December 7, 2021
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Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

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Hello underground world how are you,

My name is “Rowdy” Marty Flair and I’m here to talk to you about Horror Movies. Yes aside from cartoons and xxx films there is no better form of entertainment. I’ve spent most of my life watching horror movies and getting tore up with my friends. An average night for me would be a case of beer, DTV B grade horror flicks and a trip to Denny’s to kill the night. Great times!!! Sadly as the movie rental places closing has put a big cramp in getting a dose of cheaply made, slapstick, violent nonsense. My hope of writing my thoughts on this website is to let you wild fucks know these movies are still out there just a little harder to find. Trust me just because Blockbuster closed and Redbox can only stock 6 ½ movies at a time didn’t prevent people from making “Butt Sex Zombies vs Cousin of Frankenstein”. I hope to highlight new underground horror flicks that you can get easily through such channels as NETFLIX, VuDu, Google Play or Itunes. So anyone ever have any suggestions hit me up or better yet If you’re a Juggalo Film maker I would love to help you get exposure. So now that I said my plan let me flip the script and do something different. Lol sorry….

Today I would love to reflect on “Tales from The Crypt: Demon Knight” which is available currently on Netflix for your watching pleasure.(or in your local Wal Mart Bargain Bin)

As hopefully all of you remember “Tales From The Crypt” was a great TV show produced in the 1990’s. It started on HBO and was based on the old “Tales From The Crypt” horror comic. Each week you would get a dose of Macabre brought to you by everyone’s favorite skin challenged friend. The TV show was so succesful they got a couple movie spin offs. “Demon Knight” being one of them. This demon fueled romp starred Billy Zane and Will Smith’s wife Jada. Who use to be signed to Suburban Noize with her band Wicked Wisdom! I’ll break it down like this for you.

The Good
Interesting story about the dawn of mankind. Earth was originally full of demons they were kicked out and now have to get all these keys back to run things again. There’s a sex scene involving a car battery. Cool looking monsters. Billy Zane is generally amusing.

The Bad
I want to stab the dude who plays the main character in the eye. I hate his face so much I refuse to look up his name. That and the movie does get a little far stupid at points. Plus it has an ending that I can’t figure if it was meant to have a sequel or what.

The Bloody
There is a fair share of awesome gore here. Shape shifting prostitute is great. Billy Zane packs a punch you need to see to believe. NEON GREEN DEMON BLOOD EVERYWHERE! Plus over all the monsters look pretty cool. Plus the false beginning has a scene that combines mega gore-yness and boobs. Can’t beat that!

I just really wanted to remember these days cause sadly for all the dumb stuff Hollywood has brought back I can’t get a decent Horror show on my tv. Yes “Supernatural” and a handful of other shows that are on now do rock. There was just something special about that late night tv era. Everyone go peep “Demon Knight” on Netflix.

Have a great day and Thanks for reading,
“Rowdy” Marty Flair

Release Date:

  • 01/13/1995


  • Universal Pictures


  • Ernest R. Dickerson, Gilbert Adler


  • Universal Pictures


  • Billy Zane, William Sadler, Jada Pinkett Smith, Brenda Bakke, CCH Pounder


  • 92 Minutes




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