May 8, 2021
28 Guests and Online

DJ Clay & Big Hoodoo

DJ Clay/Big Hoodoo

Agora in Cleveland, Ohio

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Being the first show since moving from Peabody’s (which is now closed down) to the Agora, we were not expecting a whole lot of people to show up. In addition to various other factors, attendance wasn’t expected to skyrocket; however, as the show went on, so did the energy and love.

In addition, check out the interview I did with DJ Clay and Big Hoodoo for some exclusive freshness, also featured on this site right here:

We (as in me and my wifey Mary) got there at about 7:00pm. I’d like to give a shoutout to her as she helped me with the pictures and although the camera was new, still got some great shots in.

Although it seemed a little dead at first, people were still optimistic and outgoing. I had the chance to chat with opener NinJa G and of course the master himself, DJ Clay. After various people decided to take the stage to play their own intermission music via laptop, the first opener came on.

I was in another part of the venue for their set, but even though they didn’t have a whole lot of support, they still gave it all they got. Painted up and jumping left to right, the opener still managed to keep the vibe alive. I previously got their names wrong and although after the show I asked around, I still don’t know who they were. Apparently a local Cleveland act. After them almost directly was NinJa G. I had the pleasure of talking to him beforehand, and big props to giving me a helping hand throughout the show. He engaged the crowd and urged everyone to come up front. While sippin’ on a drink and getting in your faces, NinJa G showed potential without a doubt. He tossed me his latest tour exclusive CD and expect a review on that soon.

After him was the duo of Enasnimi. The two dudes with dreads exploded onto the scene and was very talented. Although one of the two members (I’m not familiar with the names) attempted to sing in a high-pitched voice, they still sounded pretty good. I liked their low-tone style and towards the end they did an acappella with basically the beat of the mic. They also did their own renditions of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, which sounded unique. After them was Fisty Cuffs, whom did a good job of interacting with the crowd. He was in the process of shooting a music video and had the fans nonstop moving.

After a brief interlude, Big Hoodoo came out and the crowd was jacked. I’ve never seen the Jinx in action before, so this was a treat. He played (I believe) 8 songs off of Crystal Skull. He did a brief intro then started with “Hexed” which people were psyched for, and ended it with his closing track, “The World Is Very Different.” I believe Hoodoo is the perfect entity for the label, and everyone should be willing to give him a chance.

Finally, once the smoked cleared, DJ Clay came out and did his signature set. The small lightshow and smoke effects suited nicely, and he scratched the surface with his tables and played a few classics such as “Chicken Huntin'” and “We Don’t Die.” A bit while later, Hoodoo came on stage and nonstop danced, along with other fam members. Clay also did verses from songs he made the beats from, such as “Kept Grindin'” and “Get ’em All” among others. At this point, the crowd increased in size and everyone was having a blast. Oddly, he played nothing off of his latest release, A World Upside Down.

After the set, Clay and Hoodoo decided to come out and mingle with the crowd around the bar area. Although Agora security seemed to rush us out (I don’t even think it was barely past midnight yet), everyone got their two cents in, and it turned out to be a fun time. I managed to chat it up with the two of them and got an exclusive interview, and later randomly ran into them in the parking lot. Overall, it was a good show and even though it wasn’t dense, it turned out to be an up close and personal night. Sometimes, I wish all the shows I went to had that type of interactive vibe.



  • Agora
  • Ohio
  • United States


  • Fisty Cuffs, Enasnimi, NinJa G, Unknown Cleveland Duo With No Name


  • Hands of Odd

Record Label:

  • Psychopathic


Review Date:

  • 03/20/2014


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