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We All Fall Down


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Prozak is a longtime member of the Detroit-area horrorcore rap scene, performing in the groups Bedlam and Project: Deadman before embarking on a solo recording career in 2004. Moreover, his notability includes the founding of Wickedstock, an annual horrorcore festival held in the Detroit area. Born Steven Shippy, he began recording his raps in 1995 and founded his first group — Strict9ne, also featuring his childhood friend Heckles — in 1997. During the late ’90s he became closely affiliated with the Detroit-area horrorcore scene, doing security work for the R.O.C. and his second-generation House of Krazees collective. He befriended fellow horrorcore rapper Madness (aka Curt D), and in 1999 the two founded Bedlam in the mid-Michigan city of Saginaw (approximately two hours north of Detroit). The duo issued several self-released Bedlam albums, including multiple volumes of the Chemical Imbalancez series, before signing with Long Range Distribution, which released Bedlamitez Rize in 2003 and Shock Treatment (previously released in 2002) in 2004. Prozak went solo in 2004, releasing the debut album Aftabirth via Long Range Distribution, and also that year he teamed up with former Insane Clown Posse producer Mike E. Clark to found the duo Project: Deadman and release the album Self Inflicted via MSC Music Entertainment. Several years passed before Prozak returned with his second solo album, Tales from the Sick (2008), released by Strange Music.  He also released his next album Paranormal (2012) on Strange Music.  His most current release entitled “We All  Fall Down” is due to be released on Strange Music on Sept 17, 2013.

Track listing

  1.  Divided We Stand
  2. Audio Barricade
  3. Just Like Nothing
  4. The Ghost Of Injustice (Interlude)
  5. Blood Paved Road
  6. Fading Away
  7. Three, Two, One
  8. Vendetta
  9. Nowhere To Run
  10. Distress Call
  11. Darkest Shade Of Grey
  12. We All Fall Down
  13. The Shadow Of Mortality (Interlude)
  14. Time
  15. Before We Say Goodbye


Track by track review and rating

  1.  Divided We Stand: A very mellow intro track to this album.  Nice smooth beat and spoken word verse.  A very interesting lead off track.  7/10
  2. Audio Barricade: A simple smooth beat drives the track.  The verses are done very well and highlight his skills very well.  A simple hook leaves the verses to stand alone but it works here.  8/10
  3. Just Like Nothing: Piano, a simple beat, and a solid hook start the track off.  The verses are very deep lyrically.  The message is well stated and presented here.  9/10
  4. The Ghost Of Injustice (Interlude): Short spoken interlude.  Great lead in for the next track.  N/A
  5. Blood Paved Road: Another simple beat here that fits well with the mellow vibe set so far.  This track speaks out against racism but not in a way that is really in your face.  The verses are well written and the hook is very catchy.  9/10
  6. Fading Away: Simplicity seems to be the theme of the album and it works well.  A great beat and hook start the track.  This track continues the social theme as well but it is effective.  Smooth verses melt well with the hook and make the track enjoyable.  8/10
  7. Three, Two, One: This tracks changes the flow of the whole album by getting back into the hard guitar riffs and hard hitting beat.  Even though that is the case his point is made that all the previous themes of the tracks lead to the theme of the end of the world.  Nice way to make a point and switch the theme 180 degrees.  9/10
  8. Vendetta: Heavy metal music backed tracked.  The lyrics are very aggressive and lead the listener to a place of hate.  At this point in the album it works.  7/10
  9. Nowhere To Run: This is a strange place to put this track in the album since it is a country/blues sound.  The beat is simple and includes a great blues guitar and a great hook.  Definitely unexpected but very entrancing.  Socially the song points out many govt conspiracies and other things along those lines.  10/10
  10. Distress Call: Govt messages of obedience and conformity give way to a hook that screams no surrender.  A nice paradox.  8/10
  11. Darkest Shade Of Grey: Shades of Linkin Park in the music on this track.  The verses remind the listener of them but the hook is very hard rock.  A nice message about society and human interaction.  9/10
  12. We All Fall Down: The music in this track gets back to the mellow feel of the album.  He once again brings social issues to the forefront.  The verses are well written and the female singing the hook is a nice counter to his delivery.  8/10
  13. The Shadow Of Mortality (Interlude): Another spoken word interlude.  N/A
  14. Time: A simple piano gives way to a simplistic beat.  The verses speak of the struggles on the road and how many artists lose important time they can never get back.  Another hook with a female vocal.  Important message for up and coming artists here.  9/10
  15. Before We Say Goodbye: A really nice piano backed track to close this CD out.  Great verses paint a really nice picture of a world as Prozak would like to see.  The hook is simple but effective here.  9/10


Conclusion:  This album is another very solid release by a Strange music artist.  Prozak leads the listener on a journey through many social issues.  While he keeps the theme throughout the album he doesn’t let that theme overwhelm the listener to a point of annoyance.  This is one of the most solid top to bottom releases in music today.  A definite album for anyone to pick up and enjoy.



Favorite Tracks:

  1. Nowhere To Run
  2. Blood Paved Road


  • 47 Minutes 33 Seconds

Record Label:

  • Strange Music

Release Date:

  • 09/17/2013





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    Comment posted on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 04:15 am GMT -5 at 4:15 am

    I love Prozak but I feel more and more depressed as I listen to the new albums.

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