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The Traverse


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Born and raised in Louisville, Bukshot and his label, Mobstyle Music, have been one of the major forces in the underground music scene for years and he is considered one of the pioneers in Louisville hip-hop. Since his career started in 1997, Bukshot has dropped 7 studio albums, several various mixtapes and compilations, and combined, he has sold over 140,000 units. He has recorded songs with many other big name artists including Tech N9ne, Violent J of Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Krizz Kaliko, Madchild, Boondox, Rittz, Caskey, Stevie Stone, Wrekonize, Krayzie Bone, Dirtball, Brotha Lynch Hung, Aqualeo, Nappy Roots, Jelly Roll, Haystak, Liquid Assassin, Killa C, Kung Fu Vampire, Smackola (Dirty Wormz), Whitney Peyton, KidCrusher, Sutter Kain, Mars, Grewsum, Kevin Richardson, Bubba Sparxxx, Jazze Pha, Static Major, Moonshine Bandits, Molly Gruesome, Koshir, T-Bo, and Crucifix and he has been on tour and opened up for many hip-hop artists including Lil Wayne, TI, Tech N9ne, Twiztid, Paul Wall, Master P and The 504 Boyz, Lil Jon and The Eastside Boys, Bubba Sparxxx, Nappy Roots, Haystak, and Bonecrusher. His music includes a broad variety of hardcore, real life stories, and even club banging tracks as well as a big variety of solid producers who implement live instruments in their production. Upon finishing Helter Skelter, he is back in the studio to finish his long awaited “Weirdo” album which is entirely produced by Michael “Seven” Summers and features Tech N9ne, Violent J of ICP, Twiztid, Rittz, Madchild, Boondox, Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone, Twisted Insane, Brotha Lynch Hung, JellyRoll, Lil Wyte, Bubba Sparxxx, Prozak, Dirtball, Aqualeo, XV, Crucifix, & more!


Track listing

The Traverse

Temple of the Madman

Cannonball Ft Jellyroll, Crucifix & Demi


Letter to Myself

Still Ballin Ft Boondox, Vito Banga of Nappy Roots & Demi

The Game Plan

Wanna Get With You

Something Wrong With Me Ft Big Dre

Don’t Stop Ft Boondox & Crucifix (Bonus Track)


Track review and ratings

The Traverse- A spoken word intro from Acie High of Aqualeo. A decent intro to this album. 3/5

Temple of the Madman- A super slow and dark beat backs this lead off track. Bukshot gives the verses a deliberate and solid delivery. The lyrics are easy to understand and set the tone for the album. The hook continues that tone nicely without disturbing the flow in the track. 3.8/5

Cannonball Ft Jellyroll, Crucifix & Demi- An interesting beat drives this track. The hook is very different than what we normally get from Bukshot but it works. Demi adds a really quick paced beat that is a nice foil for Bukshot’s flow. Jellyroll adds his touch to this to round out the track. 4.3/5

G-A-N-G-S-T-A- Another slow plodding beat. Bukshot flows well with the beat here. The hook is almost entirely a spelling lesson which seems strange with the tone in the track. An interesting choice while keeping the album tone. 3.4/5

Letter to Myself- The beat in this track is slower than the last but it allows the lyrics to shine. The lyrics in the track are much deeper than any other track to this point. The hook is well done and keep the somber tone. 4.2/5

Still Ballin Ft Boondox, Vito Banga of Nappy Roots & Demi- The music here is a remix of Tom Petty’s Free Fallin. The track throws a shout out to the Underground and the fans. Boondox gives a dope verse and keeps the positive vibe going. Vito adds his own flavor to his verse. A dope track that fans can kick back and chill to. 4.5/5

The Game Plan- A quicker beat give Bukshot a chance to show his lyrical ability. It tells a dark story and gives listeners an interesting visual ride. The hook is simple but it works really well in this one. 3.7/5

Wanna Get With You- Who would have though Bukshot could bring fans a light hearted love song? Well here it is and surprisingly it works. The hook is a little cheesy but it works. Who would have thought? 4/5

Something Wrong With Me Ft Big Dre- Big Dre leads this track off and murders this verse. The beat is the most complex on the album and that is a nice change of pace here. The hook is aggressive and adds to the flavor here. This is a dark track that most fans will enjoy. 4.2/5

Don’t Stop Ft Boondox & Crucifix (Bonus Track)- The music is a remix of Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Crucifix gives a nice vocal performance here. Boondox gives a quick and deliberate verse about his love for music and the underground. Bukshot also gives a solid verse about his love for the Underground. A nice way to end the album. 4.5/5


Overall Rating: 4/5


Conclusion: This album is an interesting hybrid of dark and light songs. Most horrorcore fans will find that a majority of these tracks fit that mold. Fans who appreciate an artist breaking away from the norm will appreciate the variety here. All in all the album is enjoyable. But there are some chances that Bukshot took that may not work in his favor with Juggalos or even his normal fan base. If you are a fan of Bukshot give the album a try and see if you dig it. If you have never heard his music this might be a nice intro into all of his various styles and

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Still Ballin Ft Boondox, Vito Banga of Nappy Roots & Dem
  2. on’t Stop Ft Boondox & Crucifix (Bonus Track)


  • 41 Minutes

Record Label:

  • Mobstyle Music

Release Date:

  • 05/18/2015





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