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Reindeer Games

Killjoy Club

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In March of 2014 DJ Paul of the infamous group Da Mafia 6ix announced a collaboration with the Insane Clown Posse that would shake the foundation of the underground.  Later that year during the Gathering of the Juggalos ICP seminar it was announced the project would be called The Killjoy Club and would be released in Sept 2014.  With expectation running high the debut album of this super group called Reindeer Games was released.  Did this project crack the foundation or did it fall short of the exceedingly high expectations?

Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Don’t Fuck Wit Me
  3. Surprize
  4. Jump
  5. Panic Mode
  6. Hammer Time
  7. Fools
  8. It’s A Murder It’s A Kill
  9. Ghetto Blaster
  10. Devil Made Me Do It ft Big Hoodoo
  11. Rambo ft Boondox
  12. Braver Than Me
  13. Double Clutch
  14. Live To Kill U
  15. Fuck Death
  16. Outro

Track by track review and rating

  1. Intro- A simple spoken intro with a catchy hook.  A decent intro to this album.  N/A
  2. Don’t Fuck Wit Me- The beat in this track is a very unique and very nicely done combination of Da Mafia 6ix club beats and ICP’s signature carnival sound.  The hook is simple and hard hitting.  The verses are done well and flow well together.  ICP hits their verses super hard and show they have not slowed throughout the years.  At the end of the track there is a rant from Sugar Slam which does not seem to fit the theme of the track and seems out of place here.  4/5
  3. Surprize- A slower hybrid beat drives this track.  The verses flow right along with the beat and it works here.  Young Wicked makes his debut on the album in the hook and it is a solid change of pace in contrast to the verses.  The standout verse in this track comes from Young Wicked.  He shows he can stand with the heavyweights and not be outdone.  4.5/5
  4. Jump- A very heavy and slow bass line pushes the beat here. The hook is very simple and somewhat distorted due to the heavy handed bass here.  The verses are well written and performed and stand out as the bass drops out for a majority of them.  Once again Young Wicked is the highlight of all the verses.  3.8/5
  5. Panic Mode- The beat here is more Mafia 6ix than ICP.  The verses from both groups fit well here as ICP adapts their flow to fit the more club beat.  Mafia 6ix adds solid verses as expected.  Young Wicked adds another solid verse in this mix that continues to impress.  3.8/5
  6. Hammer Time- The beat in this track is more Mafia 6ix than ICP once again.  The hook is very simple but effective.  Violent J and Shaggy both put in solid verses.  Young Wicked fills in as more of an accent here.  3.5/5
  7. Fools- A slow beat with some intricate sounds mixed in.  The hook changes pace and adds a different dimension here.  Young Wicked adds a verse which once again takes top ranks.  4/5
  8. It’s A Murder It’s A Kill- The slow plodding theme continues here.  Shaggy and J are on top of their game here but Young Wicked throws down a verse that absolutely destroys the track.  He continues to show that he can hang with these legends.  3.8/5
  9. Ghetto Blaster- The beat in this track sounds like it is straight from 1980 and that is a good thing.  The flow of the verses and the hook fit that theme as well.  Any old school killas will really dig the way this track is put together.  Young Wicked ends the track with a modern style verse over the beat.  5/5
  10. Devil Made Me Do It ft Big Hoodoo- A dark and slow track here.  The hook is slightly too simple and comes off a little lazy.  The verses from Mafia 6ix and ICP come off lazy here as well.  Hoodoo adds a very solid verse that saves this tracks rating.  3.5/5
  11. Rambo ft Boondox- A news broadcast leads this track and gives way to a slow complex beat.  The verses are much better here and work really well against the beat.  The hook is a let down here.  Boondox adds a verse at the end of the track which flows well and works in the theme of the track.  3.8/5
  12. Braver Than Me- Reverse talking leads this track in.  The beat is once again simple and slow.  The verses are well written and performed but blend in with the beat and get lost.  Young Wicked stands alone with his verse.  3.5/5
  13. Double Clutch- This beat is slower but more complex with the background effects.  The verse Violent J gives here is way too slow and tries too hard to fit the beat.  Young Wicked kills his verse here.  Mafia 6ix kills their verses.  Shaggy finishes the track with a solid verse.  4/5
  14. Live To Kill U- The beat is slow.  The verses try too hard to be horrorcore. The entire combination in this track comes off forced and doesn’t work well.  2.5/5
  15. Fuck Death- A hard hitting club beat backs this track.  The verses here are dope.  All of the artists manage to flow very well over this popping club beat.  This is a great track to get the album back on track.  4.5/5
  16. Outro- A spoken word outro here.  DJ Paul gives some insight into future projects coming out on Psychopathic.  N/A

Overall Rating:   3.87/5

Conclusion:  The long awaited debut of this newly formed super group is enjoyable as a whole.  ICP provides some of the best verses they have produced in a long time.  Mafia 6ix brings their unique Horrorcore club style in both the verses and a majority of the beats.  The highlight of the entire album was Young Wicked.  Not only does he prove he can stand among legends in most tracks he leaves them in the dust.  Will this album catch any attention outside of the established fan base?  Probably not but the fans within the genre will devour it.  A solid underground project that should be added to any fans collection.

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Ghetto Blaster
  2. Surprize
  3. Fuck Death


  • 60 Minutes 08 Seconds

Record Label:

  • Psychopathic Records

Release Date:

  • 09/02/2014





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