March 21, 2019
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311's Summer Unity Tour - Kansas City, MO

Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri

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The element of a castle looking stage, outdoor venue and beautiful sunny day was setting the scene for an epic night of amazing music under the stars. Unity Tour 2013 is in full effect for the packed house tonight.

311 and Cypress took over the starlight theatre in Kansas City, MO. castle looking stage, outdoor venue and beautiful sunny day was setting the scene for an epic night of amazing music under the stars brought out thousands of fans as G. Love and Special Sauce got things goin’.

The trio toke the stage, G. Love and Special Sauce are an amazingly talented group of musician playing the harmonica, guitar, singing and rapping joined with the drums and the double bass. They had the entire House bouncing and singing along to his spectacularly catchy tunes, and Ended the night freestylin’ on the mic with unbelievable talent! Can’t wait to see him again.

B-Real, Sen Dog, Eric Bobo, along with DJ Julio G or Cypress Hill brought the energy to another level, emerging from backstage. Cypress Hill included, the Starlight Theatre welcomed the band’s rhythmic beats and B-Real’s utterly distinct vocals. Performing some of Cypress’ greatest weed smoking anthems; “I Wanna Get High”, “Hits from the Bong”, “Dr. Greenthumb” and closing out the show their biggest hit “(Rock) Superstar”. It wasn’t all about the rap pairing of B-Real and Sen Dog though. DJ Julio was allowed to flex his muscles with a scratch solo, tag teaming with B-Real in an impressive one-one fashion, while Eric “Big Drum” Bobo took to the bongos for a by-all-accounts insane drum solo. The crowd was no doubt stoked on the news that Cypress Hill are working on a new album set for release later this year.

The fans could not have asked for a better day to unite at the Starlight Theatre to enjoy the divergent sounds of 311 who has built a solid reputation for stylistic range, deft musicianship and a fiery live show and boy did these guys came out shredding Omaha Style. They moved into the wildly popular “Sunset in July” which enthralled the crowd and “Freak Out”. Another couple of memorable moments were “Wild Nights” a classic feel good go out and make bad decisions with your friends type of anthem and “Down” another archetypal tune which for the first time I noticed how many people misunderstand the lyrics, and hearing the different misinterpretations is quite amusing.

As the night wound down I was glad to have experienced such diverse sounds from the talent that showed up.

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