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Out Of The Ashes


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T-Ryde is an American Rap/Hip Hop Artist from Fort Worth, Texas.  T-Ryde began creating his own self proclaimed “Real Rap” in 2009 at the age of 15 years old.  In 2012 he created his own start up label called “Dubbed Free Mindz Muzik”.  T-Ryde began his music fixation as a “Metal-Head”, but discovered the music of Insane Clown Posse and Tech N9ne, forever turning him into a self-named “Hip Hop Head”.  T-Ryde has performed many shows with today’s top headliners such as: Twiztid, AMB, Rittz, Liquid Assassin, Twisted Insane, Immortal Soldierz, Wrekonize, Kung Fu Vampire, Scum, and G-Mo Skee.  Coming up in his performance dates are Lil Wyte, Potluck, Johnny Richter, Ces Cru, Mayday, and Murs.  His only major collaboration to date is titled “Through The Ceiling” featuring a Texas legend “Renizance of Immortal Soldierz”.  However, rumor has it DIRECTLY from Twisted Insane himself on his official facebook page post that a “Twisted Insane featuring T-Ryde” collaboration may be in the works!


  1. Intro
  2. Fuck Wit This
  3. This Is My Hustle (ft. CLAAS)
  4. no Mo
  5. Nobody Calling (ft. Mr. Jr)
  6. Through The Ceiling (ft. Renizance of Immortal Soldierz)
  7. Let It Be Known
  8. Holiday (ft. Kryptik & Sup3rsayin)
  9. My Road
  10. Lonely People
  11. When I Die
  12. Eggs N Bacon
  13. Kiseesh

Track Reviews

  1. Intro – A short fiery explosive intro features T-Ryde shouting his name, release year of the album, and album title.  N/A
  2. Fuck Wit This – A seemingly eerie beat begins but quickly takes a more Trap Beat based turn with heavy bass leading into a fast paced hook by T-Ryde showing confidence in his music exclaiming the title of the track daring people to “Fuck Wit This”.  T-Ryde explodes into the first verse showcasing his chopping skills very well.  The hook is very catchy, I assure you people will repeating this hook along the way of T-Ryde’s career.  The second verse starts off with some shaky singing, however it works with the track and he kills the second verse with more chopping.  The third verse ends this track with more singing and chopping killing it again.  4.5/5
  3. This Is My Hustle (ft. CLAAS) – This track starts off with faded in singing by T-Ryde leading to the first chorus where T-Ryde shows his love for Texas with a rap style singing chorus, very well done.  He once again starts off chopping very well, I don’t know how much T-Ryde works on his chopping abilities but it seems like he’s a natural chopper.  This harmonic chorus is quite enjoyable, Texas residents will be remembering this chorus for sure.  CLAAS comes in for the final verse with a fast paced flow with intense in your face lyrics.  4/5
  4. no Mo – A slower paced trap beat starts off and leads to T-Ryde rapping a simpler hook.  His style seems to have taken a more laid back tone in this track, his confidence however is still present.  Effects play a big part in the second verse as his intensity increases slightly for a second verse that outshines the first verse.  Again with more intensity T-Ryde shows a mass of confidence with his third verse.  Entertaining track to say the least.  3.5/5
  5. Nobody Calling (ft. Mr. Jr) – A computerized “Telephone Based” beat starts off and leads to a Hood style Chorus with shaky singing and pitch changing.   T-Ryde bursts out with a sick chopper verse, however I feel that this track could have been a banger if not for the singing.  Mr. Jr comes in on the second verse with a fast paced flow doing a decent job.  T-Ryde finishes out the track with more shaky singing BUT a bit of strong chopping.  His impressive chopper abilities were not enough to outshine the singing of this track to save it.  3/5
  6. Through The Ceiling (ft. Renizance of Immortal Soldierz) – Renizance of Immortal Soldierz starts off this track dropping the names of himself and T-Ryde leading into a harmonic chorus which is very enjoyable.  T-Ryde starts off with possibly his best verse on the entire album.  He got the best on this track and knew he had to step it up, and succeeded.  5/5
  7. Let It Be Known – A decent beat starts off and goes straight into a very monotone first verse by T-Ryde.  The tone of T-Ryde’s voice in this track does not reflect the confidence in his lyrics.  The hook is very laid back and not very lively.  T-Ryde did not bring his A game in this track.  3/5
  8. Holiday (ft. Kryptik & Sup3rsayin) – A fun dialogue intro accompanies a very happy toned Christmas style instrumental.  A rap hook about Christmas, eggnog and booze fits well here.  T-Ryde starts off with some chopping flowing well with the beat.  The two featured artists do a good job on this track keeping it lively and enjoyable.  4/5
  9. My Road – This track starts off with, in my opinion, the most diverse beat of the album.  T-Ryde kills the first verse with more impressive chopping.  The electric guitar in this track adds a very different feel to T-Ryde’s music which I thoroughly enjoy.  The hook this track is lively and in your face.  T-Ryde comes into the second verse with a bit more relaxed chopping verse but still holds up and impresses.  4.5/5
  10. Lonely People – An interesting simple singing chorus starts this track off, not sure if it’s an original chorus recorded for the track or a sampled chorus from another song, but it works very well.  Another T-Ryde chopping verse starts off but takes a shakier turn with some singing of his own.  The hook seems very repetitive, although well done, it’s just a little bit boring for a rap track like this.  T-Ryde provides a very solid second verse impressing again.  I appreciate the idea behind the hook, but it’s just too repetitive, boring, and simple.  3.5/5
  11. When I Die – The softest beat of the album starts off and leads to a decent autotuned chorus.  T-Ryde raps his first non chopper track in the album and uses autotune along the way.  I’m not a real fan of autotune, BUT I feel it works in this track, he did well with his first verse.  The second verse is a bit more iffy as T-Ryde plays heavily on the AutoTune.  While this is not the best track on the album, T-Ryde definitely showed diversity with this one and did it well.  That gives it a better rating.  4/5
  12. Eggs N Bacon – T-Ryde introduces himself and the album again, this time stating that he did all of the work on the final two tracks of the album and thanks us for listening.  T-Ryde begins with a solid first verse, proclaiming his juggalo lifestyle.  An… interesting hook plays… T-Ryde sounds as if he has a cold in the beginning of the hook, then goes Hulk screaming, it’s a bit of a humorous hook.  T-Ryde tries various things with his voice in this track, some work, some don’t.  He closes out this track with a solid verse showcasing long winded flow barely stopping to take breaths in the best verse of the track.  3/5
  13. Kiseesh – A Piano based beat starts off leading to a solid flow by T-Ryde, impressing nicely in a track said to be dedicated to his mother.  T-Ryde does a very well done hook to this track, I love it.  He kills the second verse with clear cut emotion, and proceeds to do the same with the third verse.  This is by far my favorite track of the entire album. Again… I LOVE IT!  5/5


Overall Review:  T-Ryde is definitely one impressive chopper, his clear delivery sets him aside from most artists who simply attempt chopping, T-Ryde DOES IT.  His attempts at diversity in his album through singing was gutsy, but didn’t pan out in most cases.  However when it did go well, it REALLY went well.  This album is definitely worth a listen and a purchase.  I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this artist.

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Kiseesh
  2. Through The Ceiling (ft. Renizance of Immortal Soldierz)
  3. Fuck Wit This


  • 47 Minutes 32 Seconds

Record Label:

  • Dubbed Free Mindz Muzik

Release Date:

  • 08/16/2014





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