Detroit’s own MIKE E. CLARK. MEC is Known mostly for his familiar production for PSYCHOPATHIC RECORDS artists. However his production credits include tracks by Rock N Roll hall of famer GEORGE “P-FUNK” CLINTON, mainstream breakout star MICKEY AVALON, Hip Hop’s most successful independent artist TECH N9NE, Detroit icons D12, and Mainstream superstar KID ROCK. Can you describe your experience working with such a talented producer and at such a early stage in your rap career?

MYZERY: right now I can say it was an honor cause I learned some things from him just watching, but back then I couldn’t appreciate the opportunities I had. What I’m saying is that Violent J got me out the street spitting on the corner and in the park doing regular hood nigga shit. I wasn’t prepared for what I seen through that experience. So as for Mike Clark, he’s a great producer/engineer. I wish i was smarter back then and worked a little more with him.

HODGE: Your last album (“F.U., Hate me More”) was released (given away) at the GATHERING OF THE JUGGALOS a few years back, and in very limited numbers. Why wasn’t this album ever really officially released? I know its release was hyped in the underground community for years. Did Poor Man’s Entertainment drop the ball on this one? I know I still bump the lost gems “we livin in this hell, and it’s so hot” and “the pain don’t stop, so I ride with it”. Songs like that shoulda been heard by many instead of such a shy release. What really went down with this album Myz?

MYZERY: nah poormanz didn’t drop the ball. I gave it no heart. I really didn’t give a fuck about it. I was drained from life bout that time. It was supposed to be the last shit I put out, so I put together a few tracks that were just sitting there. I’m not saying the tracks were wack, they just wasn’t finished mixed right or mastered. It was horrible. my apologies for my lack of love, but that’s not the case anymore.

HODGE: I mentioned your return to the GOTJ a few years back when you gave away “F.U., Hate Me More”. While there, did you happen to catch any of the more recent Gathering mainstay acts? If so, any thoughts on such popular Gathering artists as- KING GORDY, MASTAMIND, or KUNG FU VAMPIRE? I think a collab with any of those artists would be amazing!

MYZERY: yeah I did. I caught a few acts. A collab with any of those names would be amazing. I watched some of their shit on youtube. As for catching acts, every time I do I start paying attention, then I drift and see myself on stage like I belong. There, that’s my home. next thing you know, I missed the whole act, if that makes sense. no disrespect to no one, I just get caught in a memory/desire to be back on stage again.

HODGE: Now through the years you’ve collaborated with such artists as- ICP, TWIZTID, THE PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAS, JUMPSTEADY, TONE-Z, MARZ, and a slew of underground artists. I know this may seem odd given the talent I just mentioned, but my favorite collab you’ve ever done was with a relatively unknown act named Dead Dirty Carnies (“In your Dreamz”). I think the only thing that coulda made that song any better would have been if former label mates PROJECT BORN (who appeared elsewhere on the album) woulda been featured on that same track as yourself. Wasn’t there some interest like 10 years ago in a MYZERY/PROJECT BORN collaboration? I know those guys still make dope music. Any chance of revisiting that interest?

MYZERY: If there was an interest I don’t remember. I guess I smoke too much, but I wouldn’t mind at all. They’ve been putting in work for years. I love music…period. If you feel the same, and you got skills, lets go.

HODGE: In 2005 you made a cameo return to Psychopathic Records in the form of a guest spot on JUMPSTEADY’s LP. Were there ever any talks of further collaborative efforts on the label? With your new album “Demon Angel” on the horizon and the news that you are scouting around for some key guest spots, have you ever attempted to recruit any of your former label mates to appear on your album?

MYZERY: No. That was it. Jumpsteady wanted me on his album. Joe (VIOLENT J) agreed, and that was that. We left it there. However, there was some recent communication about some guest spots for demon/angel with those guys. I’m still waiting on a response. That would be the shit though.

HODGE: Although you are far removed from your former Psychopathic Rydas crew (as it was explained that TWIN GATZ somehow got himself lost deep in a cave) would you ever intervene or defend your former crew if they ever became entangled in any typical hip hop rivalry between outside artists/labels?

MYZERY: Of course I would. The game never showed me love. Psychopathic has, and on top of that Jumpsteady is my niece’s dad and Violent J is her uncle. If anything was to happen to any of them, my niece would be hurt. So of course I would side with family. The rest of the hatchet crew is still my peoples. The past was a family feud and that’s long over now.

HODGE: Around a year ago I remember hearing a few new MYZERY tracks on the net. One of the songs titled “the rebirth” featured some disturbing lyrics about your longtime bond with PONCH seemingly coming to an end. I’m hoping that all past differences have since been put aside?

