September 19, 2018
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Faygoluvers and BlockStarz Announce New Show! recently announced a new partnership with BlockStarz TV and after the first few weeks of working together the two companies have finalized the details for their new joint produced show:

American Underground: City To City

In this show, Faygoluvers’ own Big Ian will be traveling to cities across America with a strong underground presence to showcase the underground culture in that city, what makes each one unique, and what they contribute to the larger underground as a whole.

As we travel across America, we will be profiling artists with both a national presence as well as some of the most talented locals the underground has to offer in each city. We will also be interviewing long-time fans born and raised in the cities they rep, profiling prominent venues that embrace underground shows, and even stopping along the way to try some of the best local food each city has to offer! (Big Ian is making us do the last one…)

We are currently filming the first season of American Underground and are set to air the first episode in mid to late August. For the first season of the show we are already organizing episodes for:

Detroit, MI

New York, NY

Louisville, KY

Philadelphia, PA

Cleveland, OH

And a Special Gathering of the Juggalos Edition of the show.

Other cities we wish to profile either this or next season include:

Chicago, IL

Milwaukee, WI

Boston, MA

Atlanta, GA

Baltiomore, MD

Richmond, VA

One of the first episodes to be shot will be for Louisville, KY where, as we profile the city, we will be interviewing southern rap leader and Louisville native Bukshot! The American Underground Cameras will be in Kentucky to shoot this episode the first weekend in May, the weekend of the Kentucky Derby!

If you are an artist or underground fan in these or any other major cities and would like to be included in the profile of your city or have any ideas/suggestions for Artist, Venue or Fan segements you would like to see included please email Big Ian at and include your Name and City in the Subject line.

Please keep in mind many of these cities will not begin shooting for several months or more so if you do not receive an immediate reply, it most likely means that the episode for your city is not currently being organized. We will be posting regular updates as we begin profiling each city so stay tuned to:
For details on when and how your city will be profiled!


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