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JCW’S BACK BITCH! (Review) By Almighttty

On The 23rd of January 2015, Insane Clown Posse alongside long time JCW Commentator and Podcast host Kevin Gill invaded The Crofoot in Pontiac Michigan to present the biggest Wrestling extravaganza to hit Pontiac since Hulk Hogan body slammed Andre The Giant at Wrestlemania III.




With DJ Clay on the wheels of steel and Primer 55 backstage tuning up to perform, thousands of Juggalos and worldwide wrestling fans were about to witness history being made and luckily it was all captured on film and can be purchased for $10.00 On

The difference between this JCW release and any others is that this one feels like they finally nailed it when it comes to a home video release for JCW. I will go as far to say that this is the best one to date in terms of Color commentary, Quality of matches, camera work and the choice of bookings. I am quite surprised this wasn’t released as a national release but being exclusive to Hatchet Gear does make it even cooler.


We start the night off with new comer Shane Mercer vs long time JCW worker Zach Gowen. Off the riff this match is action packed and entertaining. Shane Mercer worked hard in the match and I look forward to seeing him more often in JCW. Gowen always brings his A Game and it seems with time, he only gets better.


The Next match on the bill was The Weedman VS Warchild. Another quality match as both men possess a great talent to tell a great in ring story but the highlight here ( spoilers ahead ) is The Weedman’s  old school in ring interview with KG where it seems that he’s headed for a heel turn. Not only is The Weedman great in the ring but his delivery and timing of his promo really showcases how well rounded he truly is.


In my opinion the next match was the highlight to me featuring the amazing Kongo Kong VS The Great Emo Warrior Jimmy Jacobs (spoiler ahead). Jimmy delivers an awesome promo out of his emo warrior character, possibly doing a shoot knowing he’s headed to go work for as a creative director. He wins over the crowd and the commentary team with not only his promo but his great in ring work as well. Jacobs going against the monster of a man , Kongo Kong proves that he is able to diversify his techniques and style and put on a quality match with anyone. I am a huge fan of both of these talents and really hope their careers soar far especially within the ranks of JCW.



After the Juggalos were hype from Jimmy Jacob’s fantastic work , nothing could prepare them for the wickedness that they were about to embark on when the Rudeboy faced Mad Man Pondo. Let me tell you as a long time JCW viewer ( Dec 19, 1999) to be exact when I watch these two wrestle hard-core style it brings me back to a time when hard core wrestling was in its prime and these two showcase that style better than anyone. Two legends among the Juggalo world go head to head in this vicious battle with gruesome action that will leave an epic sting in your eye balls and your stomach turning, yet you will wish for more.


Now I must say that while watching the DVD , the re-addition of Violent J back to the commentary does make a difference from previous releases. Kevin Gill and Shaggy are fantastic as the two of them go back and forth but with J back in the fold it just adds even more freshness. Kevin is well spoken very knowledgeable on all aspects of entertainment. Kevin is good for using metaphors and using related stories of knowledge to create quick witted jokes and responses to the action in the ring. With Kevin’s smarts and ICP’s combined humor and wrestling knowledge, this was the best idea for all future JCW events and releases. Now if we could get 3D and Guido back with KG then we would be set although we may have to wait for Stranglemania III for that freshness.



For the next match I must say the commentary was by far the absolute funniest during Ring Rydas VS Super Strong Tiger and The Spider monkey.  Great fast pace match which is expected from the dynamic duo of the Ring Rydas and the match wouldn’t of been anything without the hilarious antics of Super Strong Tiger and Spider Monkey.

Before I continue on I want to take this moment to really let you know about how ahead of the game JCW is becoming. Kuma as the camera man always knows the right spots to be to get some really great vivid shots and again the quality here is fantastic and crisp, especially the sound as well. One interesting note is that the referees now have GO-PRO cameras strapped to them to also capture some great moments. That right there shows me that they care about the time and effort that will go into editing these releases for all of you to enjoy so paying 10 bucks to go see the action or buy the DVD really isn’t asking for too much because again this will only help elevate Psychopathic Sports and JCW into higher realms of entertainment.


Now the main event features JCW Champ 2 Tuff Tony going head to head with one of the best wrestlers in the world today Officer Colt Cabana. Colt Cabana hosts a really great podcast program and has wrestled all over the world and continues to break barriers for indie wrestlers worldwide. In character he’s obnoxious,foul and hilarious always making fun of the Juggalos and his in ring opponent but again knowing that he really is just playing a character and truly loves what he does,it just goes to show how great Cabana is and can still be a success no matter what cards he’s dealt. The match over all was great from start to finish and never had a dull moment. Both performers put on a great match and entertained the hell out of the crowd. (Spoilers Ahead) With the assistance of The Weedman , Tony pulls the win and retains. From here Weedman grabs the mic and tells Tony that he did it for himself because he wants to make sure when he becomes champ it will be against Tony. The crowd and the commentary team are both in shock and awe as Weedman walks out and doesn’t shake Tony’s hand or acknowledge the sportsmanship conduct.  Weedman VS 2 Tuff Tony for the JCW title is now scheduled for the next JCW event happening  Sunday April 19, 2015 inside The Crofoot in Pontiac,MI so if you are in Michigan there really is no reason to miss this event.


In conclusion this JCW’S Back Bitch! release is hands down a great Wrestling DVD whether you’re a Juggalo or Wrestling fan you will be entertained. I prefer this format of Great commentary, Match after Match and no performances included on the DVD. Well done JCW!

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