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Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

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Okay. When I first heard rumor that there was gonna be a spinoff movie based upon a character created for random pranks on the Jackass movies, I would laugh at you and say you was full of shit. Well they did it! It happened! And though I watched the normal R Rated version, I laughed my ass off despite it feeling more like a normal movie than a hidden-camera movie. So now I shall share with you the movie review for “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa”!

I’m assuming the movie starts out somewhere in Ohio since one of the buildings had a Cleveland Cavaliers decal in their window. It starts out in a courthouse with a little boy named Billy (Jackson Nicoll) reading a book telling people in the waiting room that he wants to be a fisherman when he grows up. After his mother (Georgina Cates) grabs him and curses out her lawyer. She takes him to his Grandpa. Enter the Grandpappy everybody wishes was their grandad: 86 year old Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville)! We find him at a hospital waiting room being told that his wife Elle has left the world. Now normally people would cry or get emoitional…not Mr. Zisman! He goes “Christ… I thought she’d never die!” and tells his penis that they’re free! The film’s opening credits show Irving first heading to an Asian “health spa”, which was closed. Then, they head to an all-nude strip club/brothel…which was also closed. So what does he do? Sticks his dick in the change return part of a soda machine. Fill in the blanks because that was pretty fucking funny how that turned out!

Next we find ourselves in a church for the funeral of Irving’s wife Elle (Played by character Actress Catherine Keener) which has a very moving service until Irving’s daughter and grandson show up. After a public argument that ends with the daughter stealing her dead mother’s pearl necklace and the knocking over of the casket, we find ourselves with the stars of the film: Irving Zisman and his “Cockblocker” of a grandson Billy.

Next up we find ourselves at an internet cafe where they meet with a mediator which leads to another argument. Billy’s deadbeat dad (Greg Harris) would rather sit around and smoke weed with his girlfriend and homies (Madison Davis & George Faughnan who are actually credited in the film as “Juggalette” and “Juggalo”…so there are some props from the guys at Dickhouse showing their love for the fam!). Next, his girlfriend informs him that while Billy’s mom’s in jail, he’ll be getting 600 bucks a month just for Billy being in his care. Billy’s dad sounds like father of the year now don’t he? So the plan’s set: Irving and Billy will meet his dad in Raleigh, North Carolina.

After an estate sale and a trick to get a moving company to help move Elle’s body from the bedroom to the trunk of Irving’s car, they’re off on a great road trip. All Billy really wants to do is go fishing with his grandpa, and all Grandpa wants to do is dip his worm into some tuna. There are quite a few “Jackass” style stunts performed in the film like the rocket ride in front of a store that launches and sends Irving through a window, grabbing one glass of wine at a wedding reception knocking them all down and covering Grandpa in glass, ramming of a penguin sign, and knocking over a shitload of motorcycles with a car. Oh yes!

But let’s continue. While Irving is off to a bingo hall to look for sex, Billy is searches for a better father figure. Both grandson and grandfather fail. Irving leaves Billy in a motel room with grandma as he heads to the local strip club (during ladies night) which leads to another very funny moment including the return of “Old Man Balls”. The 3rd and final time of the search for ass shows Billy trying to convince women that his grandpa can’t talk infront of women. I won’t spoil that one for you.

Eventually they find themselves in Raleigh where they meet Deadbeat Daddy in a bar filled with members of Guardians of Children. (Guardians of Children are a real biker gang BTW. A gang that actually helps abused children all over the world. They’ve been featured on 60 Minutes. Some real respect to these guys.) After the GOC see Deadbeat daddy for who he really is, they leave Irving with Billy. As Irving and Billy leave, it looks like they might be ready to beat the shit outta mr. deadbeat daddy. You’d think the movie would be over there, but it’s not. The funniest part of this film was saved for last. Billy dresses up as a girl and enters a little miss beauty pageant.

It all starts out innocent until the song & dance number of the program. There, we see Billy shock the audience by dancing like a stripper…complete with “sexy” clothing, pole dancing, booty shaking, hair metal music, and a perverted old man tossing 1 dollar bills all over the stage. I fell off my couch laughing my ass off! The film ends with Billy and Irving tossing Elle’s body over a bridge as per her final request (according to Irving) and the boys decide to go fishing ending with Billy living with Grandpa.

I might get in alot of shit for this, but I think it’s safe to say this could be a movie for the family. It starts with 2 family members who don’t like one another, they travel with one another for a few days, bond, and realize that they have more in common than they thought and become best buddies. Precious moments only a child can have with a grandparent make memories that last a lifetime…even if that certain grandparent is an crotchety drunken horny old toad. The DVD version has no special features. Not even a goddamn “making of” featurette, but it’s fine. So if you’re looking for a movie to watch with big laughs, or a simple date night flick, this is a must! But for the hardcore Jackass fans, I would suggest the Blu-Ray unrated cut. In closing I will say that this is the first and possibly only film in the Jackass series to be nominated for an Academy Award [for best hair and make-up]. If they win this award, it’ll show that yes you can be stupid on film and actually be successful at it! And that’s pretty fucking cool in my opinion. MMFCL everyone.

Release Date:

  • 01/25/2014


  • Dickhouse Productions


  • Jeff Tremaine


  • Paramount Pictures


  • Johnny Knoxville & Jackson Nicoll


  • 90 Minutes 00 Seconds





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