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The LP

Poizonous Logik

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I have to be honest right off the bat and say that I’m really not a big fan of intros. Sure, some give way to a theme or mood that is trying to be set or tale that’s going to be told, but ultimately they feel like wasted space to me. Of course, there is the rare exception. In this case the intro track may be the most literal “Intro,” I’ve actually heard on an album in a long time. No story here, just a nice DJ track, where Ghost gets a chance to showcase his skills. While it may not technically be a Poizonous Logik track, per se, it is executed well. 3.5/5

“Ill Logikal,” starts slow, but quickly picks up, hits hard and before you know it the chorus hits and has you bobbing your head to the beat. After hearing the entire track (and album for that matter) it’s clear that this duo has found and secured their own style. The track truly shows off a more hip-hop influenced style of horrorcore music and is a prime example of Poizonous Logik’s unique energy. 4.5/5

Once again DJ Ghost and Psycho D prove how well they’ve mastered the ability to bounce off one another with, “Set it Off.” Both deliver solid verses and the hook gets you moving. Half way into the track and you can already imagine the crowd moving along, which is a serious testament to the amount of energy they create. Insane Poetry’s verse caps the track off well and his deeper vocal style changes the pace up slightly, which is a nice way to end this one. 5/5

“Throw the Rest Aside,” doesn’t give you a second to breathe. A bass heavy track with the duo both getting a chance to show off their faster rap abilities. It still has a more hip-hop vibe to it, but this time around the hook is as dark as the beat and gives a different feel to the track. Compared to the previous material this track really begins to reveal the diversity Poizonous Logik is capable of. 5/5

As soon as, “Get Up,” kicks in it’s like a complete 180 back to a previous form and in this case it’s not a bad thing either. In fact, this more up beat track being placed after such a dark predecessor shows some great arrangment on the album itself. Ghost once again starts us off on this one with his scratching skills. While both get a chance to showcase their lyrical abilities the chorus is a bit simplistic. That being said, it still makes me picture the crowd bounce along at the show and you’re damn right I’m still moving along too. 4.5/5

“Bad Choices,” is a darker track from the onset, but it’s clear why as we delve into the subject matter discussed here. This is something that I know we can all relate too and even with a darker hook, it still manages to be extremely catchy. This is also the first track that we get to see, fellow ChalkLine Musick artist, OpiUm added into the mix. OpiUm shows his speed, while also giving a thoughtful verse that fits seamlessly with this song. 4/5

“Can’t Knock the Flow,” is once again a prime example of how Poizonous Logik injects a sense of energy into their music. A nice fast paced tempo keeps the beat moving along and gives each of the duo a chance to flow, no pun intended. Okay, the pun was intended. This is the type of track that makes you throw those middle fingers up because you know anything you can imagine is possible. While the track is obviously about how they are unstoppable, it speaks a positive message of self-confidence. 5/5

“No Competition,” is a solid follow up to the previous track and offers another great example of DJ Ghost’s skills. The beat leans toward the darker side, but the hook is where we see the scratching that becomes a large part of the duo’s sound. It is something that’s clearly a passion for Ghost and he puts it together nicely to provide a nice break between verses. 4/5

Next we get to hear how Poizonous Logik can wrap their unique sound around two fellow artists and how well these artists work with them. OpiUm we heard on a previous track and he once again delivers a hard verse that fits nicely into the flow of the track. SMG also offers a great addition and really brings together, “Hardcore.” Overall it’s another solid track. 4.5/5

Okay, let’s be honest here… with a track name like, “Cunnilingus,” I think we all pretty much know what to expect from this one, right? Well, surprisingly this acts as an interlude, if you will, for the album. This is purely a DJ track through and through. Not only is the piece well made, but also well placed as it feels like a perfect spot to switch things up. I said it before, I’m not a fan of Intro/Outros, but this is neither. It’s simply well executed and works well. 4.5/5

“Am I Weak,” starts slowly and continues at a more relaxed tempo, but this is a wonderful background to the heaviness of the track’s lyrical content. Even the hook has the same melodic level, but yet still makes you feel like nodding along. Baraca Da Beast, another fellow ChalkLine Musick family member, finishes this track off in a strong way. This is definitely a deeply personal track and truly speaks to me. 5/5

The previously slowed down vibe is quickly shattered as the opening chords of, “Take Me,” snap on. It is a bit jarring at first, but once the song gets going the beat kicks up and we once again get a great display of Psycho D and Ghost’s lyrical prowess. Cryptic Wisdom was a nice addition to this track as he finishes things off, not surprisingly, with a strong and thoughtful verse. 5/5

