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The Damn Dirty Apes

Mr. Grey and ClockworC

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Coming from San Jose, California, The Damn Dirty Apes are comprised of Mr. Grey and ClockworC. Mr. Grey brings a unique fusion of music influenced by every genre, from Hip Hop to Metal. Drawing inspiration from internal and life struggles, he brings a hard-edged, emotionally charged style to the genre. ClockworC provides a cutthroat approach to rap. He cuts no corners and adds his much quicker lyrical flavor to the duo. After a successfuly completion of a nationwide tour in support of Twiztid Grey and ClockworC seem destined to take the hip hop community by storm.

Track listing

  1. The Rise Ft Tony D
  2. The Damn Dirty Apes
  3. Ape Shit
  4. Pussy Magnet
  5. Ghost Town
  6. Legend In The Flesh Ft Kung Fu Vampire
  7. Forced My Hand Ft The Flatlinerz & Joe Cutter
  8. Eye Of The Storm Ft Dot Bundini
  9. P.W.C. Blues
  10. Happy Song
  11. Scream For Me
  12. Mosh Pit
  13. Numbnut
  14. Rap Game Goliath
  15. Heaven Can Fall
  16. Like A Bird Ft Dot Bundini
  17. Megaphone
  18. Apeocalypse

Track review and ratings

1. The Rise Ft Tony D- It is simple but speaks volumes for the purpose behind the album. It is a solid way to introduce this one. 4/5

2. The Damn Dirty Apes- An old school feel to the beat but the strings add another dimension. Clock hits it hard in the first verse. The hook is easy to get hooked on, no pun intended! Grey’s slower more methodic flow is a nice counter to the quick intensity that Clock brings. Dope track to lead the album off. 4/5

3. Ape Shit- The beat is slightly quicker here and that helps up the albums vibe quite a bit. The verses are well written and the catchy hook makes it easy to see it performed live. 4/5

4. Pussy Magnet- Nice change of pace with a much slower beat here. ClockworC provides a slower flow is a nice change for him. The hook is once again really catchy and makes this a well rounded effort. 3.5/5

5. Ghost Town- Nice piano intro to the track. The beat is nice and the hook is dope but the verses lack the instant appeal of the previous tracks. 3/5

6. Legend in the Flesh Ft Kung Fu Vampire- A much more complex beat backs this one. Great snippet in the intro from Planet of the Apes. This track grabs the listeners attention much quicker. The hook is very unique and adds a metal vibe to an otherwise all hip hop sound. The quicker verses over this beat are a great juxtaposition to one another. KFV also adds a very nice feature in this one. 4.5/5

7. Forced My Hand Ft The Flatlinerz & Joe Cutter- The electronic vibe/strings behind the beats is heavier in this song. The verses are well written but the hook is not on the same level. This is one where the hook gets lost. 3.5/5

8. Eye Of The Storm Ft Dot Bundini- A much slower beat allows Mr Grey’s ability to flow around the beat to come through. This track again shows the diversity of the duo and also shows why they could be a group to look out for. A solid hook, verses and beat make this one of the best. 4.5/5

9. P.W.C. Blues- I like the acoustic, blues and all vocal sound here. A nice little interlude to break up the album. 4/5

10. Happy Song- The violin in the hook is distracting and seems out of place. The slight piano throughout the beat is dope though. The verses are good and the hook is solid. A good track overall. 3.8/5

11. Scream For Me- The beat is very busy especially in the hook. The verses are good again but that is becoming the norm for this album. Mix wise the complexity in the hook can be distracting. The tone behind the tracks works and the hook is very catchy. 3.7/5

12. Mosh Pit- A very unique techno vibe is behind the beat. The beat is simple and complex at the same time and it works great. Grey and ClockworC continue to show that they are on top of their game here. 4.3/5

13. Numbnut- The mellow beat makes the harsh and violent lyrics really stand out. A nice piano fits well with the beat. The hook works with the way it is violent but melodic at the same time. The verses follow suit and are wqell executed. 4/5

14. Rap Game Goliath- The beat is very muted here. Listeners will wish it stood out a little more to add some depth. The verses are bad ass and the hook is simple but easy to get down with. 4.3/5

15. Heaven May Fall- The track is labeled Heaven May fall but the hook say heaven can fall. Not sure if that was intentional. This beat is very slow and ClockworC hits the first verse hard as hell. The difference between Grey and Clock’s styles is very noticable here but it adds to the enjoyment of tracks like this. 4.2/5

16. Like A Bird Ft Dot Bundini- A really cool 1960’s R & B vibe in this track. Grey leads off the track with a solid verse. The hook is seriously stripped down and it adds another level to this track. The second verse by Dot is dope too. A nice feature. 4.2/5

17. Megaphone- This beat in is almost Asian in its structure. The hook is A little too simple but I think it needs to be. Grey hits the first verse hard here. ClockworC finishes the verses off with a solid effort. 3.6/5

18. Apeocolypse- This is the best intro to a song ever! Pinky and the brain was a clsiic cartoon that most people will know from the start. That gives way to a very heavy beat. Clock definitely killed the first verse and that has continues throughout this whole album. The hook is dope. Grey has the unique ability to follow ClockworC’s devistating verses and still stand out. 4.7/5


Overall Rating: 4/5



Mr Grey and ClockworC have managed to take various styles and flows and combine them with intense but melodic beats. That is not easy to do. There were a few down spots in the album but they are easy to over look. One is the fact that almost every track has an electronic string in it. I Having it recorded with live instruments would have added another level to this album. Tracks like Ghost Town and Scream for me are good tracks but do not stand up to the other ones on the album. The debut album for this duo is highly recommended.

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Legend in the Flesh Ft Kung Fu Vampire
  2. Eye Of The Storm Ft Dot Bundini
  3. Apeocolypse


  • 65 Minutes

Record Label:

  • Independent

Release Date:

  • 07/07/2015





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