August 9, 2020
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BeZerkaveli *Extra Extended Cut*

[youtube][/youtube]*This Extra Extended Cut features even more Q&A and a fresh video for you too! Keep an eye out at the three minute mark for our boy BeZerk with Jimmy Donn*

Hello and welcome Ninjas & Ninjettes to latest installment of the Underground Spotlight. I’m sure the first thing you’ll be asking is where the hell is BeZerkaveli at? Don’t be alarmed he hasn’t left the FaygoLuvers family and certainly doesn’t plan to anytime soon, but as you may have heard he is passing the torch and saying goodbye to the Underground Spotlight. That’s where I come in, I’m the one lucky and fortunate enough to become the newest member of the FLH family. I can’t tell you how much of an honor it is to get the chance to speak directly to the underground community.

Now remember BerZerk hasn’t really left,  he’s just behind the scenes running this whole Underground Spotlight thing now. Yeah, that’s right, he’s the one keeping me in line. So, I figured what better way to kick off my first ever edition of the Underground Spotlight then an interview with the man himself; BeZerkaveli.

Through his three years with FLH he has conducted well over 300 interviews and had more then his fair share of crazy experiences. I say it’s about time we find out exactly how it all began and where it’s headed for the infamous BerZerkaveli.

 So, I’m Johnny O and welcome to the Underground Spotlight.

Johnny O: Right off the bat, why BeZerk? What made you choose the moniker BeZerk or BeZerkaveli?

BeZerk: I first came up with the name BeZerk when I was trying to name my Final Fantasy 10 character. It just hit me out of nowhere. Why it isn’t spelled correctly, because it is missing an r, has no significant reasoning whatsoever outside the fact that I used to be a lot worse of a speller. So the lack of the 1st “r” is actually a spelling error I always kept to stay unique and a little more individual. I have a lot of people that spell it Berserk or BerZerk, in which I usually won’t correct them. The Aveli part was added last summer when I was going through some personal changes to better me as a person. Italian author Makeveli taught people how to fake their own death to start new. Tupac, who has been one of my major inspirations in the past couple of years, changed his rap name to Makaveli and published his last album under Makaveli (The 7 Day Theory: The Don Killuminati, an album I own and have in the shrink wrap). To take after my idol, I dawned BeZerkaveli as to be like a phoenix that was to rise from the ashes. I’ve changed a lot with this persona, and it’s almost taken control of who I am. Sometimes I forget who Ken is, and where BeZerk or BeZerkaveli starts.

Most importantly though, why I chose to stay with the name BeZerk is because no other word in the English language best my mentality and personality. I truly am one of a kind.

 Johnny O: Over the years every Juggalo/Juggalette has had their fair share of Faygo, what flavor has always stood out the most to you?

BeZerk: My area hardly got shit when it came to Faygo flavors, but Red Pop and Blue Moon Mist are my favs hands down. I like the Pineapple one kind of, but it gets old hella quick. Sometimes before you’re even done with it. Rock-n-Rye is good in the glass bottle, which around here is the only way you can find it (at L&M in Mt. Iron for any ‘los in the area that may be interested).

Johnny O: So BeZerk, how exactly did you affiliation with FLH begin?

BeZerk: I first started with FLH when I just randomly wrote into the Facebook page 3 years back saying how one day I’d work for Faygoluvers. To my surprise, Big Ian actually hit me up and was like, “Hey bro, we got a segment that’s been kind of neglected, and if you wouldn’t mind helping, that’d be appreciated.” Not in those words exactly, but it was similar. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to pump out fresh shit from the underground for the juggalos to be able to experience.


Johnny O: Can you give us a little insight into what it has been like working as a part of the FaygoLuvers team?

BeZerk: I can describe it literally in one word. Nuts. It’s been almost a dream come true when it comes to some of my musical endeavors. I never once thought I’d be able to do some of the crazy extra stuff I’ve been able to do in the past 3 years. Always would dream of stuff similar, but now I’m living something that seems almost better. There are still things I would like to expand on, and sometimes I wish I was bigger, but the fact that anyone has kept up with me and supported me all these years has always amazed me.

Faygoluvers also helped expand my musical interests. With the large amount of stuff I actually did receive over the years, there were a lot of crappy musicians, but the best part was when you’d come across some really fresh new shit. I remember people like F. Dux writing in and though he was a Tunnel Runner, I missed his track, so when I did my UGS with him, it was like having to learn about a whole new artist from an album I actually really looked up to and liked. F. Dux also introduced me to Maniac the SIouxpernatural, who in my opinion, is literally the best wicked emcee around, and I dare anybody try to take his place.