MYZERY: Yeah that’s in the past, Poncho’s like my brother. That was a family thing you know. When I write I black out and just pour my heart out 90% of the time. Then I get in the booth and zone out again. Then when I hear it I’m like “shit, I wrote and said that?!?”. I guess I was supposed to do that cuz the song served its purpose. I’ve settled my differences with a lot of people. I stabilized myself now. I feel free.

HODGE: Around the same time of your once rumored death, TONE-Z’s website was selling an album called TONE-Z & MYZERY “The Lost Sessions”. On the album was a track titled “F.U. TWIN GATZ” in which you gave props to the remainder of the original PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAS crew. Is it safe to assume that all of the bad blood you once voiced towards them (well, only TWIZTID really) has since been squashed?

MYZERY: To be honest I don’t even remember what happened back then and don’t really care. The past is the past, and this is now. Personally don’t have any beef or anything else with Twiztid, we didn’t talk to each other and squash the beef but I been squashed the beef within myself. I see they’ve had hella success though. Respect due 4 real. I gave props to the rydaz on my song “fuck you twin gatz” because I meant it, regardless of our past. It’d be hot if we can work something out and collab again, but that’s just me thinking aloud right now.

HODGE: Speaking of The PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAS crew, rumor has it that the prequel to that crew was the infamous GOLDEN GOLDIES. Were you a member of that group as well? Who else took part in that unreleased album?

MYZERY: Yeah I was part of that. That was our past time riding from state to state. That’s actually how the Rydaz started. poncho was in it with billy bill, Stephan, dougie, icp, twiztid, and even the bus driver leonard. I can’t even think of everybody. That was the shit.

HODGE: I’m not sure if you were ever aware of this, but rapper ESHAM once played a song of yours in a monthly PODCAST on his website. In this older PODCAST (around the time of the collapse of the Soopa Villians group with LAVEL, ESHAM, and ICP) he featured the ancient MYZERY track “UnTwiztid”, Was there ever any contact from either camp to create a MYZERY and ESHAM collaboration of any kind?

MYZERY: nah, I wasn’t aware, but that’s wassup.
There was never any contact by his camp. At least not that I’m aware of. but to rock with Esham, let’s do it. But I’m not sure if he’s still making music, or what he’s even upto, He was an innovator right there. I’m all about making good music with whoever’s on the same page.

HODGE: Switching gears a lil bit, what would you consider to be your greatest album/track ever?

MYZERY: Wow, I can’t even answer that quite yet, because I’m far from done. but if I had to choose one, it would probably be something nobody’s ever heard yet.

HODGE: Earlier I mentioned the TONE-Z/MYZERY lost collaboration album. I know you kinda introduced him to his audience many years back as a part of your TWIN GATZ solo projects. Do you still keep in touch with him? He’s really started to come-up these past few years. I’m talking collabs with- The KOTTONMOUTH KINGS, THE R.O.C., TWIZTID, BOONDOX, KING GORDY…and not to mention the critically acclaimed BLUE GRASS/Hip Hop experimental album released on I-TUNES. Any thoughts on all of his success these past fews years?

MYZERY: of course we keep in touch, that’s my nigga.
He’s doing his thing. He took a little opening and swung the door wide open and never stopped moving forward. I’m happy for his success and wish him triple the success in the years to come.

HODGE: Any comments regarding the perseverance of PSYCHO REALM’s own SICK JACK (JACKEN)? After his brother Big Duke was paralyzed by a stray bullet just before the release of the much anticipated PSYCHO REALM (SICK JACK, B-REAL, and BIG DUKE) sophomore album, the future of PSYCHO REALM seemed quite uncertain. However, Jacken found a way to transform himself into an impact player in the rap game as both an emcee and as a respected producer. His highly successful collaboration album with DJ MUGGS, and his work with such artists like EVERLAST, SWOLLEN MEMBERS, MURS, FUNKDOOBIEST, THE BEATNUTS, DILATED PEOPLES, and CYPRESS HILL have catapulted him as one of the game’s most sought after artists/producers. Were you aware of his immense talent even from the early days when you toured with the PSYCHO REALM?

MYZERY: yeah I did actually. Their sound was crazy and their voices were unique and sick. Their stage presence and performance was so ill. They had a total package. I’m glad he continued to do his thing. he’s very talented. I hear Big Duke is still recovering slowly, but hoping for a return to the booth one day. If we could only be so lucky, then we would hear the return of an unsung rap General.

HODGE: Okay, now I’ve heard a new track of yours that appears to be a brilliant game of wordplay designed to pay homage to the late great rappers- TUPAC, NOTORIOUS B.I.G., and BIG PUN. It’s a tough one, but how would you rank those 3 icons if forced to do so?

MYZERY: well, that’s hard to do, but in my opinion- tupac, pun, then biggie(rip).

