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The Darkness


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A New Year and Juggalos are finally getting a brand new full length Twiztid album from the dynamic duo. On Jan 27, 2015 Twiztid released The Darkness on the world. Although this is the 10th studio album and 27th release overall for them it marks the very first release on their new label, Majik Ninja Entertainment. Beginning on December 3, 2014 Twiztid released the first single off the album titled “Boogieman”. December 9, 2014 the second single was released on titled, “Back To Hell”. On December 17, 2014 the first promo video for the album titled “Hostage”. On January 8, 2015 via revolver magazine the third single titled “A Little Fucked Up” was released. And on January 9, 2015 the second promo video for The Darkness titled “Family Time” was given to the world. Although the album includes absolutely zero featured artists (Except “A Place In The Woods” bonus track which has Blaze on it) it was produced by Twiztid, Michael “Seven” Summers, The Dead Beatz. The Darkness has everyone asking, “What will Twiztid do next?”
Track listing

Why Won’t You Answer

Afraid Of The Dark

In Hell

Back To Hell

Problems With Medication

A Little Fucked Up

Boogieman (Skit)


Down Here

Dr. Weasel


Take It Away

On And On

No Breaks


The Exorcism

Bonus Tracks


Mind Goes Mad

A Place In The Woods

Track by track review and rating

Why Won’t You Answer- This is an extremely long intro.  It is a client of Dr. Fallon Legna leaving a disturbing message for his doctor.  The content is disturbing but makes for a solid intro to this album.  3.5/5

Afraid Of The Dark- A bluesy hard hitting beat drives this track.  Lyrically there is not too much there but it seems to be a more musical intro to the album.  A decent track even at 1:27 in length.  4/5

In Hell- A simple spoken intro gives way to a slow and dark beat.  The first verse is slow and dark.  The second verse is faster but keeps the darker theme here.  The hook is simple but very effective in keeping the dark tone of this one.  4.7/5

Back To Hell- A hard riving beat backed by a wicked guitar are the backbone for this one.  The verses flow very well against the beat and give a really solid contrast to the hook.  The hook itself is well written and performed.  5/5

Problems With Medication- A 26 second interlude here.  N/A

A Little Fucked Up- This beat reminds listeners of a few beats we have heard on Madchild’s most recent release.  Lyrically this track is very well written.  The verses against the hook once again are on point.  A very solid track at this point in the album.  4.8/5

Boogieman (Skit)- This skit is a mother reading her daughter a completely messed up “bedtime” story.  It is well written and read and ends with a good jump scare.  4/5

Boogieman- This was the first single released for this album.  They have also announced a music video forthcoming for this track.  The hook is a little busy here but it adds to the insanity of the track.  The verses are top notch and tell a detailed story.    Both Mono and Madrox are in rare form and make this track a winner.  5/5

Down Here- This track marks a shift in tone from dark and wicked to a more deep and emotional feel.  The hook is incredibly simple but it needs to be to allow the message of the verses to shine.  A very good track overall.  5/5

Dr. Weasel- Another short interlude here.  It is a message left for Dr. Weasel.  N/A

F.T.S.- This track is another shift in tone.  It takes the listener into a dark and angry place.  A very heavy metal guitar drives a very hard hitting beat.  This track will stand as one of the best on this album.  5/5

Take It Away- We move back into the deeper emotional vibe here.  The beat is electronic heavy and simple.  The verses take the listener on a journey through situations that all of us have felt.  Twiztid once again pulls emotion out of their fans while letting them know they are not alone.  A solid track here.  4.8/5

On And On- A slow drum heavy beat lead this track.  The first verse flows with the beat which is a change for Madrox.  The hook is nicely put together.  Mono finishes the track with a solid verse that also flows with the beat.  4/5

No Breaks- This track has a 70’s funk vibe to it.  The verses were recorded with a sound reminiscent to old school Beastie Boys, it works with this beat very well.  The hook is really simple and does not work quite as well as the verses.  3.8/5

Séance- A very stripped down beat backs this one.  The verses tell of conducting a Séance and allow the hook to flow without a beat behind it.  A good track but it falls short in comparison to previous tracks.  3.5/5

The Exorcism- Backword speaking and exorcism sounds in this short track.  This being the last track of the album before the bonus tracks it works as an outro.  N/A

Bonus Tracks

Breakdown- This track was originally released on the Get Twiztid EP.  It has a hard hitting beat and equally hard hitting lyrics.  The hook is sung and works well in this.  There was also a video released for this track that is pretty fresh.  4.5/5

Mind Goes Mad- This track was also released on the Get Twiztid EP.  Another solid track with a hard hitting beat.  The lyrics are done quickly and it counters the beat well.  The hook is slower and also works as a good foil for the verses.  4.5/5

A Place In The Woods- The only bonus track that was not released prior to this album.  The beat is guitar heavy and electronic sounding.  The verses are dark and nasty.  The hook is really just spoken word but gives a definite creepy vibe.  Blaze gives a very solid verse in this one.  A very dope way to end this album.  4.8/5


Overall Rating: 4.43/5


Conclusion:  Since departing Psychopathic Records in 2012 Twiztid has given their fans everything in the world except a full length studio album. This album will rank in most Juggalos top 10 of all time.  The variety of beats, vocals, and hooks will leave any fan eager to see what comes next.  The Darkness not only gives the fans what they have wanted but sheds light on a new era for the duo.

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Back To Hell
  2. F.T.S.


  • 56 Minutes

Record Label:

  • Majik Ninja Entertainment

Release Date:

  • 01/27/2015





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  1. lypo

    Comment posted on Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 11:10 am GMT -5 at 11:10 am

    Good review. I like this album I thought it could have used a couple more new Twiztid tracks and less skits. Also a place in the woods was released awhile ago. I think as a tour exclusive.

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