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ICP You Shoot Interview

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Over at they have a series of interviews with various people involved with and in the wrestling business.  They have done interviews with names such as DDP, Kevin Nash, Jim Cornette, X-Pac, Saturn, Sabu and now they have sat down and interviewed the wicked clowns themselves, ICP!  The interview gives Juggalos a look into a side of ICP we rarely see, their wrestling side.  Of course they cover a wide variety of other topics and have some fun along the way.

In the first section called Love and Hate the interviewer asks them questions that were submitted by the viewers.  The first question informs ICP that they are the only tag team to ever appear on a WWE, WCW, TNA, and ECW pay per view.  Shaggy seemed truly shocked and J thanked the viewer for the information.  Then we get a few hater emails and ICP takes it in stride while quipping “What are these haters you speak of?”  They talk about their time training with Al Costello at the book building in Detroit.

The second section labeled Heat dives into any and all instances of beef in the business that ICP had.  They are asked about the Headbangers and J says their first match the Headbangers beat the crap out of them.  It was very funny to hear the story and get insight into the business.  They talk about working for those companies and getting paid very little to show up.  They say their appearances were mainly promotional and they only received about $500/show in the WWE.  When asked where they received the most hate, they said the WWE because they were looked at as intruders.  They do say they took their lumps, and by the time they showed up on WCW, they had earned respect in the locker room.

Section three was called What A Dick.  IN this section the interviewer named guys in the business and ICP said Cool or Dick.  Here is the list:

Greg the Hammer Valentine- Cool

Konnan- Neutral

Goldberg- Cool with Dick tendencies

Necro- Cool

Justin Beiber- Dick

Kanye West- Dick

Jaime Dundee- Cool

Rock- Cool

Buh Buh Ray- No Comment

Honky Tonk Man- Dick

Muta- Cool

Taz- Dick (Although J says he only said that to look tough and didn’t wanna mess with Taz)

HHH- Cool

Vampiro- Cool

Bill O’reilly- Dick

Colt Cabana- Cool

Ricky Morton- Cool

Hacksaw Jim Duggan- Cool

Jim Cornette- Split

Scott Hall- Cool

Shane McMahon- Cool

Undertaker- Cool

New Jack- Cool when not fucked up

Tracy Smothers- Cool

Terry Funk- Cool

Gene Simmons- Dick (They say more about this)

Iron Sheik- Cool

Ian Rotten- Split

They are then asked about the shiftiest promoter in the business and say the guy who promotes AWA.  Shaggy is asked about his likeness being used in GTA 5 and he says it is cool and he is flattered.  A question is sent in asking if the Eminem feud is still ongoing.  They say absolutely not.  Before Proof died they all went bowling and that squashed the beef.  J also says the shout outs he gave them on MMLP 2 were a compliment and not a diss.

Section 4 is called Sex, Drugs, and Vagina Tighteners and covers the drug use in the various companies.  They say ECW was the worst company for drug use with WCW second and the WWE last with no instances they saw there.  They say Tank Abbott is the worst guy to party with because he gets drunk and wants to fight everyone.  Then they play a game called “What’s in the bag” in which the interviewer pulls items from a bag and ICP is to say the first person that comes to mind.

Bottle of Jack Daniels- Honky Tonk Man

Cocaine- Head Bangers

Weed- RVD

Pills- Everyone!

Needle (Roids or Heroin)- Axle Rotten

Crack- Iron Sheik

Big black Dildo- Missy Hyatt

Pile of shit- Golddust

Section 5 is called Ho bags and is similar to What a dick but for women in the business.

Shelly- Cool

Kong- Cool

Torrie- No comment

Nitro Girl Spice- Cool

Chyna- Ho

Miley Cyrus- They would hit it

Francine- Cool

Luna- Hella cool

Gorgeous George- Ho

Reby Sky- No Comment

Sharon Osborne- Ho (For obvious reasons)

Molly Holly- Cool

Beulah- Cool

Tammy Sytch- Cool

Kim Kardashian- Ho

Medusa- Ho

Sable- Ho

Missy Hyatt- No comment

Katty Perry- Cool (J) Ho (Shaggs)

Stephanie McMahon- Cool

J was asked how he met sugar slam and tells of their first meeting.

In section 6, titled Psychopathic, they are asked about the parallels between Music and Wrestling.  They say there are tons.  From gimmicks to drive.  Someone asked about the “truth” behind Twiztid leaving.  J said they wanted to be 100% independent but they are still brothers and speak as often as they ever did.  Someone asked who Greez-e was.  J says he was the 3rd member of the group after John left.  But was only in the group for about a month.  Last they heard he was a cage fighter in Florida.  The last question is about why they don’t sign bigger underground rappers.  J say they can’t do anything for those guys.  They are already making money doing what they love to do and it would be stupid to sign them and take half their money.

Section 7 was short and titled “In the Ring” They are asked about their first meeting with Austin.  They said he was a nice guy but they had nothing in common.  They also say their biggest payday in the business was in TNA and they got something like $2000/show

Section 8 was called JCW and The Gathering.  They spoke of the legends show having more legends than any other promotion involved.  They have never blacklisted any wrestler.  J also says he never got to meet Andre the Giant and that was his biggest disappointment.  They also said the biggest complaint they got from wrestlers was that shit being thrown in the ring and making the ropes slick.  That was rectified at a Gathering when they asked the fans to not throw shit so they could have a better performance and it hasn’t happened since.  There is a brief question about the FBI situation and they gave their standard answers on this topic.

Section 9 titles “The Boys” is next.  They are asked if Raven is really a weird guy to travel with and they say they never saw any of the rumors about him in person.  When asked about why they never did a Trent Acid tribute show J said they didn’t feel like they had the right to throw one.  The craziest wrestler was hands down the Sheik.  They are asked about wrestling gimmicks that are rappers.  They say R-Truth and Cena are legit rappers but Macho Man was without a doubt the best.  Next in this section was something called twitter shots.  The only things of interest here was their Sting Stories.

The final section is called “Potpourri” and was a mix of questions.  They said the SNL and memes made about them are fresh and an honor.  Someone asked how they got their names and their answers were funny for sure.  When J is asked why he wears Fubu and Coogi he says it is because they are a few of the only companies that make good quality clothes in his size.  When asked if they believe in God they say they believe in a higher power but no specific religion.  The final question was if they had to choose only one, wrestling or music, which would they choose?  J had an interesting answer and said “Music is our profession and wrestling is our passion.”

To sum this interview up I would say it was an entertaining way to spend 2 hours.  They covered more non-music related things in this interview.  It gave me an incredible look inside of ICP that I never would have seen.  I would highly recommend this to any Juggalo, wrestling fans, or ICP fans.


Final Rating: 4/5

Release Date:

  • 03/25/2014


  • Kayfabe Commentaries


  • Kayfabe Commentaries


  • 130 Minutes





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