July 2, 2020
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Push Pause


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Hailing from Kansas City, MO, Sedated has been in the game long enough to have already established his own style. His latest release the, “Push Pause,” EP proves to be a great vehicle to showcase what Sedated does best and what he may just have in store. A veteran of The Gathering of the Juggalos and co-host of two radio shows, the man certainly knows how to stay busy. Of course, if you want more on all that click —> HERE for my interview with Sedated in the Underground Spotlight.

Today we’re here for a review and I suppose we should jump right into it…

The opening track, “Belly of the Beast,” pulls no punches and jumps straight into Sedated’s aggressive and guttural vocals backed by thumping beat. Honestly, if you’re a new comer this is the absolute best example of what to expect from a Sedated track. It’s a hard hitting track the perfectly sets the tone for the EP itself. The surprisingly catchy hook also manages to compliment Sedated’s vocal style well and overall brings together one of the best tracks found on the entire EP. 5/5

With a title like, “A Loaded Gun,” it’s no surprise lyrically, but the track itself is another pure Sedated banger. Once again a bass heavy beat pounds along perfectly with the vocals, but this time we see a slightly slowed down flow. While, the flow may not be much more toned down, it feels perfectly in sync with the whole vibe of the track itself. Another great example of who Sedated is as an artist and a showcase of what he does best. 4.5/5

FAKE N’ JACK,” starts off by showcasing a very different beat and feel as the track opens more melodically. The bass begins to hit and Sedated once again comes in hard, yet the melodic feeling continues to roll along as well. Lyrically, Sedated touches on a subject (I think) we can all relate to; fakes, phoneys, frauds or whatever you personally know them as. We’ve all been there and this track does a great job of delivering the message. Dropping into a choppy hook is the only detractor on this track. While it certainly hits on beat, it seems to slow the progress of the track. I also have to note that around the 4 minute mark, the entire track changes. This isn’t exactly a bad thing, it’s just unexpected. In fact, it seemed odd at first, but I quickly found it to be a perfect way to bring this track to a close. Honestly, this section actually felt as if it could have been its’ own separate interlude track. Although in the full track title it is listed as “FAKE N’ JACK (Fake tha Funk interlude mix),” it seems this last portion would have been better if it was separated into its’ own interlude track. 3.5/5

“Simply Strains,” is hands down the slowest track on the EP, but I’m not sure a stoner song should really be done any other way. Slow and stoney. Sedated puts it down for all of the smokers out there and hits the ark by delivering another solid track. The only downside is that this just happens to be the shortest track as well, clocking in at just 3minutes and 12 seconds. Honestly, when this one ended I was dissapointed, but only because it seemed to go by so quick. Definitely loved this track. 5/5

The finale to the “Push Pause,” EP is a much slower and dark beat that pairs well with the subject matter presented here. Though, “Nurse Blood Test,” certainly is a turn in style compared to the rest of the tracks, it seems like a fitting way to end the whole thing. It’s a deep song that shows Sedated’s range and the possibilities of things to come. I must note though, that this is another spot where we see what is essentially an outro attatched to the final track. The full title , “Nurse Blood Test(The doctor is in outro mix),” once again makes this change clear, but it still feels as if this could have simply been an outro track itself. 4.5/5

1) Belly of the Beast(Gang Vocal Mix)

2) A Loaded Gun(Splattered Brain Mix)

3) FAKE N’ JACK(Fake tha Funk Interlude Mix)

4) Simply Strains(Mix 31 Flavors)

5) Nurse Blood Test(The Doctor is in Outro Mix)

Album Overall: The “Push Pause” EP is a great introduction (for those of you who may not know Sedated) but also stands as a testament of how he continues to evolve. This is a great representation of who Sedated is as an artist and what is on the horizon as he prepares his next full length release. Whether you’re part of the Sedated Nation or a new comer this is an album that’s definitely worth the $7 price tag, plus while your there you can pick up a free download of the full length album, “Hit Record”, free for a limited time.

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Belly of the Beast(Gang Vocal Mix)
  2. A Loaded Gun(Splattered Brain Mix)
  3. Simply Strains(Mix 31 Flavors)


  • 24 Minutes 18 Seconds

Record Label:

  • Akashic Records





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