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Bogies in Albany , New York

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This is my first attempt to write a review for anything. I normally leave reviews to the other webmasters at Faygoluvers. With that being said, on Friday, September 19th, my wife and I had the opportunity to attend a show which featured Suburban Noize Records recording artist Slaine.

We showed up to the venue, which is a place called Bogies in Albany, New York around 6:30 p.m. since the doors were scheduled to open at 7:00 p.m. After a short delay, we ended up being able to enter Bogies around 7:30 p.m.. Once we were inside Bogies, my wife and I explored the venue since neither of us had ever been to the place before. I thought the show was scheduled to start around 8:00 p.m. but I was wrong. The first artist did not end up starting until around 9:00 p.m..

The show started with an unknown artist (he said his name a few times but I could not understand it) getting up on stage and saying he was not even schedule to perform, but he showed up and asked the promoter if he could put on a show, and he agreed. Unfortunately his set was marred by forgotten lyrics, mistakes, and problems. His set only lasted about 5 songs.  You could tell he was talented but the small audience was not enjoying the mistake-filled set.

The next performer was a rapper by the name Oddone. He was a talented kid, but the major problem I found with his set was the fact that all he did was rapper super fast. I do not mind fast rapping on a verse or a song every now and again but not on every song. His set lasted around 15 minutes, the crowd seemed like they were really into his set.

Deadwrong was next up to perform. He started his set on stage but quickly came into the crowd and put on one hell of a show! This was the first performer I really enjoyed. You could really tell he put his heart into the show. He kept the crowd involved in his whole set. After about 20 minutes his time was up and he left the stage with the crowd wanting more.

Now came in my opinion the worst part of the whole night. What I guess you would call a thrash metal band was next to perform. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of metal music, but I just thought this was unnecessary to have at this show. Since I had my camera with me, I went to the back of the venue and did not really pay much attention to their set.

After a short break to remove all the instruments from the stage, the next performer was ready to go. This is the part of the show where not only the talent level, but the energy of the crowd started to pick up. Big Rush hit the stage an put down one hell of a show! Song after song, bar after bar, he set was filled with raw lyrics, which made for a good set.

Shyste was next up and continued what Big Rush had started. Song after song he was rapping his ass off. The crowd seemed to be digging him a lot. He had some pretty good songs, which I will definitely be checking out in the future, This was the first time i had heard of any of the artists who performed besides Slaine and Rite Hook.

The house DJ started to pack up his stuff, which allowed Slaine’s DJ to start getting set up. The stage hands started to get the mics ready by bring them close to a door that was on the right side of the stage. This is was where Slaine and Rite Hook were standing and getting ready to take the stage. Rite Hook jumped up and stage and asked the crowd if they were ready for the show to begin. With the crowd cheering loudly Slaine shot up on stage quickly and the crowd went nuts. Slaine’s set was filled with mostly songs from his last two albums “The Boston Project” and “The King of Everything Else.” Hit after hit the crowd was eating out of Slaine’s hand. Twice during his set, Slaine let Rite Hook perform one of his own tracks. Slaine’s set was moving along quickly, but it was hard hitting. Before the last song Slaine asked a fan to join him on stage. He told us that normally before he performed the next song he would drink a few drinks onstage, but since he was sober he would have the fans do it for him. Once the fans finished her drink and left the stage, Slaine and Rite Hook exploded into performing 99 Bottles. The crowd was sing along with the song word for word. Slaine asked the crowd to sing the chorus one last time, after we did, Slaine thanked everyone who came out and left the stage.

One thing that stuck out to me was the lack of crowd.  I’m not sure if it was poorly advertised or what but the crowd seemed really small for a show with a well-known artist. I had a few locals hit me up on my Facebook page saying they did not know the show was happening although I did post the show flyer daily. Even with the small crowd, Slaine still put on one of the best shows I have ever seen. I gained even more respect for him because of this. I have been to shows that did not draw a larger crowd and you could tell it was effecting the artist. Judging by the performance the crowd size did not effect the energy or the performance of Slaine.

With all of that being said, this was a great way to spend my Friday night. I am definitely looking forward to catching another Slaine show when he is back in my area. I suggest you attend one of his shows when you have the chance, you will not be disappointed.



  • Bogies
  • New York
  • United States


  • Rite Hook, Deadwrong, Shyste, Big Rush



Review Date:

  • 09/19/2014 - 09/20/2014


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