April 11, 2021
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Ghetto MC leaks track, GHETTOSUPERSTUPID-DOPEFRESHGNARLY, from new mixtape!

Sensi-Starr recording artist Ghetto MC is gearing up to release his new mixtape titled The Ghetto Blaster Project: Vol. 1 on September 11th.  Sensi-Starr’s roster also includes Adlib, who we frequently cover.

The new single is called…get ready for this… “GHETTOSUPERSTUPID-DOPEFRESHGNARLY”!   I can’t help you with that one…you’ll have to break it down yourself.  Along with the track, we received a press release going over Ghetto MC’s origins, inspirations, and of course his upcoming mixtape.  you can see that below:

Ghetto MC Releases ‘GHETTOSUPERSTUPIDDOPEFRESHGNARLY’ From “The Ghetto Blaster Project Vol. 1”


Ghetto MC has dropped the audio for his new track ‘GHETTOSUPERSTUPIDDOPEFRESHGNARLY’ off his new mixtape album, “The Ghetto Blaster Project Vol. 1” online. The album is set for release through Sensi-Starr Records on September 11th, 2015. The effort will feature production work by Ali Armz, Quasi, ILL Clinton and Anonamess, as well as guest appearance by Jym Kelly.

“I went into ‘The Ghetto Blaster Project’ with the intent to have fun. So that’s exactly what I’m doing with ‘GHETTOSUPERSTUPIDDOPEFRESHGNARLY’. It’s a braggadocios song that describes me as a whole. I’m Ghetto, I smoke Super strains of pot, I’m funny in a Stupid way, I’m a Dope MC, I’m always Fresh dressed, and my personality is pretty fukkin Gnarly, dude!”

Ghetto MC, government name James Johnson, is from Staten Island, NY and resides in Paterson, NJ. Born on Valentine’s Day, his love for Hip-Hop formed growing up in the same neighborhood as Wu-Tang Clan, Shyiem, King Just, and more. Encouraged by a middle school teacher to put his artful, thought-filled poems to music, Ghetto began rhyming early on in the WondaGh3ddon/Tre Pound clique and released his first mixtape, Direct Approach. Later, with the help of Glomgold who introduced him to The Uncanny, his talent emerged on projects such as G=MC3, lending a strong backbone to the Sensi Starr roster. Ghetto MC is part of the impressive growing Sensi Starr roster that includes Adlib, Skrewtape, Ren Thomas, J.O The Last Man, and Burke The Jurke.

“‘The Ghetto Blaster Project’ is like the precursor to my album Ghettoized to help familiarize the listeners with me before the album drops. I went into the project with the intent to have fun which I feel like I accomplished, though there are socially relevant songs like ‘Killer Cop’, conceptual songs like ‘Play My Song’, and I even experimented with trap on ‘Walk Thru’. I wanted to deliver a project that you can just roll a joint and cool out to,” he said of the new project. “The whole Ghetto Blaster theme is J.O.’s brain child (cause he’s always thinking from a branding stand point) though it directly relates to my hip hop upbringing. As a child I was known in my hood for always having a boombox and having exclusive songs no one else had and playing them loud at all hours of the night. I used to go to Harlem or Brooklyn and get all the exclusive mixtapes or stay up late taping Stretch and Bobbito just to stay a step ahead of the other boombox toters. I feel like every song is a potential hit single. So the Ghetto Blaster Project is for true hip hop heads in search for that exclusive feel. That’s why I call it a project, cause it’s essentially a mixtape with the content of an album, but didn’t wanna call it either of the latter so ‘The Ghetto Blaster Project Vol. 1’ it is.

Ghetto MC’s new album “The Ghetto Blaster Project Vol. 1” is a part of a Sensi SeptemberR from Philadelphia based Sensi-Starr Records. The label will release one album a week for the month of September starting with Burke The Jurke’s new album “Know Alternatives” on September 4th, the vinyl version of Adlib’s “Teenagers from Marz” with Rob The Viking of Swollen Members on September 18th, and Ren Thomas & Skrewtape’s new album “Don’t Be Mad” on September 25th.

“We’re excited to have all this content for everyone this late in the year. It’s been a great year already, and this is just a testament to how hard we are trying to never lose steam,” said Sensi-Starr president J-O The Last Man. “Sensi SeptemberR is our way of showing you guys how hard we are working and how much we want this.”

Now, listen to the new track ‘GHETTOSUPERSTUPIDDOPEFRESHGNARLY’ below:

Find out more about Ghetto MC by hitting up Sensi-Starr.com!




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