Some of the extra things I got to experience was things like being in music videos and helping shoot one, booking shows with national names like F. Dux, Hopsin, and Potluck, being able to help local musicians/homies get their music out to the point that once we got a plug on an Australian radio podcast, partied with musicians I once just listened to, help other musicians find ways to better promote themselves or even better themselves as a musician, and it honestly feels like there is so much more. All of it I’m super grateful for. I knew without FLH, none of it probably would have been possible.


BeZerk(center) holdin’ it down with Beh Nais(right) and Hopsin(left).

Johnny O: I know outside of FaygoLuvers you keep yourself busy, what are some of the other projects you have going on?

BeZerk: I run a YouTube channel that I try to update as regularly as possible with some good underground tunes. This is my second channel I’ve run that has gotten over 50,000 combined views, so total that’s over 100k total views of all the fucking videos I’ve tried putting up. The channel is TRAForceOne aka Tropico Resistence Army (Hence the TRA part). It’s the reborn version of Wicked Underground TV. I use these channels to promote some of my favorite underground artists, and I’ve been able to promote work I’ve worked personally with like our tracks People Like You by Beh-nais featuring D2 and The Scrubb and my remixed version of If I Die Today by 2Staxxx (Millistaxxx and D2). We had a lot more music up on Wicked Underground TV when we were still doing music. but due to some copyright issues, that channel was taken down. Why I’d like to tell the Juggalos about this is because I really do have some really good music on that channel and I think you guys would like the shit I try to update with. It’s like the YouTube version of the Underground Spotlight.

I am also looking to start booking shows during the year 2014 and launch a merchandise line. Keep on a look out for that. I should be hosting the new FLH mixtape, which should be dropping by 2014. The SicFux and I (under the banner of should be hosting a holiday toy, clothing, coat, and food drive. Jimmy and I are still in the works of talking about that, so be on the look out on how you can help out. I will also still be doing the BeZerk’s BURRR!!! It’s Cold Out Kid’s Carhartt Giveaway for the month of December and there will be some big news regarding that on December 1st (oh what could it be).

The last thing I’d like to let the Juggalos know I’ll be doing, and it’s for FLH, is my own little editorial segment known as BeZerkaveli’s Corner. BeZerkAveli’s Corner will be my way to get out some of my views, and it will give you guys the chance to say what you want back. I want people to engage themselves in this segment. I don’t care what you believe or what you have to say, just fucking say it. You don’t have to like or agree with shit I said; just take the time of day to think about what I said and think about what it means to you. I want you guys to think. I want you guys to be able to then express yourself. There are too many followers that no longer think for themselves. Hopefully this will help us come together and pretty much have a troll fest of debates, discussions, brain storms, idea, etc. It should still be kind of fun, and I’m sure you guys will figure it out when it starts up and starts happening. I’m still thinking on what my first article should be. Want it to be fresh.

Johnny O: Just for the FLH fans, can you give us any info on the new FLH mixtape that you’re hosting? Congrats by the way homie.

BeZerk: I will only release the name of the mixtape and the theme of it. There are some artists who have already agreed to be on it, but I will not mention who. The name of the mixtape will be Faygoluvers and Friends and it will be TV, movie, music, video game, media, etc based mixtape. This is going to be one you’re not going to want to pass up, and I’m hoping it’s the best FLH mixtape to date. I am having the homie The Scrubb of 1416 Designs do the album cover, so I’m sure when that’s done, we’ll have some sick concept art for you guys to check out, and I’m dealing with a lot of personal shit, so I’m trying to maintain all this shit without popping.

Johnny O: I’m sure your work with the Underground Spotlight has brought you in contact with numerous different aspects of the underground scene, Can you tell us about your most memorable moment so far?

BeZerk: Well there were a lot more moments I forgot then I remembered lol. Some of the favorite moments of my UGS from doing either interviews or just being the dude that did them were things like my unpublished interview with former death row inmate and former black panther Mummia Abu Jamal, fueding with Jokerr and FETUS and Necro, being known as Faygoluvers at SicFux shows, being able to book my homie F. Dux who I became homies with through FLH on a small midwest tour which included two spots on the Hopsin I AM RAW Tour. Helping my personal homie Chesty get his designs off the ground and become pretty much a professional graphics artists. Through my connections with FLH and his down to earth personality, we were able to connect with a bunch of different artists for his designs, and then he gained a reputation. Now Chesty has been able to do work for Liquid Assassin, GrewSum, The SicFux, DJ Demik, Tanq Locc, F. Dux, Brotha Lynch Hung, Boondox, Maniac the Siouxpernatural and NSE, Krazy Native Klan, Faygoluvers, and many more. That was one of my favorite parts of this whole experience was to help be able to bring up Chesty along with me because he truly represented who he is, and he is The Scrubb after all.


BeZerk(left) and Liquid Assassin(right)

Johnny O: Well, BeZerk how about a little insight, who do you consider an inspiration?

