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For All Mankind - The Life and Career of Mick Foley

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For those who don’t know, Mick Foley is the ultraviolent, Deathmatch Icon, Hardcore Legend, Stand Up Comic, New York Times Best Selling Author, WWE Hall Of Famer, former 4 time World Heavyweight champion (3 in WWF and 1 in TNA), Super Charity Worker, Juggalo, and all around one of the nicest most polite guys in the world (that’s real talk cause I met him a college lecture in 2004). He’s been known by multiple names and had several gimmicks throughout wrestling such as Jack Foley, Cactus Jack Manson, Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Sac, Commissioner Foley, Santa Claus, Jolly Ol’ St. Micklaus, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

This set is a great companion piece to TNA’s Mick Foley: Hardcore Legend. But unlike Hardcore Legend (which basically showcased Foley’s extensive work in charities all over the world, and his TNA matches), this is a full-on documentary of his life from birth, school, amateur wrestling, college, training to be a pro wrestler, and his entire career. The big part about this whole set that caused a lot of fans to buy it is that Shane Douglas (yes, The Franchise. The guy for years bashed WWE and Vince) is interviewed for this documentary. I’m pretty sure Shane did it as a favor for his real-life best friend Mick Foley, so that’s a good reason to check the set out.

Anyways, this bad boy just goes all over his career from his short time in the AWA, the jobber matches in WWF, his 1st and 2nd stints in WCW, his work in ECW, his work in Japan, WWF, his 3 reigns as WWF Champion, retirement #1, book work, retirement #2, retirement #3, and ends with some footage WWE filmed of him doing Stand-up comedy. This set also reveals a lot of things that not many of us even knew about Foley’s life. For example, he went to high school with Kevin James and they were on the wrestling team together. They do showcase some of Foley’s charity work over the years, and Foley even breaks down the whole “real” reason he was forced to hang up the boots from countless concussions, a very bad knee, issues with memory, and even hearing two different doctors and Vince McMahon tell him “No more!”. There’s even an interview with his oldest daughter who calls him a hero. The bonus discs (2 on the DVD version and just 1 on the Blu-Ray version) is loaded with nothing but matches including the following classics of his career:

  • No-Rope Barbwire Deathmatch from ECW V.S The Sandman
  • Submit or Surrender match from WCW V.S Sting
  • Hell In A Cell 98 from WWF V.S The Undertaker
  • WWF Championship match from WWF Rock Bottom V.S The Rock
  • Hell In A Cell/retirement match 2000 from WWF V.S Triple H.

Those are just a few of the matches. The Blu-Ray bonus cuts feature a few more interviews. One of them is Foley describing in full detail the origins of the “Anti-Hardcore Cactus Jack” promos and angles from ECW back in 1995. A few editions of the DVD and Blu-Ray came with a replica Mr. Socko sock puppet. The stale part of this is that there’s no mentions of TNA or JCW anywhere on either set.

All in all For All Mankind is a great video to check out whether you buy it or Netflix it. Mick Foley is a one of a kind guy in general and it’s about time his complete story is told! It’s one hell of a way to bring your life and career full circle. I highly, and I mean highly suggest checking it out, whether you’re a wrestling fan or not, because this is just one of those videos that’s going to leave you with a smile and say “You know, that guy is fucking nuts but he does seem to be a kind-hearted all around great guy!”.

Release Date:

  • 04/16/2013


  • World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)


  • WWE Home Video


  • Mick Foley, Shane Douglas, Terry Funk, Randy Orton, Triple H, The Rock, Jim Ross, Vader, Dee Snider, & many friends, co-workers, peers, and family.


  • 540 Minutes 00 Seconds




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