December 7, 2021
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Hellraiser: Revelations

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Hello minions!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and productive “Flag Day” and all Fathers enjoyed Father’s day this year. This day I’ma touch on something a reader sent in. Nick O from Minooka wanted to touch on the new “Hellraiser: Revelations” film Dimension recently put out. Nick great topic and thank you for sending it in. There’s been a lot of controversy around this film. One thing is Doug Bradley didn’t play “Hellraiser” which upset the horror masses. He also publicly spoke out saying “He couldn’t purchase a refrigerator” for what the offered him to reprise the role. The main thing that stirred the pot was the fact that this movie was made as cheaply and quickly as possible so Dimension didn’t lose rights to the character. They hope to do a huge big Full Hollywood remake in years to come. So in the interim they made a cheap DTV movie to buy time. It’s a shitty marketing move to openly admit that you made a movie as a stop gap procedure but really the series had gone down hill since Part 3 bit by bit. This being the 9th installment and the 4th to go DTV what could we really expect. This movie is based around 2 teens going to Mexico and discovering the Puzzle Box.  Let me break down my feelings and opinions on all this ..

The Good:
Any movie that shows people going to Tijuana, Mexico  and it not going right I appreciate. Of course we all want to go see “The Donkey Show” but that part of the world sucks and is dangerous as hell. Actually if you go to Tijuana and the worst thing you have to deal with is “Cenobites” I’d call that adventure a fucking succes. Also the prostitutes looked pretty legit. I don’t know If one of Dimension’s cost cutting procedures was to hire real herpes infected hooker’s in place of actresses but why not it made things more believable. The general idea of teen angst and why these kids went to Mexico is evident when they introduce their families.  I’d probably run too! Alotta the scenery is pretty spot in. Some gruesome twisted shit is thrown in involving murder and even a chick who digs close relations with her brother. It really is better than some of the more recent “Hellraiser” films. Is it as good as the first 3? NO WAY! Compared to 7 and 8 it really isnt that bad though.

The Bad:
It is kinda confusing and If you don’t know the “Hellraiser” mythos pretty well you’re beyond lost. They didn’t add a lot of character development in. You’re almost forced to guess peoples roles. It wasn’t clear till halfway in who belonged to what family. Also a lot of this movie was kinda the original one rehashed. I don’t know if it was to pay tribute or they just didn’t have time to write a new script. If you don’t know part one though you’ll be lost. Don’t start enjoying “HellRaiser” films with this installment. Go back and check out the early stuff first.

The Bloody:
Some sweet stuff here. They did have alot of great gore. Prostitutes got some shabby treatment here. They had their eyes ripped out, strangled and all around weren’t treated to nice. The was a lot of awesome scenes of skin being torn off. My favorite was a chicks boob was pretty much tore off. Also a sweet scene with the “Chains” where a throat was opened up like a can of yams at Thanksgiving. Really for gore I felt this movie packed a fair amount.

So yea that’s my take on it. If you’re a “Hellraiser” fan that can get over the idea “Doug Bradley” sat this out you won’t hate it. Will you love it? maybe. Nick again not sure you’ll love my take on this I know you were pretty upset about the “Doug Bradley” thing. Me I can get over and really don’t blame Dimension in what they did. They had to protect their business interests in the franchise. Really it isn’t a bad movie and I’m fairly certain it only go so much hate due to the controversy surrounding it. So peep it  out you can find it on Netflix right now if you are a subscriber. I give this movie 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Release Date:

  • 10/18/2011


  • Dimension Extreme


  • Victor Garcia


  • Dimension Extreme Home Entertainment


  • Fred Tatscorie , Nick Everman, Danil Buran


  • 75 Minutes





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