HODGE: I know that you have a big agenda with your own label and select artists within your camp, but I was curious about something. With the seemingly ever changing line-up on Psychopathic’s sub label “Hatchet House”, if approached, would you ever consider releasing a MYZERY or TWIN GATZ album on that label? I just always felt that it would be a logical business venture for both parties, as you’re a known talent to the Juggalo community, and you come to the table with your music already written and recorded. This could allow for a rapid release date and a quick gauge as to if your sound/style is even compatible with the intended audience still. If not, at least it could be closure to the long standing mystery of “what if” about a true LP release from yourself on the label. I would personally be psyched to see what influence, if any, hatchet label mates Mike E. Clark or musical mastermind Big Hutch (Above the Law/former Death Row Records Vice President) could have on a MYZERY/TWIN GATZ release. Any thoughts on this, or is this wishful thinking from a psychopathic historian?

MYZERY: I would love to go back there, but i don’t know where that’s at or where I stand with them. Myzery or TwinGatz, whatever they needed, I would b down. I started there would love to finish there. for the time being I’m launching my own label poormanzent, which has been in the works for a couple years now. getting all the right people together- producers, website guys, video people, legalizing the company, building our own studio, getting artists prepared, etc. We’re gonna do this official this year, and any affiliation from psychopathic can only help… and would b a blessing and a big boost! To work with Violent J, Mike E. Clark, and Jumpsteady would be the missing pieces to this project im working on. I also have wishful thinking. Let’s see, demon/angel is basically done. We released the trailer. The first video set for a release. We’re working on second video now and waiting on features and anything else that might come up before we release it.

HODGE: Your new album “Demon Angel” has quite a few tracks that reminds the listener of why they even got into rap, way back during the golden era of the 90’s. Let’s play a lil game of word association. I’m gonna throw out the names of some old school rap groups, and I want you to just say the first thing that comes to mind okay-

WU-TANG CLAN– shaolin Style
THE PHARCYDE– “she keeps passing me by”…classic music
OUTKAST– crazy outfits
DAS EFFX– an original rap style
MOB DEEP– “quiet storm”
GANG STARR– “just to get a rep”
TERROR SQUAD– r-i-p big pun
DIGITAL UNDERGROUND– humpty hump (shock G.), rap’s first Dr. Jeckyl n Mr. Hyde genius.
FLIPMODE SQUAD– busta rhymes at his best
JUNIOR MAFIA– biggie’s team
TRIBE CALLED QUEST– q-tip’s origins
LEADERS OF A NEW SCHOOL– original busta rhymes

HODGE: Now, let’s talk about the current mainstream rap game. It’s no mystery that the hip hop game has taken some drastic turns over the last decade. Are you a fan of the current radio trends in rap? Who are some current rappers that might appear on your playlist?

MYZERY: damn, I don’t really listen to radio stations. It’s too repetitive for me. The rappers that appear on my playlist are just me, some underground rappers, & spanishside lol. I been feelin the stuff that Tech Is doing with his Strange Music label also. He surrounded himself with some major talent too.

HODGE: Around the time that you were lending your efforts on JUMPSTEADY’s 2nd album, I remember talking with you about a brief encounter you had with the late rapper MC BREED visiting with folks over at Psychopathic Records. Following his untimely death, musicians galore were coming out of the wood-works to reminisce about his incredible talent on the mic. Were you familiar with his music?

MYZERY: I was to high back then if I met him. I don’t remember. I wish I did. Yeah, I was familiar with his music though. “aint no future in yo frontin” was my shit! R.I.P. to a beast of an emcee.

HODGE: In VIOLENT J’s auto biography he mentions his early friendship with you, but also touches a bit on how your Crew kinda had a way of putting a damper on situations. I do remember a certain member of your crew trying to strong-arm Juggalos into paying upwards of $40 a piece for signed copies of your first E.P. following your performance at the 2001 Gathering of the Juggalos. I remember standing nearby as dozens of potential fans turned away in disappointment over the steep price your boy was advertising. Do you still keep the same company these days?

MYZERY: J’s my people. Yeah my boys put a damper on shit. But like I said we were young then. All we knew was streets, respect, fighting etc. If my boys sold it for what they did they were just hustling. They saw opportunity and they took it. That’s what we knew back then, but I really do apologize to the fans for that.

HODGE: Alright, lets finish up this interview on a ultra serious note shall we?!? Say you were given a Hall Pass concept for a week. Who would you choose out of- Rosario Dawson, Jessica Alba, or Stacey Dash?

MYZERY: jessica alba AND stacey dash. That would be a wassup manaj!

HODGE: Seriously though, great job on your upcoming album. I’ve only heard the pre-master, but it’s some of the best rap I’ve heard in a while. Any last words for those reading this interview?

MYZERY: as always, a pleasure hodge. Thanks for your time and support. yeah, 2012 is mine. demon/angel is coming soon. I ain’t holding nothing back this time. I’m dead inside, but my game is finally resurrected.


Interviewer: Hodge

Interview Date:04/17/12



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