“Track 13,” has a seriously peeled back, old school, hip-hop style to it and honestly feels out of place from the rest of the album. Lyrically and musically there isn’t much to complain about. The track almost seem like a throw back, instead of a step forward. I have to say though, I think this track may contain one of my favorite lyrics of all time, “I’m killing kids like Casey Anthony, damaging egotistical rappers.” Please, don’t take that out of context until you’ve heard it for yourself(I know you will, but screw it… that was funny). 3/5

After a melodic start, the beat kicks in and we’re greeted with another serious lyrical assault. J.B. Demntid’s verse starts the track out well and holds its’ own against the others. The chorus has a nice melody with some hard hitting bass to back it up. Where we go after we die is always a powerful topic and, “Ever Think?” brings it together in a fittingly haunting manner. 4.5/5

Bringing in Funk Volume’s SwizZz was a brillant move and his sound stands in contrast to the other artists we’ve heard on this album so far. The track itself is another head bobbing beat that drives the track forward at what seems to, essenetially, be Poizonous Logik’s amazing pace. The hook truly brings, “Take Yo Breath,” together and makes for one of my favorite tracks on the entire album. 5/5

“Life Trials,” offers a much darker beat and is a nice little switch of pace after the previous track. Instead of horrorcore, I would say this track offers much more realistic look at life’s struggles and definitely hits home. It’s clear that this is a very personal song for both artists, but it’s always nice to know that others feel the same as you. While this may not have a hip-hop vibe to it, you can still feel the power of the energy within this one. 4.5/5

A nice slow piano laden beat starts this one out and the verse eases in at a much more methodical pace. At about the one minute mark things pick up and by the chorus I can once again see the crowd nodding along to this one. Although the subject is once again on the heavier side, it does so in an eloquent and stylistic way. “So Surreal,” may not be the longest track on this album(and there are a lot to choose from), but this is hands down my favorite track off of the LP. This is a perfect way to ease in to the close of the album. 5/5

The final track, “It’s Going Down,” is a return to the hip-hop influenced style that is the essence of Poizonous Logik. It’s a nice way to really bring everything full circle and close out this album. Once again taking the helm, without any features, the duo manages to create a unique vibe and feel to their music. While it may not be the most powerful, it’s a solid track to go out on. 4/5

Oh, and before we get to the overall rating I have to mention that there may just be a hidden track or two on this one. I’m not saying for sure, but if they are there…then they are great additions and a nice bonus. Hell, one might… I said might… be a remix that Poizonous Logik fans will really appreciate. Anyway…

1) Intro

2) Ill Logikal

3) Set it Off (Feat. Insane Poetry)

4) Throw the Rest Aside

5) Get Up

6) Bad Choices (Feat. OpiUm)

7) Can’t Knock the Flow

8) No Competition

9) Hardcore (Feat. SMG & OpiUm)

10) Cunnilingus

11) Am I Weak (Feat. Baraca Da Beast)

12) Take Me (Feat. Cryptic Wisdom)

13) ?

14) Ever Think? (Feat. J.B. Demntid)

15) Take Yo Breath(Feat. SwizZz)

16) Life Trials

17) So Surreal

18) It’s Going Down

Album Overall: Poizonous Logik’s debut album, simply dubbed “The LP,” is an amazing testament to the quality of talent that rises up from the underground. While they do have horrocore elements, they still manage to infuse a hip-hop influence that will keep the crowd moving. Whether you’ve heard their prior EP or not, this is a duo that has truly stepped up their game in all aspects. It’s clear how much heart, emotion and energy was put in and it shines through in the final product. They unfortunately have a good amount to live up to, if this is their debut full length. 4.75/5

The album will be made available digitally on Spotify, the GooglePlay store, Amazon and iTunes. No official date has been set for this release, so make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news. Of course, if you’re like me and would prefer a physical copy, just hit up [email protected] with the subject “The LP preorder” for preordering information.

Favorite Tracks:

  1. So Surreal
  2. Take Yo Breath(Feat. SwizZz)
  3. Can't Knock the Flow
  4. Am I Weak
  5. Set it Off (Feat. Insane Poetry)
  6. Take Me


  • 72 Minutes 04 Seconds

Record Label:

  • ChalkLine Musick

Release Date:

  • 10/17/2015




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