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The Prescription

B-Real x Dr. Greenthumb

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One of the most prominent members in the hip-hop community, B-Real is basically a non-stop workhorse. He runs his own production and streaming service with B-Real.TV, he promotes his dispensary business and also enters multiple tournaments, he works with a magnitude of other musical artists, and more importantly he is also one of the members of the highly praised group Cypress Hill alongside Sen Dog, Eric Bobo, and DJ Muggs. B-Real decides to once again venture outside the group and release a solo mixtape, calling it The Prescription. Differentially from his older releases, B-Real decides to resurrect his Dr. Greenthumb character, first introduced in 1998 on Cypress Hill’s album IV. This release is basically a joint mixtape between B-Real and the alter ego, Dr. Greenthumb. Although some minor differences exists between the B-Real tracks and Dr. Greenthumb tracks, it’s not very noticeable; however, the mixtape as a whole is a perfect blend of marijuana vibes and basically high tunes. Another noticeable mention is that the mixtape is a free download.

1. Stix and Stones (feat. AB-Soul)
2. All Black Everything (feat. Snow Tha Product/Demrick)
3. Mile High
4. Only When I’m High (La La La La)
5. Kush Conversation (feat. Demrick)
6. Dabs (feat. Dizzy Wright)
7. Sack (feat. A$AP Ferg/Jazz Lazer)
8. Start a Fire
9. Zip
10. Money Up on It
11. Anybody (feat. Snoop Dogg/KingFly)

One of the more noticeable things on this mixtape is that, being there’s 11 tracks, a different producer is on each and every track; thus, there’s 11 different producer combinations on this release. Not to worry though, since the overall release has the same vibes and sounds, for the most part. It’s not chaotic and all over the place. B-Real did a good job at observing and making sure the beats weren’t too far off from each other.

Both B-Real and Dr. Greenthumb is credited on  5 tracks each, with the 11th track being a bonus song. Many of the tracks have a laid back style to it. “Stix and Stones” and “Mile High” are perfect examples of this. Both beats flow perfectly with B-Real’s marijuana-aimed lyrics, with a kickback vibe and smooth sounds. On “Stix and Stones” however, AB-Soul doesn’t really fit in the song. His verse sounds out of place, and isn’t a very good choice as the first featured artist to appear on the mixtape.

“All Black Everything” is a standout track. Alongside B-Real are the featured guests Snow Tha Product and Demrick. The three of them have a stop-n-go style to their verses, and is quite different from the rest of the mixtape. Snow in particular is showing potential, and it’s a warm welcome to see her on this release, although her verse was short. The beat in particular is simplistic, and aside from an annoying “yelp” that exists throughout the song, it matches the three’s styles perfectly, and doesn’t need to be complex.

“Only When I’m High (La La La)” has a tempo that mimics the chorus, and it sounds smooth throughout the song. B-Real continues to spit his weed induced lyrics over the beat with ease, using metaphors and phrases like as if it’s a cake walk. “Kush Conversation” also contains the marijuana verses, like everything else on the mixtape, but the beat is different in a sense that it has a fitting piano and short guitar line. These examples of the slightly changing beats makes the repeating lyrical themes more tolerable, and in some ways, more enjoyable.

“Dabs” is one of the better tracks on the mixtape. This signals the change to the Dr. Greenthumb ego. The song as a whole is more menacing and demanding than the previous tracks before it. The beat is harder, with a darker synth line, and the lyrics themselves are more straightforward. Dizzy Wright makes an appearance in this song, and his verse matches the overall dark vibe perfectly.

It’s unfortunate that the rest of the Dr. Greenthumb tracks doesn’t follow suit. “Money Up on It” and “Sack” have very generic beats, with nothing noticeable going for them. “Sack” in particular is a bit cringe worthy, as the autotune chorus doesn’t fit the release whatsoever, and also has verses by A$AP Ferg and Jazz Lazer which doesn’t save the track at all. It’s a poor choice to follow up the previous track which might be one of the best on the mixtape.

“Zip” is the only track that also comes close to the darker vibes. Although the lyrics are pertained at obtaining an ounce and isn’t menacing at all, the beat itself has a spooky keyboard line, and a low bass tempo.  “Start a Fire” is another Dr. Greenthumb ego track, and has nothing noteworthy about it either, except that the track itself is laid back like the previous B-Real songs from earlier in the mixtape. “Anybody” is the 11th track of the mixtape, and is deemed a bonus song. Although it features KingFly, the standout verse is from the icon Snoop Dogg. Although his lyrics isn’t drastically different from the majority of the mixtape, his flow fits the song perfectly, and it’s a good addition to the ending of the mixtape. It’d be nice if his part was a bit longer, but it still works regardless.

In closing, The Prescription is a welcomed addition to B-Real’s discography. Although it would be more promising to see a new Cypress Hill release, this mixtape will please fans that are eagerly waiting for the next studio album, especially considering the fact that it’s free. The lyrics throughout the mixtape aren’t very diverse since the overall tone of the release is weed related, and some featured guests didn’t bring in their best effort; however, the accompanying beats differs themselves from one another, since there are 11 different producer combinations, yet thankfully it doesn’t sound mismatched or chaotic. It’s also cool to see B-Real bring the Dr. Greenthumb persona to life as an alternative artist on this mixtape, but it’s next to impossible to notice a difference between the two, except for one track. With that being said, maybe this should have been marked as simply B-Real, and not B-Real x Dr. Greenthumb; however, maybe it’s a work in progress for the Dr. Greenthumb personality, and it’s possible he will evolve into something more noticeable in the far future.

I was also hoping to hear a Sizziling Screen commercial on this mixtape. Did it become discontinued?

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Dabs
  2. Mile High
  3. Zip
  4. All Black Everything
  5. Stix and Stones


  • 35 Minutes 33 Seconds

Record Label:

  • n/a

Release Date:

  • 02/18/2015





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