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Insane Clown Posse - "The Riddle Box Weekend

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This is it fam! This is the review for the 2 disc set known as The Riddle Box Weekend. Completely uncut, uncensored, and in your face! This was all taken place during the 2nd annual “Juggalo Day” Celebration, which was changed to Juggalo Weekend. So without further adieu, here we go!

JCW Oddball Brawl at St. Andrews Hall:
This is actually the 2nd disc, but I’m reviewing this in the order of the actual weekend. This is the entire iPPV. KG-Kevin Gill is a good play by play man and can tell a good story. Shaggy could still use a little work but is a good inside analyst when it comes to moves. The camerawork, the lighting, and the all around environment in and out the ring is high class. Way too high class for it to be a wrestling show done by an independent wrestling company (seriously, it’s on WWE’s level!).

JCW brought in some really big names like Bobby Lashley, Honky Tonk Man, The Boogieman, Shawn “Sheik Abdul Bashir” Divari, Zach Gowen. And then, add future superstars like The Ring Rydas (Irish Airborne or in CZW 2/3’s of OI4K), The haters (The Thomaselli Brothers), and Kongo Kong (Mr. Tofanga in CZW). In total you’ve got one hell of a great wrestling show. It features great angles, spots, promos, etc. Some people got put over well in a few matches and some were just basically jobbers. It was still a decent wrestling show and was fresh to hear juggalos sing along to Honky Tonk Man’s song and then eat worms with the Boogieman. Those were really cool. Then, the entire roster showed up at the main event for a lumberjack match. That was dope because they don’t do very many of those matches anymore. All in all for this being my first time watching the modern-day JCW (post-slam TV era) this was pretty decent.


  • Main Event: JCW Champion 2 Tuff Tony vs. Shawn Daivari
  • JCW Tag Team Champions The Ring Ryders vs. The Haters
  • Bobby Lashley vs. Jon Bolin
  • The Boogeyman vs. Richie Boy Bryer Wellington
  • The Honky Tonk Man vs. Superstar Bill Martel
  • Kongo Kong vs. Zach Gowen
  • Tracy & Isabella Smothers vs. The Weedman and Ring Girl Randi
  • The Necro Butcher & Mad Man Pondo vs. The Rude Boy & Evil Dead

The Riddle Box Show:
This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! This show was not only exciting when it was first heard, but also created a bit of controversy and anger from within the Juggalo family. Originally the iPPV of this entire concert was going to be free for all to watch. Then out of nowhere they were charging money for it. But nonetheless the show sold out and was the shit!

They broke out the classics! Speaking as an OG Michigan juggalo down about 19 years, when they said they’ve never performed songs like Ol’ Evil Eye, The Killing Fields, and Headless Boogie live before, it’s legit real talk. They tried once in 96 to perform The Killing Fields but it didn’t go over very well. That being said, this show was spectacular! Project Born‘s set mixed their entire catalog including classics like Graveyard, I’m Losin’ It, & Underground Music. They also brought out B-Cide who performed an entire song. Damn that kid can spit fast if needed! Ima say it now…B-Cide might be the next big fast-rapping white boy to get a major record deal alongside MGK and Yelawolf.

Next came Myzery who peformed a few classics such as Para La Isla, Stimulated Dome, and Witching Hour. Myzery also performed some brand new tracks. Following that, ICP came out with the Riddle Box show. Every track (except for one skit and a few outros and intros to songs) in their entirety. No 2 verse songs or 1 verse tracks. It was the entire song! It was awesome! During Lil Somthin’ Somthin’, ICP brought up quite a few lovely Juggalettes to join in on the song as well as throw a lil Faygo at the lucky juggalos. The best part of the night would have to be I’m Comin’ Home. Before the song began, Violent J fucked up a line saying it was 15 years ago that Riddle Box came out (in actuality, Riddle Box was released 17 years ago) but he told every single juggalo that he loved them all and thanked them for all the support over their 20-plus year career. When the song started they started pulling up random juggalos and juggalettes onto the stage and the greatest Faygo Armageddon ever was performed. They don’t bring up the crowd that often anymore to do this, so that was pretty damn sweet to check out. Mike E. Clark was on the turntables this night while DJ Clay had the JCW show on lock.

All in all, this DVD is well worth it if you didn’t see it live or catch the iPPV’s. The downside is that there’s no bonus features or anything. The wrestling DVD is a little over 3 hours long and the concert DVD is just a tad bit over 2 hours (rounding out to 5 hours). For those who might have only heard a few songs from The Riddle Box this is a treat for you because this is basically the album but a live version of it that you can watch again and again!

Release Date:

  • 04/23/2013


  • Psychopathic Records


  • Psychopathic Records


  • Insane Clown Posse, Project Born, Myzery, B-Cide, Bobby Lashley, 2 Tuff Tony, Honky Tonk Man, Zach Gowen, and the entire JCW Roster


  • 300+ Minutes





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