BeZerk: My mom’s ex-boyfriend Bob, I always attributed all my music ambitions from. He was a rocker back in the day who used to play music all the time. The first time I touched a guitar I was 3. I’ve been around music all my life, and I’m glad I found a way to help expand something that has always been close to me. My foster mom who taught me how to start playing the piano played a big role in me getting into music later on in life. In the music world, artists like Tupac, Immortal Technique, Stir Crazy, the Bee Gees, Blink 182, Kamikazi, Liquid Assassin, Eminem, and a lot of other artists have inspired me to try to do my own shit. I’ve obviously been inspired by those at Psychopathic Records, Strange Music and Subnoize Records too, but we don’t need to be redundant.


Johnny O: You’ve had the chance to meet many artists throughout the years, who are you listening to right now?

BeZerk: Actually it’s because of the fact that I listen to so few artists now that I’m leaving the Underground Spotlight. My life now revolves around Tupac, Atmosphere, Immortal Technique, Low Key, RA the Rugged Man, Maniac the Siouxpernatural, Night Shield, Jimmy Donn, KiNGPiN, Killa Capone, Oz, Playboy the Beast, Nirvana, The Beatles, Kamikazi, and actually a lot of rap instrumentals and dubstep. I have strayed kind of from most of the stuff the juggalos would typically listen to, but I enjoy the old stuff still.

Johnny O: In the end we all appreciate the ones who surround us, how about a few shout outs before we end this thing?

BeZerk: I’d have to first shout out Scottie D and Big Ian for giving me this opportunity and for putting up with my craziness over the years. Without love and support from people like them, Scottie D’s wifey Amanda, my roomates, The Bricks, Sicfux Entertainment, Low Life Entertainment, Night Shield Entertainment, Highly IntalkSickhated Entertainment, 1416 Entertainment, and a lot of people and fans, I probably would have been hanging from a tree by now. I’ve gotten a lot of mad love from Sicfux, Low Lifes, Scrubbs, Juggalos, and just everyday normal people that have helped make my life a little easier. I would also like to shout out to my girl who’s love and support inspires me. I hope she’s safe and I hope she gets better. Shout outs to Paul R, Chris N, Brockalicous, SicChix Bev, well the SicChix lol, KiNGPiN, Killa Capone, Kamikazi, Ryan “Hustle”, Theory and the whole Street Sound crew, F. Dux, Maniac, Night Shield, Danny Boy, B_EaTS, Rockin Rev Ricky and his girl Evile E, Pam “Tits McGee”, Johnny Smalls, Bird Moore, Stir Crazy, Cardell “Liquid Assassin”, Josh R., Chesty “The Scrubb” Strong, Miles “Millistaxxx” Cameron, Ben “Beh-Nais” Isham, Uncle Brucie Cameron, Nathan Johnson, Jason Schmitz and the Schmitz family, my boss Ryan G., Nick “Danger”, the black jack dealers that dealt me all the way to 3rd place in the black jack tourney at Black Bear Casino on Feb. 28th, Oakley Boyer and his girl, Debra Wilde, Andy Crabb and probably a lot more motherfuckers that I can’t think of. Seriously thanks to all of you.

Johnny O: And my oldest son, Johnny, said I have to ask this. So, if you could be any wild animal, what would you be?

BeZerk: Well when I was probably around his age, I always wanted to be something that flew like an eagle or something cool like that, but I’m really big into animals (one of the few things BeZerk has a soft spot for) so I couldn’t narrow it down to just one. I’d like to be the animal I think I take most after, which is the snake. Snakes are often shit on for being evil creatures, but they are anything but. But if I also had the chance to live in another life as a household hermit crab or even a wild tarantula, that’d be dope. I have 4 land hermits and a rose back tarantula. They look like they are having a good time.

Well everyone, it looks like that will wrap up my short interview with the man behind the curtain; BerZerkaveli. I want to thank BerZerk, Scottie D and the entire FaygoLuvers family for bringing me in and I look forward to bringing the best of the underground right here. So, if you are an underground artist make sure to hit me up and let me know you’d like to be featured on the spotlight. All e-mails can be sent with the subject Underground Spotlight to [email protected].

Until next time fam.


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    This made my month.

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    I’d like to note though, I conducted over 300 interviews, but published about half of them. A large portion of them were never transferred from the old website to the new website, but can still be viewed if you check the old site. If your shit got dropped, don’t be mad. Scottie D had to do each one of those fuckers personally when I sent them in, then when they were building this site, he had to redo a bunch more. So give him credit for getting most of the ones from the last site up. A lot of times in the beginning I was doing like 3 spotlights a week, and Scottie D had to encode those personally, so sometimes it was hard to keep up. Still overall, over 100 were published, maybe even 150 to 175. I’d like to see Barbra Walters beat that in her old age!

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