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The Book of the Oracles


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KZK is a Rap Artist from Houston, TX. Signed to Hidden Dojo Productions, he has performed shows with top artists; Scum, Insane Poetry, Liquid Assassin and Twisted Insane.

Music is in KZK’s DNA as his grandfather, Mike McCarthy, was a famous Doo Wop singer from Chicago, IL, and his band “The Mark IV” appeared on The Dick Clark Show in the 1950’s. KZK grew up listening to the music of Metallica, AC/DC, Guns & Roses and other influential bands. In the late 2000’s KZK discovered underground rap which heavily influenced his own Horrorcore style. Attending a Boondox concert in 2012 led to his decision to devote his life to music.

KZK’s persona is heavily influenced by Greek Mythology, Vampirism, Magic, and many other subjects of the Arcane. His music is heavily story based, making the listener feel as if they are reading an amazing book mixed with horror based music.

2014 is KZK’s biggest year so far as he signed to his first label and performed concerts with major artists. KZK released his first full length album “The Book of The Oracles”, featuring Kung Fu Vampire, Mr. Grey and more, on 10/16/14, available at KZK’s first album has sold over 100 copies and his fan base is growing.

Look for big things from KZK in 2015. He is embarking on his first tour and releasing a second album with even more famous names. You can book KZK for features, shows, etc. @ [email protected] or visit his website @


Track listing

  1.  The Book of the Oracles Ft Mr. Grey
  2. I am the Krow
  3. Murder after Midnight Ft Kung Fu Vampire
  4. The Last Masquerade
  5. We are Vampires Ft Loki Lestat
  6. Nightmare House
  7. Heartless Ft Mr. Grey
  8. Break the Asylum Ft Mr. Grey, ClockworC, Bunny Chiba & The Pumpkin King
  9. Sync into Your Mind Ft Mr. Grey
  10. Nay Eternal Ft Emily Taylor
  11. Vampire Majick
  12. American Bond Ft Mr. Grey
  13. Murder on my Mind
  14. Technical Difficulties ft Loki Lestat & Tetra Heathen
  15. Victims of Cicumstance Ft Purgatory & CC
  16. Killas on the Track Pt 2 (Bonus Track)

Track by track review and rating

  1. The Book of the Oracles Ft Mr. Grey- The track starts with a really nice string riff that gives way to a slower simple beat. The hook is super simple but it works with the beat. The verses are very well written and the lyrics are clear and easy to hear. Mr. Grey is featured only in the hook. Production value is very nice here. 4/5
  2. I am the Krow- A harder hitting complex beat drives this track. The vocals in the hook are low and drown out by the beat but that does not continue into the verses. The beat works with the verses but is a little too complex for the hook. The verses are once again well written and performed if not a little simple. 3.3/5
  3. Murder after Midnight Ft Kung Fu Vampire- KFV gives a short lead in to this one. The hook has too many layers of vocals on it which draws away from what is being said. KZK flows with the beat and gives listeners simple composition on his lyrics. KFV gives a verse which is a much slower pace than he usually gives but it works with the tone of the track. 3/5
  4. The Last Masquerade- Another dark slow beat backs a solid hook in the beginning of the track. KZK has a very good delivery once again allowing the listener to hear the lyrics clearly. This is a much better track than the previous even without a featured artist. 3.7/5
  5. We are Vampires Ft Loki Lestat- The beat here is the same tempo as Night of the Chainsaw by ICP. The hook also sounds very similar to that track in tempo and cadence, which is where the similarities stop. KZK’s verses flow with the beat once again and Loki Lestat adds a verse which is a nice change of pace. 3.8/5
  6. Nightmare House- The beat here is slow and plodding but it works well with the content of the lyrics. KZK gives another solid Horrorcore arrangement. The hook is simple but will have listeners bobbing their heads. 4.3/5
  7. Heartless Ft Mr. Grey- A slightly more complex beat in this track but it is a nice change of pace. The verses flow around the beat which is also a nice change of pace here. Mr. Grey once again fills in the hook here. 3.7/5
  8. Break the Asylum Ft Mr. Grey, ClockworC, Bunny Chiba & the Pumpkin King- This track is a great example of having a great beat and great featured artists to work with. All the performers give solid verses but ClockworC stands out amongst them all. 4.5/5
  9. Sync into Your Mind Ft Mr. Grey- Back to a much slower tempo here. Mr. Grey adds the hook once again. The verses are nicely written and recorded here. The production is once again tight in this one as well. 3.8/5
  10. Nay Eternal Ft Emily Taylor- Emily Taylor leads the track off in the hook over a much happier beat. Her vocals are a little off and could have been blended together better. The verses are deep and meaningful and that is a very nice shift in this one. 3.5/5
  11. Vampire Majick- Creepy children speaking leads us into this track. The verses here are done very well even while being very basic lyrically.. The hook could have been a lot better and really drags this track down. A strange choice in the hook for sure. 3/5
  12. American Bond Ft Mr. Grey- A slower piano backed beat backs the verses here. The lyrics are again very simplistic and basic. The Verse added by Mr. Grey stands out here and brings up the rating. 3.5/5
  13. Murder on my Mind- A quicker flow over a dark beat immediately makes this track stand out. The hook is dark and very Horror based and it fits nicely. The second verse falls back into the flow being the same pace as the beat and that doesn’t fit as well. 3.5/5
  14. Technical Difficulties ft Loki Lestat & Tetra Heathen- A very complex beat slightly drowns out the hook and vocals here. The levels are definitely in need of work in this one. Loki adds another solid verse. Tetra adds a subpar verse in this one unfortunately. 3/5
  15. Victims of Circumstance Ft Purgatory & CC- The hook is simple and starts over a nice piano backed beat. The verses are much more solid here although the verse around 2 min is very weak in comparison. 3.5/5
  16. Killas on the Track Pt 2 (Bonus Track)- A slow old school feel in the beat here. The verse KZK gives flows well over the beat. The rest of the verses here are a mix of things. Some are absolutely horrible due to recording and audio issues while some are decent. This is a very long track to add to the album and it should have been left off this one. 2.5/5


Overall Album Rating: 3.5/5

Conclusion: Overall this album is very well produced with the exception of a few tracks. The flow of the lyrics over the beat does get slightly repetitive but there are several tracks which show KZK can change the pace very well. None of the downfalls in this album are anything the listener should not have expected with this being the debut album from KZK. As a Horrorcore album it is worth picking up. If you are not a fan of the genre you might want to pass.

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Nightmare House
  2. Break the Asylum Ft Mr. Grey, ClockworC, Bunny Chiba & the Pumpkin King


  • 71 Minutes

Record Label:

  • Hidden Dojo Productions

Release Date:

  • 10/16/2014





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