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Zombie Apocalypse

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Howdy Faygoluver’s Faithful!

Hope all is super cool and going swimmingly in your lives. Your chicken-wing eating  friend “Rowdy” Marty Flair is back with another edition of “The Good, The Bad and The Bloody”. The Jugga-net’s number 1# horror movie review source. Today I would love to discuss Zombie Apocalypse.

Release date: Aired Oct 29th 2011 on SyFy Channel | On DVD Dec 27th 2011
Rating: R
Runtime: 87 mins
Available on

Okay so anyone that has seen a SyFy channel movie know the general quality you get. Yet we all line up to watch the nonsense. There’s a simple fun to their movies that transports you back to the “Creature Feature” era. This one is your typical Zombie tale. I hate to say typical for such an awesome sub genre but there’s only like 3 ways to tell a Zombie story. This one goes with an horrible virus that spreads quickly and globally. The government has disabled all electronics in this one to fight the spread. With very few humans left to wander the earth with The Undead. One of these humans is Ving Rhames who has survived like 4 zombie outbreaks at this point. Plus fucking “Crabman” from “My Name is Earl is in it”!!! If you have a chance I’d definatley recommend you watch this. Let me break down the finer points of the situation.

The Good:
The final fight scene is so stupidly unreal it’s a must see. I don’t wanna ruin it but it will make you “smh” “lol” and “rofl” all at once. Not to give too much away but a certain cereal icon gets a little zombie-fied. ITTT’s GreeAAATT! Beyond that the fact the different zombie resistance groups have special skills is tight. Because you know samurai folk and crossbow folk run in separate circles. Plus there is general humor and more likeability in the characters then your average low budget zombie romp. Also the variety of zombie is great. Fast and slow!!!!

The Bad:
Uhhmmm okay I think Ving Rhames hinted back story was he’s into interspecies erotica. It wasn’t out right said like “HEY I’M VING RHAMES AND I’D FUCK MR.ED, I’D FUCK HIM HARD”. All the proper body language and lingo was there for a safe assumption however. Also there was a roaring endorsement for Spaghetti. Plus I think they were trying to get to “The Catalina F’N Wine Mixer”. Besides that bad cgi kinda cheapened things. The first 5 minutes of the movie was play station 1 grade images. Plus I hate when theres only 10 people left in a state and they argue with each other about dumb shit. Like really the world as we know it is over! Suck it up and stop crying. Kill Zombies or have sex thats all you can do to save the planet.

The Bloody:
Alotta fun and gory scenes. Alotta CGI blood thou. One of the cooler parts I enjoyed about this was the weapons used to kill. Like Ninja Swords, Sledge Hammer’s, Grenades, Crossbows and Ice Skates are taken to a new level. It’s fun to see people get inventive and helps you get into it while watching. The undead creatures also look pretty nice. Really just the use of CGI blood holds me back from being completely in love with the violence and mayhem in this one.

At the end of it all however I didn’t want my 87 minutes back. Was it a life changing experience? No. It was never meant to be thou. So yeah watch it in good health with family or friends. Again thanks for reading and as always I would love to hear your feedback.

Have a great day and Thanks for reading,
“Rowdy” Marty Flair

Release Date:

  • 12/27/2011


  • The Asylum


  • Nick Lyon


  • SyFy channel


  • Ving Rhames, Taryn Manning


  • 87 Minutes





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