May 8, 2021
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Ninja Red Psycho, Forgotten Fallen, Koup d'E Tat, Razorz Edge, Didges Christ SuperDrum

RAZORZ EDGE W/ Koup d'E Tat, Forgotten Fallen, DCSD, Ninja Red Psycho

West End Live in Sanford, Florida

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            The underground scene is alive and well in Central Florida. West End Live in Sanford, Fla. is frequently home to some of the biggest names in the underground, but they also host some talented up and coming artists.

           On Aug. 7, Red Rabbit Entertainment–the new promotion/management/booking company started by Mad Red of Razorz Edge and Gypsy Bunny–hosted its first show at West End. The lineup consisted of several local favorites plus a special sighting of some otherworldly entertainers.

            The turnout wasn’t as large as when some of the bigger names come through town, but that seemed to work in the crowd’s favor. A smaller crowd meant for a more intimate interaction between audience and artist.

Ninja Red PsychoNRP_8-7-14

Ninja Red Psycho first hit the stage in July as an opener during the first leg of DJ Clay and Zug Izland’s Pandora’s Box Tour. He may be new to performing, but he’s no beginner on the music scene. Ninja Red Psycho has been rapping since 2007 when picked up the hobby as joke. Within a year he started taking his music more seriously and creating his own beats. This ninja is mad talented. He writes all of his lyrics, creates all of his own beats, and plays several instruments. He’s released an album, “Enter My Mind,” and is working on another.

Ninja Red Psycho’s first show was impressive but his performance has already improved. At his first show, he showed confidence. Last week in Sanford, he showed that as well as pride. Ninja Red is a pretty fun guy offstage, but when he hit the stage Thursday night his smile was wider and brighter when he saw fans there to support him.

Ninja Red Psycho’s connection with his audience is great. As his song “Just a Word” began, he leaned down to a girl in the crowd and asked, “This is the one you wanted to hear, right?” Her smile was a pretty good answer to that question.

I don’t see this guy slowing down any time soon. He’s got about 100 songs released across websites, such as Reverbnation. Ninja Red Psycho would also like to play at the Gathering of the Juggalos. If he plays near you, check him out. His next show will be at Tampa Juggalos Night on Sept. 19 at the Pegasus Lounge in Tampa, Fla.


Forgotten Fallen

ff_8-7-14Forgotten Fallen rocked the stage Thursday night, as well, despite some recent changes in the group. The last time we saw Forgotten Fallen was as a trio, but this time SpAz and mAnic hit the stage alone.

The guys have been evolving as artists, especially since their first show back in May when they opened for Boondox  at West End Live during the Wormwood Tour. They were good then, but now they perform with this new burst of energy that I can’t quite describe. If you’re ever in their crowd, though, you can feel it.

The guys credit Mad Red of Razorz Edge for what they have become thus far. “It’s because of him we are where we are where we are,” mAnic said. SpAz continued, “I feel like somebody.” MAnic added, “Yeah, I feel like somebody, because of him.”

At Thursday’s show, Forgotten Fallen debuted new versions of songs like “Self Destruct” and “Dark Fantasies.” They also played some all-new material like their song, “The Rise.” The crowd got a special surprise when Forgotten Fallen finished their set with a cover of Mushroomhead’s “New Cult King.”

Forgotten Fallen also has a cd in the works, which they plan to have completed by their next show. They will be opening for Anybody Killa at Bombshell’s Tavern in Orlando on Sept. 15. After that, they will appearing at Tampa Juggalo Night at the Pegasus Lounge on Sept. 19.


Koup d’E TatKDT_8-7-14

Though they hail from Lake City, Fla., Koup d’E Tat have become like locals in Sanford. Vocalist Chuck called West End their “home away from home” during Thursday night’s show.

These guys never fail to put on a fun show. Which makes ssense, as they see themselves as a force to unite others through music.

“Not so much pressing ourselves, our beliefs, onto somebody, but everybody has to come together on a common ground,” Chuck said. “We want to build that. That idea, to not only to be yourself, but you have to be yourself. And to be yourself you have to accept what everybody else is, as well.”

“That’s what we’re about: Damn freedom!” Brian added.

While the rest of the guys enjoyed a good, celebratory laugh on that one, Chuck continued, “Yeah, you have to respect your neighbors. Your neighbor’s thoughts might be completely different.”

Koup d’E Tat started out as a rock/hip hop group, but their style just keeps changing over time. Guitarist Brian said that he feels their style just keeps getting heavier and heavier. Their eclectic style combines a little of almost every genre into sound that is uniquely their own.

