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The Mastapiece


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Mr. Hellrazor is back! New label, New labelmates, New national tour, Same ol’ Mastamind! The NATAS member brings forth a brand new album that he’s calling… A Mastapeice! Get ready to blaze one for the Wicket as we go back through a brand new trip into the darkest depths of Detroit’s Wicked Underground!

This is the 4th Mastamind release to not feature production from fellow NATAS member Esham and his first for Slughtercore/Lyrical Snuff. Now quite a few events have taken place between this album and the last Mastamind album I reviewed for FLH (Toxsic Avenger). Mastamind left Reel Life/Aknu again to start his own label Toxsic Records. He snagged a distribution deal with Slughtercore/LSP, and through longrange he reissued his entire back catalog including some of the harder to find records.

A chunk of this album was produced by hot underground producer Dre40Oz who you might have heard before on Mastamind’s previous albums as well as plenty of Esham/RLP remixes since 2005 including remixes that have been labeled “The PACNSHAM Sessions”. “Thrill Kill” ushers back in the original “Acid Rap” feel Mastamind started with going back to NATAS’s debut LP “Life After Death” bringing in that ol’ school wicket shit!

“GraveDance” gives you Mastamind’s evolution to a horrorcore legend while giving you that “Devil Pimp” flow that he’s been known for. “To the Death (Satan’s army) feat. Skitzo” continues the collaboration union between horrorcore rapper Skitzo and Mastamind ushering in a brand new era with an anthem just for the zombified nation. Scum & Bloodshot make an appearance with the song “Triple Threat”. All three wicked legends throw it down over one of Dre40Oz’s best beats in a long time. Former Reel Life labelmate Daniel Jordan graces his bay-area flow on the Air Jensen produced “Lay Handz” which reintroduces Acid Rap to the newer generation of fans who have only heard it on youtube, and stories from Suicidalists over the years.

Heaven & Hell are fused together in the 2 songs “Hell Masta feat. Rev Fang Gory and Kreepy” & HolyShitGodDamn whichs proves the longstanding statement NATAS, Esham, and Mastamind have been saying for many years… and that is truly that The Wicket Shit Will Never Die! A sequel to the classic “My Mind Sez” comes through with the song “Make My Mind Up” which showcases Mastamind’s iconic flow and style that has made him infamous. The final track is the “Grave Dance (Shroom Mix)” which shows Dre40Oz paying tribute to the 1990’s style of beats Esham made from releases such as NATAS’s “Blaz4me” and “Doubelivngod”, Mastamind’s debut EP “Likuiddrano”, and Esham’s “Maggot Brain Theory” and “Closed Casket”.

All in all The Mastapeice is just that. A Masterpiece! For those who ain’t heard Mastamind’s releases before. There’s a reason Horrorcore rappers past and present look at Esham, Mastamind, and NATAS as the forefathers of the wicked gore art. And that’s because they perfected the style back in the 1990’s and the rest of us are just now starting to catch up with the level of intensity and insanity that was paved down before us!

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Thrill Kill, To the Death (Satan's army), Triple Threat, Lay Handz


  • 61 Minutes 00 Seconds

Record Label:

  • Toxsic/LSP/Slughtercore Records

Release Date:

  • 03/27/2012





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