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Twisted Insane Interview (7/18/15)

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Twisted Insane is the best new age chopper rapper ever! If you’ve never seen him live before, I can gurantee it will be the best Hip-Hop show you’ve seen, no joke! Don’t miss the Brainsick World Tour, every artist kills it live.


Chad Thomas Carsten: Define Twisted Insane

Twisted Insane: Eerie, horrific, great!

CTC: Your true feelings on the current State of Hip-Hip-Hop

Twisted Insane: I don’t like it at all. I hate it! It’s watered down and there is really no emotion/feelings in music today.

CTC: Can you give the new fans, who found you through the Tech N9ne collaborations, a detailed background on where you grew up and how you pushed yourself to become successful?

Twisted Insane: I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I was 12 years old when I wrote my first rhymes.  I left home a long time ago and started traveling around the United States, just living. I was homeless when my first album came out.  I really came from nothing. I was sleeping outside, gutter lifestyle, selling CDs just to get a motel room and eat.

CTC: When you performed live for the first time, how was the overall experience?

Twisted Insane: It was great! It was euphoric. I was really overwhelmed with emotion when I performed for the first time. I

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evoked a lot of emotion from the crowd that night. It was really intense!  They loved it and I loved it.  I immediately became addicted to performing live.

CTC: What sets Brainsick apart from the rest of the hip-hop world?

Twisted Insane: Every artist (on Brainsick) is truly great at what they do. They truly have a gift! So when people sit down and listen to each artist individually, they now know they have a hold of something that’s indestructible.

CTC: What is Brainsick’s greatest accomplishment thus far?

Twisted Insane: Being able to sustain a fan base that’s continuing to grow rapidly.

CTC: Any funny stories from the Brainsick World Tour?

Twisted Insane: We’ve been having a blast on this tour! We’ve been doing pranks.  I bought some Liquid Ass and went inside their hotel rooms and sprayed it all over everything. No one has got me back yet…I’m too sneaky. *Laughs*

CTC: Let’s discuss your new upcoming album Voodoo.  Who did the album art for the Voodoo album cover?

Twisted Insane: That’s Redikulus Concepts, he does all the artwork within Brainsick.

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CTC: Main Goal you want to achieve with Voodoo and anything from your own personal life that inspired its title?

Twisted Insane: Yea I practice Voodoo. With this record, I really really want to make a statement and I want to grab a lot of people’s attention that don’t know who I am with this record.  I have a song called “Black Magic” I did a long time ago. I started thinking about it and at first I wanted to make an album titled Black Magic…but the final decision became Voodoo.

CTC: What kind of content is awaiting for the fans within Voodoo?

Twisted Insane: All they got to do is grab one and listen. All I can say is, they will love it. I’m always trying to explore new territory.  For Voodoo, we went through some dark murky waters.  I love all the songs as one song, as a whole. It’s like one big movie concept. Everything I had planned for this album went exactly how I had planned it.

CTC: Can you spoil any of the guest features?


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Twisted Insane: Fans will have to wait till it drops. But I think one of them leaked already. I swear, I have no idea how fans get a hold of my shit. I’m being really quiet with this one.

CTC: Who are the main producers you specifically reached out to capture exactly what sound you wanted for this record?

Twisted Insane: I have an in house production team. 10,000 Watts, ISO, Luke Ludwig, & C-Ray. So I don’t really need to look for producers. Those guys capture exactly what I need.

CTC: How soon will the first single drop from Voodoo?

Twisted Insane: The first single will drop next month in August! It’s going to be a really intense video! Keep a look out. I can’t spoil anything yet, not even the title.

CTC: Fans have been wondering when you and Brotha Lynch Hung will appear on each other’s albums?

Twisted Insane: We have did songs together and I’ve hit him up about appearing on albums of mine, but we’re both busy conquering our dreams. But Brotha Lynch and I will be doing a tour together at the end of the year. The tour will be called “Season of da Sicness”, in honor of the 20th anniversary of Lynch’s album.

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Click the pic to enlarge!

CTC: What current horror films are you feeling right now?

Twisted Insane: Japanese horror is tight as fuck! Any foreign horror lately.

CTC: Initial reaction when Faygoluvers nominated you for best Horrorcore album of the year

Twisted Insane: I love Faygoluvers to the fucking maximum, to the extreme! They’re always supporting me to the fullest. As for the award, I was shocked. I’ve never won an award or been nominated till then. The Faygo trophy was so fucking dope!

CTC: Any advice to young independent artists just starting out?

Twisted Insane: If you want to do this shit, stay dedicated. It’s all about dedication and persistence. If you come to some kind of struggle and just quit, you’ll never make it. I could’ve quit a million times, but I didn’t.

CTC: What is the future of Twisted Insane?

Twisted Insane: I got so much shit planned, it’s going to be everywhere in the fans faces soon! A lot of shit going down!


Photo Credits: Anthony Harbolt of We Are Rebellion Portraits

Interviewer: Chad Thomas Carsten

Interview Date:07/18/15



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    No way.. If Brotha Lynch and Twisted Insane really go on tour together i will shit in my pants, especially if it comes to the east coast. that’s just too good to be true

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