Though Thursday night’s crowd wasn’t the largest they’d played for, Koup d’E Tat brought the same level of energy that I’ve seen them devote to a much fuller house. These guys don’t seem to care if they’re playing for two fans or two thousand. They are all about their music and those that come out to support it.

Koup d’E Tat has quite a few shows lined up, so ninjas in Florida and nearby areas have plenty of chances to catch them perform. Their next show is Aug. 22 at Good Times at the County Line in Lake City, Fla. followed by their return to West End on Aug. 30. The guys will also be opening for ABK at Bomshell’s Tavern in Orlando on Sept. 15. They’re also looking forward to playing with Authority Zero in Jacksonville on Oct. 21.
After the Authority Zero show, Koup d’E Tat will be taking a hiatus on performing while they work on their album, which they hope to release around the new year.


Razorz Edge

RE_8-7-14 Mad Red and Timmy B’s schedules have been pretty full lately. They toured with DJ Clay and Zug Izland during the first leg of the Pandora’s box tour in July leading up to the Gathering of the Juggalos.

Mad Red has been quite busy, also, having recently started Red Rabbit Entertainment with Gypsy Bunny to book, promote and manage artists and shows throughout Florida.

Razorz Edge brought a nice mix of new and old with their set. They played some of their well known tracks like “Zombie Takeover” and “Hatchetz & Razorz” but they brought some brand new flavor from their new album, as well. They played the title track from the new album, “Jaws of Life,” and debuted another new song, “Shock Rock,” which is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Mad Red himself even said that it’s one of his favorite Razorz Edge songs. The crowd loved gettin’ live to the songs that they had already grown to love, but they were also really into the new stuff.

One of the best things about Razorz Edge is their dedication to their stage show. They often work out skits for their songs and some songs, such as “Zombie Takeover,” have their own choreography.

Razorz Edge has moved their release party for “Jaws of Life” from Aug. 30 to Sept. 15 at Bombshell’s Tavern in Orlando. They will also be opening for ABK at this show. The album will be available after release on iTunes and at shows.

After the ABK show/cd release, Razorz Edge will play at Tampa Juggalo Night at the Pegasus Lounge on Sept. 19. They will also resume touring with DJ Clay and Zug Izland for the second leg of the Pandora’s Box Tour soon. You can also catch the guys at Fright Fest with Kung Fu Vampire, Neurotic November and Twiztid at Underbelly in Jacksonville, Fla. on Oct. 24.


Didges Christ SuperDrumDCSD_8-7-14

The final performance Thursday night was a special sighting of Didges Christ SuperDrum, all the way from the planet Grok. DCSD is ObiShawnKenobi (vocals, guitar, percussion, Sirius alien technology), Lembonius (didgeridoos, Sirius alien technology), Caeseronius (drums, Sirius alien technology) and SkyeDancer (freakshow, fire manipulation).

Their show is definitely unlike any other I have ever seen. I’ve never heard a didgeridoo before, much less seen multiple didgeridoos played. DCSD’s unconventional instruments combine to give their music a trance-like effect. Combined with their tribal paint glowing under black lights and SkyeDancer’s captivating movements, a DCSD performance can take you to another plane without any intoxicating substances.

Some of their music was featured in the independent horror film, “Evangeline.” One of these songs is “Black is the Colour (of my true love’s hair),” a love song with dark lyrics like “Black is the colour of my true love’s hair. Obsidian eyes, translucent stare. Like the sky at night with no starlight. She instills me with no starlight.”

Their lyrics are few but deep, with topics ranging from love to social commentary. Their music is brilliantly unique. Their stage show is beautiful blacklight-lit bliss.

DCSD are currently traveling the Earth on the Terra Tour. Upcoming stops include Nobby’s in St. Augustime, Fla. on Aug. 21, Insomniacs in New Port Richey, Fla. Aug. 28, Evolvefest in Lakeland, Fla. Aug. 29, and a return to West End on Aug. 30. Their most recent album, Alien Technology, is available now, and DCSD is set to release a new album during an industry showcase in St. Petersburg, Fla. on Sept. 27.



Despite the turnout, this show was awesomely action-packed. I’d fully recommend seeing any of these artists perform. I sat down with ObiShawnKenobi of Didges Christ SuperDrum after the show, who informed me that they normally set something on fire when they perform their song, “Snake Oil.” That practice was not allowed for this show due to local fire codes, however. With that in mind, I’d say try to catch a DCSD show outside, if possible. Keep an eye out for big things coming from all of the artists that performed during this show. It seems that they are all destined for greatness.


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